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Baja Tool No Pinch Tire Tool Reviews

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Knowing how to fix a flat on the trail is a must for many riders. For other riders, it’s done in the pits. Being able replace tires yourself is useful skill to have. Some riders have never done it, maybe because they believe that its too difficult. I have been doing my own tire work for 32 years. The hardest part for me is reinstalling the last section of tire without pinching the tube. Not any longer though. For me, the Baja No Pinch Tire Tool has changed (no pun intemded) the game.

I’m a fan of tools that help you work smarter, not harder. The Baja No Pinch Tire Tool is one that falls into that category for numerous reasons. It virtually eliminates pinched tubes, is easy to use and it makes the job almost effort free in comparison to traditional spooning methods. The Baja No Pinch Tire Tool is well built, with quality materials in the USA. usa.gif The 6061 anodized aluminum bracket and axle keeps the tool light weight, while the black oxide treated steel handle and bead push rod to insure strength. It's solid and flex free operation eliminated any of my durability concerns and I expect it to last a good, long time, if not a lifetime when used for its intended purpose.


This tool is used during the installation of a motorcycle tire, installing the bead past the rim surface. It works for both beads. The tire removal process remains the same. Instead of prying between the rim surface and the tire with a tire spoon, it presses the bead past the rim surface. The tool is installed into the hub axle hole with the proper adapter for the axle size. It has a rack and pinion gear for extra leverage that is operated by a handle to press the bead outward for a great reduction in effort required.


I remounted two flat rear tires and to replaced one set of tires. I was very impressed by the speed and ease of use that the Baja No Pinch Tire Tool provides. I showed a couple of friends how it worked and they used it to put new tires on for the spring season. One was a first time tire changer who didn’t have any problems using the tool. Afterwards, he wondered why he had been wasting his money, paying to have tires installed for years. Both were surprised that such a simple to use tool made the job that easy and worry free. They were also impressed with its overall quality, ease of use and its lightweight.

I also helped a friend’s 14 year old son learn how to use the tool while fixing a flat without any issues. His dad was impressed, since his son had pinched the tube with tire spoons and had fixed it twice before I stopped by. They ordered a new tube after that day's ride. His son has since installed the new tube in under 5 minutes from start to finish. They plan on adding a Baja No Pinch Tire Tool to their track tool kit before the race season starts.


  • Easy to use
  • Built to last
  • Greatly reduces the effort needed to reinstall a tire
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Eliminates pinching the tube during installation
  • Helps prevent rim damage


  • Extra tool to carry
  • Handle needs to be removed with the supplied hex key to fit in a tool tube
  • Not recommended for mounting trials tires or radials
  • Will only work with 16" - 21" tires
  • More expensive than just using spoons (assuming that you don't pinch the tube)

The Baja No Pinch Tire Tool  handled a used 17” 6-ply tire with ease. Glass cleaner was used as a lubricant as needed. It mounted 17”,18” 19” and 21” tires without any issues, pinched tubes and in record time. The 17 mm, 20mm and 25 mm adapters were all used and worked well. Switching to the 17mm adapter and tool adjustment was simple. Breaking it down for storage was easy using the supplied hex keys. Overall, I’m quite impressed with the Baja No Pinch Tire Tool. It does its job very well and quickly without wasting time or undue effort. It’s a very welcomed addition to my tool box. I wouldn’t want to fix a flat in the desert again without one or anywhere else if possible for that matter.

For more information see or purchasing see http://www.bajanopinch.com/

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