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  1. Heydoc

    Greetings from San Francisco

    OK, good to hear back. I'm not 100% sure about next Saturday but lets keep in touch. TypeJ and I attempted the abandoned train tunnels at Donner Pass. Unfortunatly there was too much water in the creek to cross it.
  2. Heydoc

    Greetings from San Francisco

    We're planning a train tunnels ride on Saturday if you're interested.
  3. Heydoc

    Greetings from San Francisco

    Hey, thanks for the welcome. I often head towards the North Bay and try to get lost on some of those coastal roads. I've done a little off road just north of Clear Lake. Are you busy Saturday? I'm trying to put a ride together with another inmate (iv'e never met) right now.
  4. Heydoc

    Greetings from San Francisco

    I'll ink that one in.
  5. Heydoc

    Greetings from San Francisco

    Hey, great. Looking forward to doing a ride. From your picture it looks like we have similar taste in boots, so....perfect
  6. Hello, While I've been a site member for a couple of years now, I've never actually posted anything or dropped in here. I got my ADV feet wet on a DL650 and recently picked up a slightly used GSA . My intention is to use it as designed. I'm interested in joining up with other riders who want to check out the Sierra Nevada's (California) and do some MC camping.