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  1. Kilometer 9

    Rider Selection: Don't Be "That Guy"

    Pointing out hazards for the guy behind you, I feel like this is not done by most people. Can be done with either a leg or a hand, and is greatly appreciated by those of us who break the following too close rule.
  2. Kilometer 9

    Good hot weather riding socks

    Darn Tough Mountaineering Over the Calf Sock. I've worn these in the military, hiking all day as a wildland fire fighter, on duty as a police officer, mx racing, track days, and now adventure riding. I've had the same 8 pairs since 2008, these are hands down the best made socks I have ever owned!! I've used these in +110 and -30 weather, they wick sweat, stay cushioned, and dry out super fast. And.........and....... life time guarantee!! Which I have never had to use. Just my 2 cents.