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The HJC DS-X1 Solid dual sport helmet
I have to admit I was very skeptical, but surprisingly when I received this helmet I was blown away at how well HJC had done on this piece. The shape looks awesome and the quality looks amazing!
Starting with venting, I found that Air flow wasn't an issue, very happy to find enormous vents with good amount of venting in the front area and adequate venting on the top. 
Extremely quiet when vents and face shield are closed, quieter than most other dual sport helmets. Almost to the point where you don't need ear plugs on a 1 - 2 hour ride.
I found there was good adjustability of the top dual sport visor, huge range of motion up or down. And very little drag in the wind at highway speeds
The front face shield is easy to find with gloves and offers zero distortion, and a huge range or view.
Lighter helmet than most dual sport pieces. 
Padding is easy to remove when you need to give them a wash.
I did have a issue with installing the chin curtain. I couldn't get it to slide between the foam and the helmet shell.
Anyone that rides with bike to bike communication systems will greatly appreciate the speaker pockets molded into the helmets foam behind the cheek pads. Makes for a easy install of a Sena system.
Sizing charts are accurate and work properly for picking your size with an online purchase. 
A less crucial thing I noticed was the manufacturer logos. They're just stickers, not sprayed over with a clear coat. So if you don't wish to be a walking advertisement, you can have a truly clean helmet and peel them off.

But finally, once I put the helmet on things changed! Inside my house, which is at a comfortable 70 degrees, the helmet's lens immediately started to fog. It happened very fast, within the first breath I exhaled. Low California Temperatures outside didn't help, I found this helmet unusable with the visor down. The Fogging lens is a major issue. If you purchase the anti fog lens extra it helps mitigate the fog. The anti fog lens clips into the face shield's pin-locks, but with any type of rain riding or slow off-roading with heavy breathing makes it a pain to see. I suggest using goggles with this helmet. I honestly couldn't get this helmet not to fog up. 
Most helmets are going with a tented sun shield lens these days that is separate from the front face shield. I really wish this helmet came with that option. 
All in all I really like HJC's product. Very practical, light weight design for a great price. Looks cool and fits the part as a dual sport adv helmet. A couple draw backs but you can easily work around.




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