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Fasstco Flexx Handlebars Reviews

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Simon Thomas

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Written by Simon Thomas


Product Review: Flexx Bars
Manufacturer: Fasst Company


A World Of Difference In Your Hands

In terms of aftermarket motorcycle accessories, handlebars are probably one of the most overlooked products. We take them for granted. Every bike comes with a set of bars, why should we change them?

Good question. Your handlebars do a lot more than simply offer you a place to rest your hands. The bend and sweep of your bars determines how connected you feel with your bike, how the bike turns and even how far back or forward you sit.

The stock BMW OEM bars on both the R1200GSA LC and the F800GS are good and suit many riders out there, but based on our riding style and type of terrain we like to ride, Lisa and I knew that we’d need to upgrade them.

Over the course of the first 3-4 years of our journey, Lisa and I both suffered from recurring wrist pain, which we finally figured out was due to the angle our wrists were placed when holding the OEM BMW handlebars. Due to the (road biased) sweep (pullback) of the bars, our wrists were slightly kinked outwards. This discomfort exacerbated after days or weeks of off-road riding.

The ideal wrist position for us is one that keeps our wrists more neutral in relation to the bars. Think of a straight line passing from your elbow joint, through your forearms, through your wrists and onto the bars.


We’d been looking at handlebar options for a few weeks and we were close to going back to our old favourites, either Pro Taper or UK made Renthal’s, when we discovered the Flexx Handlebars.


Bolting Down The Bars

Neither Lisa or I had heard of them. What initially caught our attention was the varied angles of sweep offered by the manufacturer, the USA based Fasst Company. Cole (Founder) had confirmed that he could easily ship us two sets of bars with our preferred 12 degrees (54mm) of sweep (also called pullback).

Lisa’s Flexx Bars bolted straight onto her F800GS and there was plenty of room to fit Lisa’s GPR steering damper without any issues.

Securing the bars to my R1200GSA (water-cooled) required the installation of a ROX 1 1/4" to 1 1/8" block riser adapter. This was handy as I was planning on installing a set of risers anyway.

Because of the straighter sweep (12 degrees instead of BMW’s stock 19-degree bend) of my Flexx bar set-up, the clearance between my  Touratech hand guards and the stock screen was reduced. However, this was easily solved by adding longer screws and nylon spacers, to the screen mounts, which has also improved the airflow over the stock screen. See pic attached.


Fasst Company offers the Flexx Bars in five sweeps, three differing heights and four widths, enough to suit the ergonomics of almost any rider.

Once tightened down, the Flexx Bars on both bikes look fantastic.


Tuneable handlebars

The Flexx Bars are tune-able handlebars, and offer a unique design that provides both rebound and dampening options. Yep, you read that right! The Flexx Bars, just like your favourite suspension, are designed to reduce the effects felt from both high-frequency vibrations, whilst minimising the impact of the more brutal hits we’ve all fallen foul of.

After my first ride, my initial scepticism was replaced with confidence!

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