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  1. Off Road Rider

    Kenda Desert 100

    Signed up both myself and Wes.. I think it will be pretty cool to have a father and Son in the ADV class, Both on the podium would be the shindiggle Hopefully we can keep the skid plates on and air in the tires.. Ill see you guys in a few weeks.
  2. It looks like we have another ADV entry for this years Baja rally. Wes will be riding the shops SE or ADV 950 I'm really looking forward to learning more about Rally.
  3. Off Road Rider

    Kenda Desert 100

    Thats great Cory. Hopefully Wes will race the big bike again, But Ill make him ride the ADV and take the Se for myself. I need all the advantage I can get against the "kid"
  4. Off Road Rider

    Kenda Desert 100

    I don't know Brian. Just like the 24hr we cant seem to get traction and entice others to come play, sure we have more participants than the 24hr, but not the guys who really want to race for a win. Other than a few guys,Its has become more of a spectacle, you know like a participation trophy. .When I started this whole thing I thought others would pile on and we would show the club how fast Big bikes can be, and that we belong to be in the first wave. That's not going to happen. Not that the club would not be open to it, rather the fact that we would have even fewer racers.
  5. Off Road Rider

    2016 24 hrs of Starvation Ridge

    Well another 24hr in the books. I cant say this one was fun, even remotely fun, but Mother nature sometimes throws us a curve ball and we do the best we can. Team Heavyweights again took the top honers with a 5 lap lead on the only other team crazy enough to ride ADV bikes at a Dirt bike 24hr event. There are a ton of photos out there but these were the ones I had readily available to share.
  6. Off Road Rider

    Big Bikes at B A J A R A L L Y!

    Congrads to everyone riding a big bike at the Baja rally, Great job all the way around, It makes me really wish I was there rather than at a dealers show in Fl. Scotty really should have known better about the abbreviated course. ADV bikes have been proven to be near as capable if not more so in some conditions than a dirt bike. I think the guys got a bit jipped out of some great riding. But in the end all is good and a great event.. Of course hoping Brian has a quick recovery, driving home with a broken shoulder couldn't have been fun. That man is an Animal and one tough SOB. Maybe next year myself and Wes can make the trip.
  7. Off Road Rider

    RANT…. Who hates the wave?

    I find this funny and sad at the same time, As a life long rider of anything on two wheels with the ability to have many bikes,I get to experience things others might not. I love my Harleys as much as my ADV bikes and dirt bikes, often Ill ride all in one day.. I see far more Dip shts and squids on ADV bikes then ever on harleys, There are jokers in every crowd. We are all riders doing what we love, what you ride should not have an impact on the "wave" subject. But here are my observations. I hate the wave, but do it so I am not a jerk. If Im on My adv bike, Haleys generally wave back,In fact I have converted many into ADV riders. (A few of these guys can run circles around most others in the dirt or on the road). I usually have them come up and ask about my KTM 990.. whats that? it sounds bad ass, Is that a v twin ect ect.. Now, if Im on my Harley, ADV riders look surprised when I wave. If I am on my Harley I go out of my way to make the ADV squid think twice about his pompous attitude. They run and hide, if I pull up next to them, they snivel and wont look you in the eye, They are afraid the boogey man might get them once I make the effort to talk to them, I soon see their jaw drop because they realize I might know more about their bikes then they do.. Talk to that other rider, you might find out you have a lot in common. regardless of what bike they may be riding. Please dont judge a book by its cover, Riders for the most part are all great people, Particularly Harley riders will give you the shirt of their back, No other user group has done more for others than the HD crowd. I also hate the wave in my Jeep and vette, just because we drive the same rig doesn't mean I want to wave at every other damn rig on the road. How can I hold my beer?? Just joking
  8. Off Road Rider

    2016 24 hrs of Starvation Ridge

    The Desert 100 is a very technical course with little open riding. Probably the roughest desert in the country. I am proud that the rider who smoked the entire field including the real 450cc dirt bikes was my Son Wes. He came in 3rd overall in the single lap wave. A heavyweight member and one very fast dude. I also just checked the official results looks like it was closer to 1/2 hr not 45 min.. my mistake..
  9. Off Road Rider

    2016 24 hrs of Starvation Ridge

    The Desert 100 is a very technical course with little open riding. Probably the roughest desert in the country. I am proud that the rider who smoked the entire field including the dirt bikes was my Son Wes. A heavyweight member and one fast dude.
  10. Off Road Rider

    2016 24 hrs of Starvation Ridge

    No haters come on up.
  11. Off Road Rider

    2016 24 hrs of Starvation Ridge

    I worked the rules to allow all real ADV bikes, some use 650cc class bikes and they should be included. It creates a larger field and should stimulate some to get involved. A few guys entered the 690's in this years Desert 100, they only lost to the 990's by 45 minutes There hasn't been a 690 even come close to the 990's in any PNW race so far. Its not the bike its the guy behind the bars. Ill take my 950/990 anyday.
  12. Off Road Rider

    2016 24 hrs of Starvation Ridge

    Yes Sir Goldendale Wa, The largest 24 hr race in the USA.
  13. Off Road Rider

    2016 24 hrs of Starvation Ridge

    Well boys and girls its time to start thinking of the Starvation Ridge 24 hr race. We have an ADV class for those like us who love to play hooligan on the Big ADV bikes. Its one of those events that while racing it some say they will never be back, but as time nears they sign up and are ready for the fun. A challenge to man and machine. Teams can be up to 6 riders with 6 bikes. The first year we raced the big bikes Team Heavyweights raced the Open A dirt bike class due to being the only ones on big bikes, Last year we had the guys from Black River ADV join in the fun. Hopefully we can entice a few other teams to come on out this year. I dont have the exact date yet, it is generally at the end of OCT on or near halloween. here's a teaser to show you what its all about. Now get your buddies together and come have a blast with us!
  14. Off Road Rider

    ICON Raiden DKR Jacket

    I recently received the New Icon DKR jacket. So far I am very happy with the jacket. During a brisk 39 degree morning the jacket kept me nice and warm. Great feeling armor and overall high quality of the garment. Plenty of pocket space with an attached goggle or shield wipe is a nice touch. During the day the temps went up to almost 70 degrees, I found the venting to work very well, I never pulled out the internal liner. Hate to say it but Im looking forward to the rain and testing out the waterproofness of this nice jacket.
  15. Often one is faced with marketing propaganda that is tough to decipher. One area that there is often confusion or misunderstandings about is lumen ratings on Aftermarket LED Auxiliary lights. A lumen rating is the amount of light given off by any particular source, If we are talking about a light bulb, that is a legitimate use for a lumen rating, If we are talking about a complete light with optics, then the term lumen falls very much short of telling the customer any real info. Very often in today's market place, we see lights rated at 4400 lumens or even more.Will a 4400 lumen light allow you to see better than a 1000 Lumen light? Not necessarily, In fact sometimes quite the opposite, the 1000 lumen light wins. Optics are the key to getting a great quality light beam that will allow a rider to see what they need to, without blinding oncoming drivers and lighting up the tree tops. The real information that a rider needs is a lux rating at a given point, beam pattern selections are also very important. Prior to making a lighting decision for your trusty stead, take a look at what lights truly do offer a real optical enhancement that optimizes what lumens are available. In general a single source LED with a large optic will optimize the amount of Raw lumens at hand. A multi-emitter light may look brighter, but do to the lack of space for quality optics they often can not match the long distance penetration offered by a single emitter design. Here is a great example of a quality built light that draws 10 watts of power yet provides more than 800 ft of light throw, The Cyclops Adventure sports Long Range Optimus LED offers Outstanding long range distance as well as a tunable product with the availability of wide beam filters that alter the beam pattern for a Clipped optic (upper Cuttoff) that helps to eliminate oncoming blindness, yet retains much of the long Range Penetration so commonly not found on LED aux lights. Note the large optic and single emitter design. With the wide angle filter LED lighting is a continuously evolving technology, we will all be rewarded with great products from top manufactures and suppliers as time goes on. In this case a little knowledge goes a long ways. Darryl VanNiewenhuise Cyclops Adventure Sports This post has been promoted to an article