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Rox Speed FX Pro-Offset Elite Block Risers Reviews

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Nate J.


The 2nd most valuable mod I did to the bike after the tires! Riding position when standing and when seated, if correct/comfortable, can make a huge difference in your comfort for the long haul on road, and your control when off the beaten path. Being able to hold a more upright stance while seated reduces fatigue on your back, arms, and palms, while being able to stand on the pegs more upright while off-road affords more positive control, and, again, reduced fatigue.

I'm 5'6, and found the reach to the controls on my Tenere, both standing and sitting, to be just a titch to far. I installed these risers in the configuration that moved the bars back 1" and up 1" - that's all I needed. A measly little inch. My comfort both on and off-road along with improved control were the result. Inexpensive for the benefits.

These risers WILL require you to mod your clutch and throttle lines. No extended control lines are required, but there are some mods, detailed in the video by AltRider linked below, that are required to keep sufficient slack in the aforementioned controls at full lock. The mods are simple, and have been tried and tested for reliability over about 1000 Miles of off-road / 3000 miles on-road riding by yours truly.

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