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Scorpion AT-950 Adventure Touring Helmet Reviews

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Just purchased this helmet a couple days ago and put around 400 miles on it. Mostly road riding with my sport touring bike, and just a bit of dirt road riding on my GS. This helmet is the whole package for a guy like me, it perfectly fits my sport bike/adventure bike interests. One helmet to end all helmets!



  • Probably my favorite part is how easy it is to change between the sport look and the ADV look. Two large screws on each side will remove the top visor and small little covers go it its place.
  • Scorpion added a SENA speaker cut out just for our communication system! Perfect touch
  • I'm probably never going to use the modular system but its there for people that like it.
  • The ventilation system actually works! Never had a helmet that I actually felt air flow through.


  • When the tented sun visor is down I notice a slight distortion. There maybe some depth perception issues in certain circumstances.
  • The top moto visor only has one position, doesn't adjust at all. Your stuck with where its at.
  • Even though it has a EverClear No-Fog coating on the Face Shield, and sun visor I still was getting fog in the mornings when the temperatures are cold.

Basically I really like this helmet, and the price is perfect. My favorite helmet for sure!




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This lid has been on my short list for a couple of months now and since I had an unfortunate accident with my previous I had an excuse to pick one up. This helmet is in a small niche which only sees it and the much more expensive E1 so obviously a comparo is out of the question. I had asked the rep about sizing over on ADV and was told that these run in "intermediate oval" and were true to size. My experience was that they actually run a bit narrower than that and I definitely needed the XXL instead of my usual XL. The helmet itself is plastic and the paint is kind of an afterthought it seems but it does match my bike well and fits securely so I gave it points for that. The beak is removable and comes off the helmet when shipped but I attached mine for the purposes of this review and what are you getting one for if not for the beak? So my initial impressions were not too positive, I'll be honest. The helmet shares many traits with other low budget entry helmets and I almost returned it unused. I'm glad I didn't . I decided to give it an early morning workout in the dew and clouds at about 3000-3600 feet to test out how bad it would fog and any other niggles I might have with it in inclement weather. As I climbed up the gravel roads I had a chance to test the ventilation which is adequate but nothing to write home about. A large center top opening and a slide up opening on the chin bar are all that are available. it could surely use some back opening vents for those of us who ride a lot of desert. In fact that is about the only complaint I have with this helmet.....ventilation. It's OK most of the time and usually when it gets too hot you can flip up the shield or chin bar and get some relief but they really should look at putting in a couple of vents on the rear as openings in the front aren't always a great option especially when riding in a group in the dust. This is a very quiet lid, way quieter than my old Variant and the beak has minimal impact when riding. No excessive tugging or pulling even at 85+ which I thought was amazing as any other DS or dirt lid would've ripped my head off with the beak on at those speeds. I was able to snap glance over my shoulders even at speed which is better than I was able to do previously. I wasn't able to get much done with the beak as the Sun wasn't out but it was effective at blocking oncoming headlights with the tip of a head so I have hopes. it doesn't protrude into your line of sight much making one wonder if the beak will actually block any incoming light. The liner is some sort of Kwik-whatever 2 or something, it wicks without too much bother but lacks the premium feel of more expensive lids. The strap is somewhat hard and stiff at least first off, good thing we won't be taking it on and off so much.

In summation for the price and features this helmet is in a class of one. The E1 has all the same features but is listed at just shy of 900.00 so if you are looking for a modular beaked helmet it is hard to go wrong with this one. It IS a plastic helmet, but a darned nice one with features costing much more and so far everything works exactly as advertised including the anti-fog coating on the face shield. I wasn't able to fog it up enough to interfere with my vision of the instruments on my bike or anything else I would try to see in those conditions. Rain, dew, clouds you name it I rode through it with zero visibility problems so I guess someone did their homework on this one.

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