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  1. I do pack the hammock/tarp for summer trips into the mountains where I know there will be available anchor points. (summer fishing trips to Bishop) Other wise, it's the trusty 15+ year old Kelty tent.
  2. Welcome Utes! On another note I can help save space by parking the 950 inside Raster's toy box at night...
  3. I tried chasing Chris Parker on a semi advanced route when he rode this bike at the KTM Rally in CO last year. Damn, it is a sexy beast
  4. @Ballisticexchris I like the look! Make it work for you, that's what counts We'll see you there, stop and say hi, just look for the wannabe orange rally raid racer looking guy...
  5. The only thing you missed is the fact that your friends are a bunch of sissys. Ride in
  6. triple cylinder rally bike? damn !
  7. @Jason R glad to hear your coming out The mini toyhauler, love that thing!
  8. Well since you put it that way, maybe I’ll bring the Sprinter... 😀
  9. @Rogers the Preserve is so much fun on a big bike. Lots of triple digit sections @Eric Hall do not trailer the Great White
  10. just ask for Mr. Bushong
  11. Nice job charging up those steps. 👍🏻👍🏻
  12. Helluva top case!
  13. Last year at TOD, Kellon Walch said he used that same tactic racing Dakar. Sneaky bastards...
  14. Dude this is ridiculous! I’d be kicking down doors. Technology is evil