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  1. Looks great. But functionality is the question..if it does well then yes.
  2. Thanks for the thorough and informative response. I'll ponder my options.
  3. Wondering why the w/gel model is less expensive? is it not as well protected or durable as the -"standard" one? Does the gel got hot/warm in the sun..lessening some of the 'comfort'? You pictured the gel model, so if removing most of ambient air are you just basically using a gel pad?
  4. Sorry for your problems......There has got to be a way to shame KTM into correcting this or getting them to deal with due to law. Start with your State's Consumer agency..here in WI, it's called Dept of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection. Might be surprised what they can do. You file a complaint, they will advise you and if warranted contact business directly, especially if violating a consumer law...e.g. false advertising, yatta yatta. There's probably a MC industry council/trade org that you can lodge a complaint with too. I do recall that they have changed what My KTM does and maybe why they've made it an add-on going forward...but they need to keep their previous agreements. Might be you have to settle for old version of and new is not available at no cost? Don't know but neither do you until pursued. Ah, the good old days when you had a kick-starter, speedo and tach...period.
  5. ...and then there are those of us that have big feets and need a 15 xWide at a minimum. Only "m/c" designated boot I've found that even comes in that size are Alpinestars 3, and they are not an mx level boot by a long shot. Even with then because of the heft of a m/c style boot, they are so big that even with all the foot area bike adjustments I've made (adjustable pegs, foot levers, etc.) operating a bike with any pedal dexterity is nearly impossible and often problematic. I now use non-m/c boots, that fit and feel well are as supportive and strong as possible but not disabling. The risks are so far worth it.