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  1. Very cool! Pretty sure that's Mike ( adv molonlabemike) on the 690 and John on the Big'n. We rode together the day before when I took them and 3 others on Hunter Mtn/Paradise valley/teakettle/ Lippencott / saline valley loop. Good times. Saw you at Stovepipe wells restaurant Saturday as we were sitting down. Didn't realize who I saw until you were gone. Next time. Best weather I've had there. So much to see.
  2. SW peeps, Also a JL fan so not to take away from him, but there's another.. Gary LaPlante at http://motoventures.com. Check it out.
  3. I had a Jimmy L class last year. Very good. Excellent training. Another alternative: I've gone to http://motoventures.comin Anza, Ca 4 times (1 trials, 1 dirt bike and 2 big bike training days) in the last 3 years. It's close to San Diego, less expensive than JL, great venue / exclusive riding area (not training on an open lake bed with local traffic zooming through..) I can't recommend enough the value of this outfit, Gary LaPlante is an extremely talented rider and coach. In fact, he wrote a book on it, check the website. Cheers
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