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    A Fantastic professional-grade feature-Rich 360º and VR 4K Camera.
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    Review and photos by Jim Foreman Action cameras are nothing new to the motorcycling world. For many years we've had GoPro cameras and all of its knock-offs that seemed perfect for recording our motorcycling adventures. Today, most riders are fairly ho-hum about the current offerings of action cameras as there is little new or exciting to make one ditch an older generation model for the latest and greatest. In addition to GoPro, there are action cameras offered by Sony, Sena, Garmin, and a host of cheap Chinese knockoff versions of these cameras. Enter Camorama. Camorama began as a Kickstarter project. Unlike some of the more spectacular failures, (Skully, etc.) Camorama worked and worked extremely well. Camorama also went to market and is widely available through a number of retailers including Amazon. The Camorama 360º 4K Action Camera comes in two versions. A 64GB version and a 128GB version. In both of these cameras, the memory is internal and can't be expanded. Battery life is about 90 minutes at 4K. It can be connected to an external power source such as your bike or a battery pack that can provide unlimited hours of recording up until you reach your memory limit. When opening the box, it's obvious that the Camorama is a quality product. The camera is extremely well made. It feels very solid and looks like a precision instrument. Since it's a 360º camera, one has to think a little differently about lens orientation. Instead of pointing the lens forward or in the direction you intend to shoot, as in traditional cameras, you point the lens upward or downward. This enables the camera to capture a full 360º view. If you are recording for VR, the lens will be pointed forward. The camera itself features a lens on the top. Three buttons on the side are for Power, Start/Stop Recording, and to connect to WiFi. A flap on the opposite side covers the MicroUSB charging port. On the bottom is a standard screw mount found on most professional cameras. The Camorama also comes with a lens cover that is kept on by a magnet. It’s not perfect but does an adequate job holding the cover in place. All the settings for the camera are done with your iPhone or Android using the Camorama App. It’s surprisingly easy to set up the camera for your desired shooting resolution, lens orientation, and a whole host of advanced settings that will make any pro happy. My recommendation is to shoot everything 4K. Remember it’s shooting a 360º shot so that 4k image has to include the whole image. By default, the Camorama breaks up recordings in 2:00-minute increments. Starting and stopping recording is easy with visual and audio feedback and a vibration to let you know the camera is recording. Once recorded, the material can be viewed and even posted from your phone. For professionals, one really needs to import the video to your computer to be edited and posted. Given the 360º nature of the footage, it will appear as a circle in a square frame. A user can load the material into nearly any video editing program from iMovie to Adobe Premiere to cut, shorten, or connect different segments of video. Here’s where it get’s a little tricky. Afterwards, you should take the finished video from your video editing software and load it into the Camorama Editing Software. This allows you to set direction keyframes so that the video will initially focus on that direction during playback. This doesn’t negate a viewer from rotating the camera in any direction. It only sets a default direction. From there, you must export it out as either VR or 2:1 video. For 360º video, most people will choose 2:1. Lastly, if you wish your video to be displayed properly on YouTube or Facebook, you must run it through one more program called “Spatial Media Metadata Injector” to add the metadata that these two platforms are looking for to recognize it as 360º or VR footage. OK, it sounds complicated, but after the first time you do it, it’s simple. Quality at all light levels is superb at 4K. The ease of operation, once the 360º learning curve is hurdled, is impressive. It's also quite fun to post up 360º footage on YouTube and Facebook. Enjoy some YouTube Videos recorded with the Camorama. Modern Bullfight in Mexico Tequila Tasting at Casa Herradura. Party Through Zacatecas Centro Run Through Gates Pass on a Motorcycle Motorcycle on the racetrack Camorama Overview Video of Features Camorama 360º 4K Action Camera Pros Solid, durable, and water resistant Professional grade 360º and VR recording Ease of use Price Mounting options Record time on built-in memory Able to be powered from external source Easy Editing Software Common MP4 Media Format Very discreet Cons Mild learning curve to working with 360º and VR video Media needs to be processed by another program for YouTube and Facebook Limited written manual Camorama's Website Camorama's Facebook Page Camorama's YouTube Channel