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  1. Wookie

    Day off under the rain

    HI Eric, it wasn't a travel, was a small up on the Parnitha mountain. Is a very hard Mount , where normally Enduro rider go. The picture I post are of the beginning at the bottom, where you still find earth... After was an he'll of rocks . At all 80 km the overall trip. I'm still a rookie, and I need more training, my body don't follow. I was destroyed. And I finish my tyre in less than 2000km. I will be better . Keep it up you too, you are a very good inspiration for me.
  2. Yesterday a very good fully day See you at the next time guys...
  3. Wookie

    Varibópi area, Mount Parnitha, Greece.

    23km of goats trails, I'm destroyed.
  4. Another day in the Paradise of the hard enduro. Today I take a ride on the "Goats Trails". I'm sorry that I haven't taken pictures inside the trail, but it was very hard and difficult to stop, very small trails. Two day ago I made a service to the forks, new setting too and I gather more traction on the rocks, and more handling in front. I'm definitely happy, and proud of the job I've maded, happy to see myself every weekend on a more harder trail, and stepping out of it without huge difficulties. The only two pictures of today are my present to this beautiful forum. By guys, see you at the next ride. May the power be with you.
  5. Wookie

    Scouting Trails for Taste of Dakar

    Amazing places, great pictures.... Your bike Eric is stunning!!!
  6. Wookie

    First hard Day OFF

    Tomorrow I will try to check it out...but.... is bleeding a lot.You think that for the future fork socks could be good to safe them more? However, I will try... Thank you.
  7. Wookie

    First hard Day OFF

    My friend today I discover that the right fork is gone!! Is bleeding a lot of oil, a full service is needed to both, and new springs too. Ok... Let's keep it like this [emoji28] [emoji28] [emoji28]
  8. Wookie

    First hard Day OFF

    Yes it is Eric.Only on the back, front is a Pirelli Scorpion Rally, nice tyre, but.... The Golden tyre gt723 on the back, until now, where the best tyre I had. How are your Motoz? I whish that I can find it here..... One day!
  9. Wookie

    First hard Day OFF

    HI guys, Today my first heavy off day. Was at Parnitha mountain, in Kryoneri area close to Athens. It was a very funny, difficult, hard muddy day, I knew a good guy too and a good rider as well, he took me in very hard situation and he gave me very good tips. We took a ride for a while in a cross track too...mmmmm so tasty!!! I learn a lot today and my driving skills are improved. I never image that my bike can be that powerful. I'm amazed. Life is better when is shared. See you at the next ride.
  10. Wookie

    Merry Christmas

    My big best wishes for a Merry Christmas to all of you, to all this amazing forum, to all the great explorers that I ever never see in one forum. Merry Christmas guys to your families too.
  11. rocks, mud, hearth, bumps, jumps, holes, slides... &%$#@! my fingers.... Gasss, over reacting, adrenaline, uphills, downhills....I've switched after 45km of dirt, mitas 09 dakar rear is a bit "eated", nice on the light mud ...front Scorpion Rally....good tyre very good grip, nice on light mud. It's true when all say that in front need less weight, overall is a beautiful bike I love it.
  12. Wookie

    GPS Apps (Offline Mobile GPS)

    I'm usino this App, and i find it very good, it's totally free... Check it out: http://www.oruxmaps.com Inviato dal mio E2115 utilizzando Tapatalk
  13. Wookie

    Hello from Athens, Greece

    Dear Eric I'm thinking from where to start to setup my motorcycle, I want more power but before I start to put a open filter from them, I was thinking to start to put good protection, after a single muffler and just an open filter. Like this I have reached a good level of expenses and better power... So The protection first are needed because I'm starting to ride everytime more faster, and I've nothing on my bike, the 2 in 1 and I want to make the front of the bike more lighten it's to heavy. I will see, step by step.... I will not miss to ask you guys. Lascialo perdere, non è prudente innervosire un wookie.... quando perdono, staccano le braccia ai loro avversari.
  14. Wookie

    Hello from Athens, Greece

    I was using my FB page but for problems of privacy I just close it... I was thinking in this days to open an insta page and rebuild my book... Why not! I let you know it.