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  1. I'd jump on it if I didn't feel the carbureted bikes were superior
  2. 450ish? You mean @NavyNuke is donating his XR....? BRP! BRP!
  3. Don't be a wuss. Check out Team Kapriony - Paolo just finished the Africa Eco Race to Dakar on an LC8 and there were dunes a plenty!
  4. So they just decreased the tread depth and spacing, then called it a street tire... ?
  5. Can you stuff the inner bags full off the bike and still get them into the outer bags easily?
  6. #bigbikeornobike
  7. Howdy @adv_albert It's winter time here in Southern California too, Sunny and 75* - Let's go for a ride!
  8. A few hours in the office?
  9. @ronin77 Shane ?
  10. at least you got your mug in a photo!
  11. If you could see the 950, you'd know I've bounced that beast off an intern or two...
  12. Im in the same boat. My riding destinations very often take me into territory with zero cell reception. With the SPOT, I just hit the OK to let my parole officer know that I made it to camp and she doesn't have to wonder if I arrived safely. Not to mention the emergency beacon which I hope never to have to use...
  13. As far as appearances go, I think I like this L2 Sports edition better than the 790. Is that blasphemy?
  14. It's always a possibility. I'd be lying to myself if I thought I could negotiate dunes on the nine-fidy like Brabec or Cody... Last time in Dumont. Stuck.
  15. I think I might rather have the factory 450 rally ...