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  1. greedyg

    Mojave May 3-5 2019

    Just spent all weekend in the Preserve with @bruinjon, and conditions were perfect
  2. greedyg

    Mojave May 3-5 2019

    I guess we see who wears the pants in that family...
  3. My fat ass is also 220, and I don't ever air down the rear. When it brakes loose on the dirt at street pressure (34psi) it is very predictable and usually fun. The front however gains noticeable line holding ability when dropping from street 35 to dirt 28 and I don't air down every time I hit the dirt either. I spent this last weekend exploring the Mojave Preserve at a very leisurely pace, so I didn't bother to air down at all, no problems. Now if I'm riding at say an @Rogers type pace, dropping the front pressure a bit yields a great advantage in the corners on loose stuff. BTW who's bike is that Eric? I rode the Park City Ultimate Race too and there was some rocks but good grief! 12 psi?
  4. They certainly have the look. Let us know how they go-
  5. greedyg

    Buying Used ADV Bikes

    I just realized I sound like my Dad! Well that snuck up on me...
  6. greedyg

    Buying Used ADV Bikes

    Buying new is dumb. The moment you drive off the lot, your losing a huge chunk of the bikes value. Then, soon as you get home, you get online and start shopping for all the "must haves" for that factory new bike you just rode home. Bar risers, seat, exhaust, pegs, etc - YOU KNOW YOU DO!!! So I choose to let some other dude pay the "stupid tax" on a new bike, and I'll just buy it from him a year or two later when it's dripping with all the cool aftermarket stuff you can't do without. And I'll pay him cash rather than letting some bank nail me with interest just so I can make payments. Just my $.02, but I'll be retiring @55 while all you other working saps are still punching the time clock in order to make payments on that new motorbike you bought 72 months ago...
  7. greedyg

    Hello from piambro

    Classic beauty!
  8. greedyg

    Traction Control: gotta have it or no thanks?

    TC is lame. I've only ridden a handful of bikes equipped with it off road, but every time it gives me the feeling of being disconnected from the bike. Effective throttle control across multiple surfaces is one of the best skills a rider can develop and I feel TC steals that from you. I bet you can guess how I feel about ABS...
  9. greedyg

    Fasst Flexx Handle Bars

    Stock Renthals on the 950 work awesome for me, with 2" Rox risers that were added after bending my custom billet one piece riser in a big crash at XLADV Mojave ride last year. The 950 is still one of the most comfortable bikes I've ever owned. (seat concepts helps with that too)
  10. greedyg

    2018 ADV Rally - Julian, CA

    The sand in Fish Creek canyon was as deep as I'd ever seen it, and it was an F'in riot blasting though it, until I almost got creamed by that sideXside...
  11. greedyg

    2018 ADV Rally - Julian, CA

    We should put together our own scavenger hunt type of ride. It was a lot of fun.
  12. greedyg

    Hello from piambro

    Welcome! Bring that 640A out to Mojave in May and meet several guys you can probably ride with during the week. The old ones are still the best IMHO
  13. greedyg

    New Yamaha Concept: T7

    $11k for the “standard” version but we still don’t even know what that is right?
  14. greedyg

    Yamaha T700 EU Pricing and Dates

    Are you gonna get one?
  15. greedyg

    CRF1100L Coming?

    I’ll take the rally concept for sure! I sat on the Adventure Sports model and kinda got a pregnant guppy vibe 😂