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Touratech USA Throttle Potentiometer Guard for BMW GS/GSA All Years Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Touratech USA Throttle Potentiometer Guard for BMW GS/GSA All Years. Product specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!

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Eric Hall


Touratech apparently has since re-designed this guard but I am reviewing their previous generation product.


The throttle potentiometer on the GS/GSA is particularly vulnerable to being broken off on any left side tipover.  I was told when that thing breaks, your day of riding is over, so I picked one up.  I actually did see a GS rider who had broken his at the GS Trophy and sure enough, he was done.


My guard has certainly performed its job flawlessly but unfortunately, there was a metal burr sticking up from the right edge that completely destroyed the lower left leg of both my BMW Rallye 3 suit as well as my KLiM Dakar pants!  It was only when I purchased a new KLiM Overland suit and I didn't want to have the same thing happen, I was trying to affix a rubber pad there when I looked closer with my glasses on and saw that burr!  I was like "no wonder my left pant legs were all torn up!"  Poor quality control.


I'm glad to see they've re-designed it and it seems they've added a third plastic column to provide a lower attachment point that only strengthens the guard.  I just hope they inspect their parts closer for burrs!

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