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  1. NWOffroader

    Hello from the Seattle area

    Thanks, Bryan, Yes was looking at the build, mine is built similar to that. And yes it does get a little damp up here from time to time.
  2. NWOffroader

    Hello from the Seattle area

    Just stubbled across this forum, live just north of Seattle, mainly ride a 990 Adv, have a few other bikes also. Like multi day adv trips, been exploring BC as of late, but like to ride anywhere off the beaten path. Cheers - Rick
  3. NWOffroader

    Who's up here in the extreme (non-Alaskan) PNW?

    Hello all, Live north of Bothell, WA. Mainly ride a 990 Adv but also have a KDX 220, a DRZ 400 and a SV650. Like to ride pretty much anywhere, lately been doing some multi day trips up into BC along with day rides locally. Cheers - Rick