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Bryan Bosch

· Edited by Brian Wilson

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While the stock mirrors on my Triumph Tiger 800XC technically worked, they were a source of periodic frustration. Since they don't fold down and I ride off-road, trail vegetation, bumps, and vibration would end up moving the mirrors out of adjustment. I purposefully didn't crank down the nuts at the perch because I'd rather that the mirrors rotate out of the way on a hard hit vs. remain rigid and simply bend or break. Often times the hand adjustable ball socket on the mirror body wasn't enough, so I had to break out the wrenches to get the mirrors into a useful position. Who has time for that?  :thumbsdown:
Ease-of-adjustment is where the Doubletake Mirror system shines. The top and bottom ball and socket design allows you to quickly put the mirror just where you want it and with a few twists of the hand tensioner, it's firmly set into position. Adjustments are 100% tool-less; Love that.  :wub:

On my Triumph Tiger, I never noticed that the mirror mounting hole on the front brake side is lower than the other. In the excitement of mounting my new Doubletake Mirrors, I installed the equal height 1" balls with blue Loctite, letting them set-up over night. When I went to test how folding down the mirrors worked, "Doh!" The brake master cylinder was in the way! Fortunately there are taller ball mounts to clear the master cylinder, but I pretty much had to cosmetically destroyed the standard ball mount getting it out, as they do not have spot for a box end wrench. So, pay attention to your unique set-up before ordering. With the right parts installed, the Doubletake Mirrors fold out of the way quickly and fully.
On the street, including highway speeds up the mid 80's, the mirrors have little vibration and were plenty usable for making safe lane changes. Doubletake says that their glass is SAE spec for clarity and I found it to be on par with the factory Triumph mirrors (no complaints w/ either). On dirt roads, including those with plenty of pot holes and washboard as well as sandy central Florida trails, I was pleased that the mirrors stayed exactly where I set them; pretty much rock solid. I only left them up on the trails for testing their stability. Otherwise I simply fold them out of harm's way.

The mirror bodies are made in Colorado Springs from durable nylon that Doubletake refers to as "super tough" and while vendors say a lot of things, they back it up with a lifetime warranty. :thumbsup:  In case there is any confusion, this does not include the glass (in your dreams)! However, they sell replacement glass and the mirrors fold out of the way. If you break them, you earned it! ;)
I posted some installed pics on social media and got plenty of users that love them, but some that couldn't get past their aesthetics. Me? I assign a lot more value to the awesome functionality of the Doubletake Mirror Adventure Mirrors and personally think they look a lot beefier than the whimpy street bike mirrors found on most factory ADV bikes. You'll have to make up your own mind. I think they look good.

 Any cons? Gosh, not really... They do exactly what they were designed to do. Unless you simply don't like how the mirrors look, little to nothing not like about how Doubletake Mirror Adventure Mirrors perform. Super happy with this upgrade to my bike.  :)
More @ https://www.doubletakemirror.com/
If you ride more of a dual sport than an ADV bike, you can read reviews on the Doubletake Mirror Enduro Mirrors HERE.


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I put a pair on my Tiger 800XC before I gave it to my daughter. We were running part of the Pony Express trail in Utah's West Desert when she hit a berm and corkscrewed the bike into the ground doing a complete rollover. The Tiger sustained as much if not more damage on the top of the bike, the bars especially, taking off the windscreen, and scrapping the top of the instrument cluster and both brake and clutch fluid reservoirs. I saw her go down in my mirrors and whipped around to help her out. She had righted by the time I arrived and when I walked up to see how she was doing, she was putting the Double Takes back into position, both reflective surfaces unbroken, much like her. 

I now have Double Takes on my Tiger Explorer. In my opinion, there's not a better aftermarket mirror. 


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Eric Hall

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I've had mine for 5 years on the GSA with no complaints.  I recently replaced the Ram ball mount but that's considered a normal wear item.  I like how adjustable they are and how you can stow them out of the way when off road.  They sure are tough and are a must replace item for anyone riding Beyond Starbucks ;)

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