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    Flogging my Tiger 800XC to death...Ripping my 950 SE beyond my skill level...tear around town and ripping trails on the 500 EXE...AMRA Enduro racing the 250 XCW smoker..with no skills to prove any of the former...I just like doing it

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  1. GB.

    Long Way Up?

    +1 on Claudio VP. The most relatable rider
  2. GB.

    Taste of Dakar 2018

    Comg from Phoenix it's an ass ride and wear on the knobbies I could do without... certified "trailer-pansy" right here. You also have the added bonus of getting home if you "send-it" during the Rally...or so I've heard [emoji12]
  3. GB.

    Tiger 800 Rally Porn

    Love that the mothership is getting into big bike Rally. Decent read and vide content: http://www.fortheride.com/goings-on/panafrica-rally-tramontana-diaries/
  4. GB.

    Sonora Rally 2018

    Only works if you're in the lead...[emoji16][emoji16][emoji16]
  5. GB.

    Sonora Rally 2018

    GET SOME Eric! Super envious and looking forwards to the race updates. Great support from the group too, love to see this [emoji847]
  6. GB.

    Sonora Rally 2018

    Woot! #25 and ready to beat a Honda into submission in the dunes!
  7. GB.

    Taste of Dakar 2018

    Ok I've pulled the trigger and plan to head over to NV on April 4th (travel day). Guessing ride 5th/6th with whomever else's there early, then group ride Sat 7th and plan the trek back home Sunday. Didn't do this one last year so guessing its camping for me until i figure out the lay o the land. Jon, when are you and your hooligans headed-in and what are your plans for lodging?
  8. GB.

    Motorrad Angels

    Well said Tracy, couldn't agree more.
  9. GB.

    Motorrad Angels

    Eric, is sitting on a Blue Bike THAT orgasmic!?!
  10. GB.

    Taste of Dakar 2018

    Looks like this one conflicts with the last AMRA Rd8 Enduro race of the year....decisions decisions. I skipped this last year and instantly regretted it when the photo's starting appearing. Jon, you and Ed up for watching me roost a bike into some bushes gain, or inevitably towing Mark back to base camp!?! P.S. Did we all switch to orange??? Cheers~ Peter
  11. GB.

    Baja Rally 2018

    That's very generous of you Harsimran, stay tuned...
  12. GB.

    Baja Rally 2018

    Is Baja_jimmy07 Luis E.?
  13. GB.

    Sonora Rally 2018

    Yeah you will! Thanks for sharing P.S. Loved the shout-out to B.E. in the soft stuff
  14. GB.

    Sonora Rally 2018

    Oh WOW that looks TITS and you did great for being on anothers bike and self-admittedly not a dune rider!!! Nicely done!!!
  15. GB.

    Baja Rally 2018

    I'm in for sure albeit I've not ponied-up the entrance fees yet as I've got bugger-all sorted for race help and still debating on 950 or 500. Training on the 950 felt easy enough in Baja Rally race school, but after racing the big girl a couple of weeks back, i's a beast to consider for several days straight in race mode..TBD. Would be great to get you back out there Eric and frankly would selfishly squash some of my anxiety but i get that you've attempted it already and may not want to repeat. I've been in the saddle every week-end racing the 250 smoker and the 950 for the past month and working out on the Peloton fancy-ass stationary bike i treated wifey and I too over he holidays so I'm starting to see/feel dividends from it and the rower a couple of months into it now. My biggest issue (and those who know me will gladly attest), I LOVE to ride but I can't wrench for beans. I mean simple stuff is doable and will def need more practice pre Baja but the thought of needing a pit crew seems daunting. I may just be a twat an enter-in Malle Moto class on a wing and a prayer just for the hell of it. I've got time but this is what keeps me up at night ~ Cheers Peter