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  1. Damn you beat me to posting the video again! I watched it. I kinda want one now. I bet @bruinjon would look good on it...
  2. 9x0 bikes are the only ones worth adding...
  3. greedyg

    CRF1100L Coming?

    thanks, some day I'll learn how to use Google, maybe...
  4. greedyg

    CRF1100L Coming?

    Cool video for sure, but it looks the same to me (I'm uneducated at best) and they didn't even hint at what is new?
  5. What is that, a monastery?
  6. greedyg

    CRF1100L Coming?

    You were right...
  7. Hopefully the new owner of your 1290 doesn't come across this post...
  8. I wish, but this year was somewhat restricted attendance or by invite only and we didn't make the cut...
  9. For anyone wondering, Dad is ok. Only a fracture at the base of the fibula, which he rode home on 300 miles before going to the doctor. Graham’s have been accused of being stubborn in the past...
  10. Have you seen him ride? Street only. No dirt ever
  11. Steven’s stuff is always so good!
  12. Glamour Shots ! BTW, anyone looking for the Glass Mtn trial by 'Fire' ride, it's on my Rever. Titled "Raster's Ride"
  13. no worries. we can still do Silver & Wyman Canyons and be in Big Pine in time for Copper Top
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