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  1. greedyg

    KTM 1190 Frames Cracking

    I “accidentally” launched over this cattle guard and “impacted” into a giant pothole on the other side
  2. greedyg

    KTM 1190 Frames Cracking

    Shouldn't have let @Rogers ride it. He breaks bikes.
  3. greedyg

    8th Annual High Sierra Rally

    no, that's extra
  4. greedyg

    8th Annual High Sierra Rally

    I can lead a ride to Starbucks in Mammoth. We might hit Laurel lakes, Coyote flats and the pinnacles on the way, but we will get you to your Iced, Half Caff, Ristretto, Venti, 4 pump, Sugar Free, Cinnamon, Dolce, Soy Skinny Latte before dark.
  5. Who doesn’t end a sweet dry lake power slide with a high side? All the cool kids are doing it...
  6. Eric, always at a Starbucks...
  7. greedyg

    CRF1100L Coming?

    Not soon enough huh?
  8. greedyg

    KTM 790 Adventure Problems

    Sorry guys, if I want something that leaks oil and has bolts falling out of it, I'll just keep the 950 Truth be told, I actually don't have either of those problems!
  9. greedyg

    8th Annual High Sierra Rally

    IN & PAID !
  10. greedyg

    LAB2V 2019 Adventure Route

  11. greedyg

    Mojave May 3-5 2019

    Ladies and germs I present the Mojave Grand Loop. 200 miles of the best the desert has to offer. Rocks, sand, J-tree forests, huge vistas, 2 track, wide open triple digit dirt, sand, dry lake beds, mines, homesteads, mountain passes, sand and a bit more sand for good measure. And in the middle of it all, a fantastic burger & a beer at the Pioneer. Bring your A game -
  12. greedyg

    Mojave May 3-5 2019

    Pays late, doesn't share tracks, always says "this is the easy route...", man this greedy dude must be a real A-hole.
  13. greedyg

    Mojave May 3-5 2019

    @Chris Owens dude bring the Strom. There’s a lot of good nicely graded roads too. Honda Civic type roads. Just ask @bruinjon he loves those roads...