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  1. I've got some stuff. Still up riding in British Columbia tho. Check out my Rever.
  2. Semper Fi brother...
  3. ^^^^ is that a 955 ? I always loved the dual headlights on these
  4. A few more things to get ready...
  5. Damn, sounds like a valiant effort tho.
  6. Good luck guys, stay safe. Wish I was there -
  7. She's a beauty. I look forward to getting your real-time reactions at High Sierra
  8. Stand by for an in depth review after the High Sierra Rally
  9. shinko

    I just ordered an 805 for the next couple big trips. We'll see if I feel the same as everyone else.
  10. you know you have to model the new gear right????
  11. @beemer bunny I think has the right idea. For a long time TT owned a massive market share maybe taking for granted since business had been so good for so long. Then with the explosion of the ADV touring segment, they seemed to fail to adjust their model to account for the increased competition. That never ends well. ..
  12. Yeah, Rob's fault....
  13. Just don't follow @bruinjon up the lower Dunderberg rd. At least not if I'm sweeping! The OHV area north of Mammoth and west of 395 is spectacular and very doable on a big bike. @Cam McConnelland I spent hours over there just racing each other around up and down the hills and thru the trees.
  14. Oh ya that one was nasty. Rematch this year Jason!
  15. You guys like sand? I can show you where it is in Mammoth... Or how 'bout rocks? Or flat out graded fire roads? Its all for the taking at this event. Not to mention all the raffle prizes and benefiting a great cause in Lost For Reason!