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  1. OK, good to hear back. I'm not 100% sure about next Saturday but lets keep in touch. TypeJ and I attempted the abandoned train tunnels at Donner Pass. Unfortunatly there was too much water in the creek to cross it.
  2. We're planning a train tunnels ride on Saturday if you're interested.
  3. Hey, thanks for the welcome. I often head towards the North Bay and try to get lost on some of those coastal roads. I've done a little off road just north of Clear Lake. Are you busy Saturday? I'm trying to put a ride together with another inmate (iv'e never met) right now.
  4. I'll ink that one in.
  5. Hey, great. Looking forward to doing a ride. From your picture it looks like we have similar taste in boots, so....perfect
  6. Hello, While I've been a site member for a couple of years now, I've never actually posted anything or dropped in here. I got my ADV feet wet on a DL650 and recently picked up a slightly used GSA . My intention is to use it as designed. I'm interested in joining up with other riders who want to check out the Sierra Nevada's (California) and do some MC camping.