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Alright, who’s up for a motorcycle seat review?!

So, probably the worst thing about any motorcycle, whether you spend $500 or $35,000, is the darn seat. Top manufacturers spend ungodly amounts of money on R&D, but completely drop the ball when it comes to rider comfort for the seats. Of my last seven bikes, I ended up needing a more comfortable aftermarket seat option on every single one of them. It has not been a cheap endeavor finding a company that supports my bum to handle extended miles on the saddle. Years ago, when I had my Triumph Tiger, I must have spent close to $1,500 just on finding the right seat. I tried the OEM upgraded “GEL” (terrible), then went on to the Corbin (heavy and hard like a rock), and finally settled on a Saddleman (not great, but better than all the rest thus far). 

I eventually sold that bike and picked up a BMW R1200 GSA. This prompted a search for another seat. Having testing the aforementioned companies, I wanted something else. I had met the folks from Sargent Cycles at the Orlando AIMExpo several years ago and pre-ordered one of the first 2014 seats for the GSA. I eventually racked up over 30k miles on that seat traveling across the USA and Canada. It was comfortable and reasonably priced in comparison to the other brands selling seats. 

In 2020, I purchased a Triumph 1200 Scrambler XE, and tried my hardest to like the stock seat, but eventually gave into the sore ass and sought a new seat. Corbin was the only company I could find that offered an already complete seat without the need to send in your OEM pan. Without being able to see one firsthand and remembering my concerns from the original Corbin, I opted to skip the gamble and go for a company I knew would provide a great product.


This brings me to my custom Sargent Cycles Scrambler seat. I contacted the great folks at “SC” and explained what I was looking to have done. I gave them my color options and a little personal touch I wanted added. I sent my old seat pan to them and within a short period of time, a couple of weeks at most, I received my new, redone, fully customized seat!

I opted for their unique “super cell atomic foam” with a slight increase to the width from the original for a more cupped style vs. benched. This helps distribute the rider’s weight more evenly, which takes pressure off of the important parts.

Like any of my other reviews, I prefer to put hours and miles on products first and not just blow smoke. This seat has approximately 1,500 miles on it now with my longest riding day being 300 miles. Much like my other SC products, with more miles comes more of the “old baseball glove” effect, as it just keeps getting more comfortable over time.

The only downside I can see with this purchase is the overall cost of investment. It’s not cheap at roughly $410, and add in another $60 for shipping the OEM seat to them. That being said, you do get what you pay for. I’m hopeful that in the future they will make a mold, which will lower the overall cost and give the consumer the option to sell their original seat to recoup some of the cost.


As always, ride safe, and I will see you on the road!



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