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Interphone F5MC Bluetooth Helmet Headset Reviews

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Dont Buy This !

Bought this 1 week ago. Intercom can't be heard, at full volume, at 25 MPH. Contacted tech support. Here is my Email... Intercom volume low. Can NOT be heard while riding. Auto Volume disabled. Music, and internal voice can be heard loud and clear. Full face helmets with boom mics. Did I receive a defective product, or are they all like this, and need to be returned ? Here is their response...

"On Mar 7, 2016, at 8:29 AM, Support Interphone <[email protected]> wrote:

Oh, come on, please! I DO NOT CARE A **** about your ridiculous complaints!!! ( Had to redact due to profanity ) No one needs customers like YOU, so go and buy where you want! Enjoy!

Mirco Grassilli

International Customer Service


[email protected]

Skype: mirco.grassilli Cellular Italia

S.p.A. con socio unico Via Lambrakis 1/a

42122 Reggio Emilia (Italy)

Tel. +39 0522 33 40 02

Direct: +39 059 89 58 46

Great Customer Service ! Item returned for refund.


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