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MotoBatt Motorcycle Battery (AGM) Reviews

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What I love about this battery is that it has 4 terminals (each with a top and a front hole for the bolt). First, you can never accidentally buy a battery with the terminals reversed. Simply turn the battery around. Second, if I'm not running a fuse block, it allows me to run my accessory leads to one terminal and the bike's power and ground leads to another. I like the simplicity. It's a perfect fit for my 05 BMW R1200GS.

Battery arrived almost fully charged (over 90% according to my charger) and it's AGM, so there's no waiting or charging necessary after pouring in electrolyte when you first receive it. Open the box, drop it in, and ride off. In terms of cranking, I put mine through a true torture test a week after install when I rode a 220 mile desert course and had throttle/ignition issues early on, which caused the bike to stall easily a hundred times that day. The Motobatt never even paused or slowed in cranking, and for that reason alone, I will always make it my first choice when weight isn't an overriding factor (in which case, it's time for a Shorai or some other lithium based ultra-light).

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