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  1. Donating to CORVA to help us fight for our trails is a fantastic thing, however not having 50 riders and having to herd cats all weekend has some value in it too...
  2. I won't shy away from admitting, I'm jealous... and how the hell did you end up in that ditch?
  3. I say that every time I get on it, but quickly forget soon as I twist that right grip...
  4. Nice job buddy. I plan to pick your brain over a few cold ones in DV in a couple weeks...
  5. Do we have a rider count so far?
  6. Working on making this one happen. Shane will likely be along as well. Who's up for Echo Canyon ?
  7. Bryan beat me to it... lol
  8. Man, looks fun. That clip of Spencer on the trail is my kinda deal. Love taking big bikes where they shouldn't be! Next Year - Greg
  9. Was it @thegeardude that broke down and had ride bitch out?! Haha! Or was that "just for fun" ?
  10. @MGorman excellent post bud. Saw your bike in the vendor area and was looking for the rider. I'm not sure how this evolved into a thread about KTM not being involved, some must have not read from the top. On the contrary, I believe KTM is more intouch with their customer base than most. When's the last time you got an opportunity to ride with Honda factory riders? Anyway I had a good time regardless of the disorganization, I was in Colorado on the mighty 950, how could I complain...?
  11. So above was Shane and I just doing our own thing at the Rally, and I'll be damned if it wasn't nice to just be riding in a pair compared to the 15+ rider organized groups ...
  12. also @bruinjon right before the top trying the make the trail more difficult for me by digging holes....
  13. see that black dot on the trail? Thats @bruinjon wrestling his GS up to Glass Mtn. Steep, loose, rocky... in other words an awesome trail!
  14. I'm with Jonathan but Arwi is right quality over quantity . I thinks there's been enuff talk of crashers. Let's focus on the positive. Eric did you say how much we raised for LFAR?