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Gaerne Balance Oiled Boots Reviews

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I have a very wide foot and they are comfortable.


For their intended purpose I think they are fantastic.  They are a trials boot, not an MX boot.  Lots of flex, easy to walk in.


I worry about maybe needing a heavier boot.....but these have been great so far.

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Overall I like these boots. I think they are intended as a Trials boot and not necessarily ADV or motocross. They are very flexible and comfortable. More so than I had expected. I would characterize them as the UGG boots of motorcycles. They probably do not offer as much protection as a more hardened ADV / motocross boot like the GX-1. I have the oiled and waterproof version as well, however mine are not entirely waterproof. During inclement weather, small puddles, etc they stay very dry. However, I have had a few rides in all day downpours where I did start feeling moisture in my toes. I know the water did not come in from the top of the boot because the top of my socks were still dry, but my feet were wet and cold. Despite that, I would consider these boots all weather. They are equally comfortable in 110 degree weather and in 10 degree weather (when your feet are dry).


The leather is nice and again very comfortable. I found that the leather is easily damaged if you run up against a rock or metal like when you crash and go ever the bars. Not that this has ever happened to me ;).  Mine have a few spots where the leather is ripped and tattered. I like that the buckles are serviceable. Two years into mine and the buckles have yet to fail me.


I would recommend these boots so long as you understand they are not true motocross boots and are also not quite a ADV boot in terms of foot protection.

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Overall:  4

Price:  3.5 (this is relative I guess)

Comfort:  4.5

Protection:  4 (don't compare to MX boots, that's apples/oranges)

Durability:  4 (still "testing")

Looks:  4.5


I had to try these boots to believe the hype, but they are an outstanding blend of comfort for walking (a dual sport / ADV Touring requirement), waterproof, stiffer soles, and protection, as well as not looking like Robocop when you're walking around downtown in them after riding in.  Stronger ankle and toe armor would be nice, but that compromise is there for comfort, so as long as you know about it and don't wear them expecting the protection of a motocross boot, you won't be surprised.  


I've used them for 3300 mile trips on a touring bike across the country in March (coooold in the Rockies!), for R1200GS trail and forestry road riding in the PNW (wet!), and for the same bike on the LAB2V ride (sandy, rocky, some hard get-offs), and have been extremely happy.  I did replace the insole with a Polysorb for better arch/instep support to stand on the pegs for a day at a time.  They run a bit large in a couple of sizes (I'm usually 11.5 but I have a set of 11, or whatever the Euro-conversion was), and truer to expected size in others.  Best to do some reading there.


Internet wisdom says to order some spare parts for the buckles because they'll eventually break.  I'm certainly dooming myself to failure by stating that I've had no breakage in a year of riding and many get-offs.  You can probably order parts elsewhere, but here's Gaerne's link:  http://www.gaerneusa.com/shop/index.php?route=product/category&path=47

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