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MSR Xpedition Helmet Reviews

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MSR Give-Away Round two winner! Thanks again! I've put nearly 600 miles on the helmet and a half dozen bugs, it appears to be a quality helmet but I have some gripes. I'll start with the positives.

  • It's appearance looks great, with its perfect mix of street and motocross, I'm visually pleased.
  • Plenty of vents to keep the air flowing when needed, especially in California! 
  • Good quality paint, also the clear coating is sprayed over the graphics to keep them from peeling.
  • Clear adjustable visor works perfectly, no distortion.

Now here are some of my issues.

  • The black plastic piece that covers your nose constantly touches the tip of my nose ever so softly, I found myself getting a tickle repeatedly throughout the day.
  • The outer top sun visor serves no purpose other than grabbing the wind, whatever angle I adjusted it to I couldn't see it.  Sadly, provided no sun protection.
  • Very loud helmet, even with hearing protection in I was still getting a headache from all the wind noise.
  • Lastly, I wish there was a built-in tented sun visor. I've been spoiled with other ADV helmets that were equipped.

For someone that doesn't own a car and puts 20,000 miles annually on two wheels, this'll be my weekend off-road helmet.



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