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  1. zodillyicous

    Boot Feedback

    Had an issue while in Sidi Adventures last year. Moved to Sidi Crossfire2's for most of my riding and love the protection. Unfortunately, comfort/walking vs protection is a balance in boots. My adventure boots have become my pure road boot.
  2. zodillyicous

    AltRider's Taste of Dakar 2018

    Nice pics. Thanks for sharing.
  3. zodillyicous

    Taste of Dakar 2018

    Just an FYI if you arrive early or stay late you either need to fend for yourself food wise, eat the tastie microwave bar food, or let them know ahead of time so they can plan accordingly. They also take $10 (I think) for camping extra nights. Meals were like $15. Bring plenty of cash as that is all that is accepted in town.
  4. zodillyicous

    Taste of Dakar 2018

    Stage coach inn and casino in Beatty for wed and Thursday night. You’re ‘in’
  5. zodillyicous

    Taste of Dakar 2018

    As long as you don’t bring your little toy you should have fun. Oli will be on 450 and David will be on a 500. Our group should be orange and blue. Extended weekend again. I think riding Thursday through Monday. You guys will like trying to keep up with our buddy Jake on his 950.
  6. zodillyicous

    Taste of Dakar 2018

    Anyone planning to head to Taste of Dakar this year? I think I saw Eric Hall mention he was going to keep his 100% good attendance award. A few of us PNW regulars are making the trip down again for our spring fling in the NV desert (6th year for us.) Probably spend a few days riding out of Pahrump or Beatty before the event starts Friday, then ride the event Saturday, and finish up Sunday (and hopefully part of Monday) out of Gold point. Love the endless riding out there. And got to love the Gold Point experience. Hopefully with the event being later in spring we will not be limited on routes by the snow this year. Taste of Dakar 2018 on Facebook Altrider's Event Page Couple Photo's from last year.
  7. zodillyicous

    AZOP - VultureMine HareScramble on the big girl

    Nice work Peter and Mark. Good to see the progression from the tiger days when we first rode together. Well I guess Mark was towed mostly.
  8. zodillyicous

    Garmin Zumo 590 LM

    Sold locally. Can't see a way to mark sold/edit/delete original post.
  9. zodillyicous

    Garmin Zumo 590 LM

    Garmin 590LM $425 + shipping UPS/USPS. Good condition but is used (mid 2014 purchase) and shows some signs of use. Battery has never given me any issues but it is original. Battery was low when I powered on from 3+ months ago. Took a full charge. Included extras: • Weather cap is $10 (2 included) • RAM ball mount is $7 (2 included) • 2 gb micro SD • Car mount cradle with suction cup/cigarette lighter power • (2) motorcycle cradles ($60) o 1 with SAE/trickle charger power only o 1 with coax/heated gear power only o 2 sets of wires cut off. http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/garmin-zumo-590-cradle-butchery-the-how-to.976812/ (still looking for 1 set) • Standard microUSB wire to connect. • Just checked updates and loading current City Navigator maps. • Currently installed maps from GPSfiledepot. I can remove and put installers on a thumb drive if you would like. • I will disconnect from my garmin account at sale.
  10. zodillyicous

    Xladv in tapatalk

    Just another note. Noticed tapatalk worked today when using cell data and then no longer works when on wifi later. Just turned wifi off and problem returns.
  11. zodillyicous

    Xladv in tapatalk

    Back state side on Friday so will be a non-issue for me until next trip. There maybe others though. Thanks for looking into.
  12. zodillyicous

    Xladv in tapatalk

    no good with username or email.
  13. zodillyicous

    Xladv in tapatalk

    Pretty sure it started happening in seattle before I left but currently in India for the week.
  14. zodillyicous

    Xladv in tapatalk

    Tried both and get same error. It maybe related to the browser check that happens now when you go to website directly. Have 5 screenshots of error meassage but the attached appears to have the only really info.
  15. zodillyicous

    Xladv in tapatalk

    Recently can not login or view xladv in tapatalk. Password and username are correct.