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  1. thegeardude

    Hello From The PNW

    Hello from the PNW! Long time lurker and sparse poster but now I finally have a XLADV machine and I am diving in.
  2. thegeardude

    ktmtwins.com 1090 Adventure R Build

    Hey long time lurker here but I thought I would start a thread about the new KTM 1090 build that I am doing for KTM Twins. For reference this is the last bike that I built: KTM Twins Ultimate 690 Since taking delivery of the bike last month I have made these upgrades: -KTM Touring windscreen -KTM heated grips -KTM GPS mount -KTM Luggage Racks -Double Take Adventure Mirrors -FasstCo Impact foot pegs -Vanasche Motorsports side stand foot -Kriega OS panniers This stuff was basically just the tip of the iceberg to get me through the break in period, this winter she will be going through a full transformation: Suspension, Performance, Ergonomics and general "Adventurizing". I will update this thread as things progress and try to answer any questions/comments along the way.