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  1. greedyg

    In Defense of Off-Roading

    And then I followed the link to his campfire article... ugh.
  2. greedyg

    XLADV: Adventure Motorcycle Media Playa!

    Adding to your comments on the depth of the X-Lady community, we also seem to have a group of really dedicated and active core users that have and continue to push this platform ahead of all else. I say thanks to those guys (and gals) who direct new users to the community and consistently participate in not only XLADV events but at similar get togethers as well. Last thought; I've always felt that the proceeds raised for charities by this Big Bike family go a long way to establishing our identity as a like minded community of enthusiasts. Carry on -
  3. greedyg

    KTM Rally 2018: Park City, UT

    Hey Kirk, You’re gonna have to beat me and @Rogers for that rally spot
  4. greedyg

    KTM Rally 2018: Park City, UT

    There is a cool dirt 2 track that runs from Jordanelle up thru Deer Valley and over to Park City. I'll try and dig up the GPX and post it up.
  5. greedyg

    RRR Tool Solutions

    That kit looks pretty well sorted for an off-the-shelf option. The kit I carry on the 950 has been honed over the years to carry compact versions of every tool I'd need, short of a full motor tear down. I've always had the habit of using the trail kit even at home, and that has allowed me to determine what tools are necessary and what is just fluff. The XB12 on the other hand, has no tools on it. I'm never far off the beaten path on that bike and it has a stellar reliability record... (looks for wood to knock on)
  6. greedyg

    KTM Rally 2018: Park City, UT

    You’re probably better off on a Beemer than a KLR and there were quite a few of those last year too
  7. greedyg

    KTM Adventure Rallies Ultimate Race

  8. greedyg

    KTM Rally 2018: Park City, UT

    Camping is available near the Jordanelle Reservoir 20mins/11miles from Deer Valley Resort: McHenry Campground Hailstone Campground Keetley Walk-In Campground
  9. greedyg

    KTM Rally 2018: Park City, UT

    Shane of course already has his hotel room. Maybe we can bribe him to sleep in the shower...
  10. greedyg

    Review of my new Super Tenere

    beauty she is !
  11. greedyg

    BLM Officer Shoots Woman Off-Roading in Berdoo Canyon

    " Mulitiple shots were fired after officers claim the off-roaders failed to stop,..." um, ok.....
  12. greedyg

    Mono County, June 2018

    My favorite part of Cali. Nice ride
  13. greedyg

    After market riding lights

    Not being a GS guy I can't help you locate a hot wire, but I would suggest wiring any of your Aux electrical loads via a relay. That way you still have a direct connection to the battery for heavy loads, but it will only be active when the key is switched on or when the bike is running depending on the switched power source you select. The relay will allow the best of both worlds, direct connection to the battery while protecting lighter duty wiring and key off discharging.
  14. greedyg

    Big Bikes, Pottery, Paintings

    Great to have you. Special Edition mugs you say? Hmm, what libations should we sip from those around a campfire in Mammoth...?
  15. greedyg

    For sale 2012 G650 GS Sertao

    Perfect little commuter or entry into the light ADV world