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Gaerne SG 12 Boots Reviews

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Only change I'd make to these fantastic boots is more water resistance.  However, mine are 3 years old and have been beaten hard, so this likely figures into their lack of water resistance. I've even had mine re-soled after my pegs finally wore through the outer sole and I chopped a notch in the right instep from kick-starting my dirtbike and hitting the peg a few thousand times.  The buckles are a better design than I've seen on a lot of boots, and I've failed to break them despite trying.  Steel toe-caps prevent the sole falling apart and deflect rocks.  Read the commercial reviews to understand how the boots prevent torsion and getting your toes sucked back under when you accidentally catch a rock.  If you're the type to ride with hard panniers anywhere but asphalt (which I highly discourage), boots like the SG12 will greatly increase your odds of avoiding a tib/fib fracture if your leg gets pulled back when you dab in harsh terrain or when surprised.  Do yourself a favor and don't fall victim to the "adventure boot" hype and get comfy walkers.  If they're comfortable for walking, they're garbage for serious protection.  Besides, the idea is to ride, not walk, right?  They're a bit bulky and boxy, and I've heard people on some bikes have to move their shifter up a tooth sometimes.  I've not noticed this on anything I ride.  

After 3 years of extensive use, often in winter in Washington where we're under water half the time, the inner liner at the heel area is starting to fall apart.  I still love my boots though and will milk them for another season.  My riding style is extremely aggressive (reckless?), including small bike enduro and hare scramble, as well as big-bike shenanigans and racing on the 950SE.  

These boots have saved my toes and ankles dozens of times, more than offsetting the significant price tag.  I'll buy Gaerne SG12s again.  The only other boot I'd even consider is the Sidi Crossfire 2.  

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Eric Hall

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I started out four years ago with another boot (that shall remain nameless) largely because I was new, at the dealer and didn't know any better.  These boots weren't all that bad except for the fact the soles came delaminated three times!


I was riding down in Baja once and I came across a small pothole.  I slowed down, was on the pegs and lofted the front wheel just fine.  When my rear wheel hit the back side of the pothole, for whatever reason, my right boot came off the peg and went down and was crushed against my peg by the ground!  Man that hurt!  I thought I broke my leg!  Turns out it was a crushed Achilles tendon.  After that I set out to get a more sturdy pair of off road boots and that's when I found these SG 12's at Chaparral Motorsports.  I got a good deal on them, as they'll match online pricing.


My first impression was at how snugly (but not too tightly) they held my foot in place inside the boot.  They were also much more comfortable than my other boots and more importantly had more protection on the back side of the boot.


My first trip was Bolivia and they got their share of water crossings!  These aren't "water proof" by any means but they are certainly water resistant.  Only once did I feel any wetness in my boot and it was only a few drops.


I've also noticed the toe caps are still doing fine more than two years later, unlike my last set of boots.  And no delamination of the soles.


Very happy with these boots and highly recommend them.  I'm a big believer in getting the best protection you can get when riding big bikes off road and do not think the lighter boots like the BMW Santiago or Forma Adventure boot are going to be enough protection, at least for the type of riding I do.  If you do more dirt than pavement then this is the boot for you.

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