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  1. I don't have the new R1200, but I do have the older 2003 R1150GS ADV. I found these engine head guards in Czeck Republik and they work very well. They are sold for left and right sides separately and have already prevented damage several times: Left: http://www.marselus.com/d/kryty-valcu--bmw-gs-1100--1150--1150-adventure--levy-1000086/ Right: http://www.marselus.com/d/kryty-valcu--bmw-gs-1100--1150-1150-adventure--pravy-1000085/
  2. I use to have Progressive Insurance through USAA, until this happened: http://www.dailydot.com/news/progressive-insurance-matt-fisher-losing-customers/ I had USAA cancel that Progrssive policy and they set me up with Foremost Insurance Co. Never looked back. I detest such betrayals.
  3. Both are pretty far from MN. Up here we have this things you call SEASONS. Your motorcycle time is limited to about 8 month out of the year. In Summer, you use the canoe, Fall and Spring the motorcycle, and Winter you use the snowmobile. Typical MN culture up here. You dress for the weather and have two separate wardrobes and hobbies rotate with the seasons. Yeah, I suppose you could screw in spikes into the knobs of your TKC80's but what's the point when the drifts are a few feet deep? I really wish things looked like this 365 days per year.... DEFINITELY going back to this place! Glacier National Park, Going to the Sun Road.
  4. I'm in Ramsey, MN. It's 6 miles NW of Anoka. Where are you guys, Eric and Bryan? To answer your question, Bryan Bosch, the weather is turning cold and soon there will be ice on the roads, so riding time is limited. We'd have to move fast to get out one last time before the snow hits. My gear is mostly all season (need cold weather gloves), so temperature is not an issue. I'm really looking forward to discovering what's up north near BWCA (never been there!). One long range trip I'd like to do is run up the Rocky Mountain chain from Wyoming up into British Columbia to the Fraser River valley. Also looking at some of the routes Tyler (EveRide) has done in Colorado Rockies. What do you guys have in mind for trip ideas? Somewhere, Wyoming.
  5. Hello everyone! I came across this forum today and just had to join. I've only been riding from 2003, and only WWII motorcycles until last year as a German WWII reenactor. So, my experience has been all VERY old school. I was the second owner of my first bike, a 1939 DKW 3PS. This little machine was typically used as a cheap civilian transportation and training of potential motorcycle couriers for the German Wehrmacht. My second motorcycle is a 1944 DKW NZ-350/1, which was a Panzer Division's scout and courier bike. It was found in Belgium and I completed its restoration to serve the Wehrmacht once again, this time for historical reenactments. So my motorcycle experience is quite unique, never having ridden a truly modern machine. Two years ago, I purchased a friend's 2003 BMW R1150GS Adventure and started riding off road more and visiting national parks. This past summer I covered 3500 miles in one 9 day trip through 7 national parks after carefully teaching myself how to ride off road, mostly without incident. Well, I got stuck ONCE.... Back country riding and adventuring is new to me on land, being a former Merchant Marine ship's 2nd Engineering Officer, used to touring the world by sea. If anyone in Minnesota needs a travel partner for a trip out west to Yellowstone or Glacier, or just about anywhere else that's scenic, drop me a line. Ich habe Wanderlust! Gruβ aus Minnesota ! Kurt Suleski