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  1. HP Deux

    North of the border... R1200GS

    Et non tu n'es pas le seul Canadien & francophone de surcroit sur ce forum. Bienvenue. HP Deux, Calgary
  2. HP Deux

    Continental TKC 80

    For me there is NO compromise, performance and safety first. Saving money for longevity will be worth noting once u hit the ditch. With tires you can't have it both ways........
  3. HP Deux

    What I Hate About BMW

    I think you answered the reasons, it's a business, and 90% don't ride dirt,Demographics & Sales first. Selling a dream, dreamers don't necessarily live it, but somewhat an illusion of a lifestyle...... On the flip side, if you compare to KTM (or other) they are race focused. The range of bikes they offer proves it. I'm Beemer bias but not into the new water cooled for one simple reason, the lack of low gear in them. HP2 is my enduro ride and oil heads (05-13)are still the best GS's.But hey, whom am I to judge, the market speaks for itself. My complaint would be the cheap crap they sell the bikes with i.e skid plates. 25k $ and tinfoil protection. That's not just Beemer.....
  4. HP Deux

    Baja Norte Dec 26-31 2014

    Sounds like hardship to me....lol. Can't complain no snow and 2oC. Cheers Bud.