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    Flogging my Tiger 800XC to death...Ripping my 950 SE beyond my skill level...tear around town and ripping trails on the 500 EXE...AMRA Enduro racing the 250 XCW smoker..with no skills to prove any of the former...I just like doing it

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  1. I've not seen this listed here so here's an extra coverage link for those how haven't spotted it yet: Decent 25 minutes daily footage, race position coverage and great all-round interviews. Pretty impressive considering no-one in NA media seems to give a rats arse about Dakar (yet). Cheers ~ Peter
  2. A friend on FB (Jon Zora) posted this which had me all giddy when I saw it. Like some of you here, I pledged to help Lyndon get his media crew to Dakar this year for some extra awesome footage and coverage. Just saw his Malle Moto trunk with my name on it (Peter Clark). Did you pledge and can you spot yourself on his trunk?
  3. Tempting, so very tempting... I would be the turquoise in the attached
  4. Happy Christmas you hooligans! As I sit here in the dark waiting for my 19year old to get the f*ck out of bed so we can start Christmas Prezzies, I stumbled across this good read: LC8 FB Site in case you've not seen it already: Here's the article(s) (Hot the translate button in Chrome: Bike Prep Blog: Admittedly, I'm biased as there's plenty of 950 SE pron here but if you've 5 minutes to spare before your stupid bloody selfish teenagers get out of bed this morning, then enjoy! ~ Peter
  5. Say whaaaa? Small bike to appease the CC displacement regs in other countries is my guess. I'd tap it
  6. I get mine back tomorrow and have a shakedown ride planned...giggedy!
  7. Guess it depends if you're planning to bounce it off everything in sight and abuse like a Weinstein would an intern or just plod about for longer duration with the occasional ADHD off-road rampage...I could go for both for the reasons above
  8. You and me both sister! Not sure it'll replace the 9fiddy SE, but could definitely see me thinning the herd to add this sometime in 2019 when it sees the light of day
  9. I know they're Pro Riders but bugger-me if they didn't make that beast look nimble in the promo video!
  10. Bloody-hell Eric do you work for the NSA!?! Just paid Scotty today so officially signed up and strapped just need to get the bike back together this week and get a few shakedown rides in.
  11. I run AStars Tech 7 Enduro's for gnarly days and because they felt like slippers, I opted for the AStars Toucan for ADV/Long trips. I've worn both interchangeably as needed Both fit like dipping your wedding tackle into a fresh apple pie since day one and I've no regrets about protection Curious to see/hear what you rabble are sporting ~Peter
  12. Oh hell yes!!! Eric, we should chat soon
  13. 790 adventure r

    I told wifey the same about my beer belly...