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FIXT Products Pro Torque T-Handle Reviews

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If there’s one thing that every motorcycle owner needs, it’s a collection of good tools to maintain and fix their ride. My usual go-to is a collection of T-handles. They simply make working on bikes so much easier without having to manage multiple ratchets and extensions. When I found the FIXT PRO Torque T-Handle wrench, I immediately knew that I had to try it. I also tested the FIXT 3/8" drive Hammer T. As a licensed mechanic, engineer, and avid DIY'er, I knew that I could give these products a good test.


How It Works
The FIXT PRO Torque T-Handle wrench works just like a regular T-handle except that it’s also a torque wrench. Instead of a click or beam type, a portion of the handle twists under torsion. There are three, easy-to-read scales on the center that show what amount of torque that you are applying. The Fixt PRO comes in 1/4" and 3/8" with ranges of 4 -20FT*LBS, 6-27N*m, and 48-240IN*LBS. It is constructed of high-grade stainless steel and 6061 anodized aluminum, and is available in five anodized colors colors.


The Hammer T works the same as any other T handle wrench; an option of 1/4" or 3/8" drive on one end, but with two hammer options at the other.


I used the FIXT PRO Torque T-Handle to install some rock sliders on a Polaris RZR SXS. The installation instructions called for 20ft/lbs, which is the max torque for the tool. There is no setting of torque. Tighten your hardware until you reach your intended value. The tool worked flawlessly. Where a normal T-handle might put some strain on your wrists and hands, the FIXT PRO flexed when I twisted it. It is extremely comfortable to use. I torqued the hardware to 20ft/lbs and verified this value with a click and beam type torque wrench. It was dead on according to my other trusted torque wrenches.


The FIXT PRO does not replace a standard torque wrench when accuracy is essential, but I think that it is perfect for the majority of hardware on your ride when doing typical maintenance jobs. I have a lot of aluminum fasteners on my bike and torque on aluminum is often times critical to keep from breaking the hardware. Where a typical torque wrench would be cumbersome and slow to use, the FIXT PRO is perfect on areas like bodywork, engine covers, and handlebar controls. FIXT says not to use the PRO tool for removing hardware and I imagine that doing so may alter future torque readings. My favorite part about this tool is something rarely found in modern tools; made in the USA. thumbsup.gif

The FIXT Hammer T is also a handy little T-handle. It functions as your typical 3/8" drive T, but it has a plastic dead-blow and brass hammer on the ends. While it won't replace your standard hammers, sometimes you just need a little tap to get something to move. The tips are replaceable at a reasonable price as well ($5.99). Made from high carbon steel with a chrome finish, the FIXT Hammer T should last a long time.


Pros thumbsup.gif

  • Easy to read scale.
  • Lightweight.
  • Accurate. (according to my other tools).
  • Comes in three different measurement ranges.
  • Made in the USA.
  • One year warranty


Cons thumbsdown.gif

  • None.

The FIXT PRO Torque T-Handle is a simple, easy-to-use tool that is very handy for routine maintenance jobs. Its construction is sturdy, yet lightweight. It has quickly become one of my favorite tools. I found no downsides to this tool and I would recommend it to anyone that values a job well done.

The FIXT PRO retails for $159.99 and the Hammer T comes in at $24.99. Both are available at http://www.fixtproducts.com.

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