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Found 53 results

  1. For sale BRAND NEW, still in the plastic, never been opened AltRider skid plate and the mounting bracket; also BRAND NEW. Located in northern California, and would prefer a local sale, but I'm willing to ship them. I'm asking $450 or best offer for both, and I'm open to trades. I enjoy hunting, hiking, motorcycles (obviously), travel, and all sorts of stuff so let me know if you've got a good trade. Thanks for looking.
  2. 0 comments

    I friggin love it!
  3. Anyone planning to head to Taste of Dakar this year? I think I saw Eric Hall mention he was going to keep his 100% good attendance award. A few of us PNW regulars are making the trip down again for our spring fling in the NV desert (6th year for us.) Probably spend a few days riding out of Pahrump or Beatty before the event starts Friday, then ride the event Saturday, and finish up Sunday (and hopefully part of Monday) out of Gold point. Love the endless riding out there. And got to love the Gold Point experience. Hopefully with the event being later in spring we will not be limited on routes by the snow this year. Taste of Dakar 2018 on Facebook Altrider's Event Page Couple Photo's from last year.
  4. 1 review

    Riders of the KTM 1290 Super Adventure tend to push their limits on this insanely fast and suspension-latent adventure bike. When the bike inevitably goes down, one of the most vulnerable areas on this beast is the engine case. The AltRider Clutch Side Engine Case Cover is meant for riders who refuse to take a gamble on their machine. The OEM engine case on the 1290 is made from a thin-walled cast aluminum. This choice helps to save overall weight, but also creates a weak point on a vital piece of the engine. If you lay the KTM 1290 down on its right side, there is a real danger of the engine case becoming damaged by large debris or even from the brake lever tip bending into it, potentially bursting into the case. Compared to several competitor options made from molded plastic, we created an engine case cover made from a single piece of 3.2 mm aluminum. This exceptionally strong 6061-TG6 aluminum alloy has a tensile strength of at least 42,000 psi (300 MPa) and yield strength of at least 35,000 psi 241 MPa. Rubber backers spread the load of impact, as well as allow the cover to maintain a low profile. Flush stainless steel fasteners and a deburred product prevent scuffing up your boots and pants. The design of the case cover also incorporates the ingenuity of the AltRider Brake Lever Shield, preventing unwanted and unexpected early braking. The close design of the OEM brake lever creates early interference with the riders boot during braking. This is unique to the KTM 1290 as KTM worked hard to make the large displacement engine still feel narrow, which in turn provided little options for routing the rear brake lever. The lever arm extends into the rider boot area above the brake tip thus creating earlier-than-expected braking. An outward flange on the AltRider Engine Case Cover prevents accidental engagement of the brake arm while still providing a surface to properly hug the bike with your boot, all without interrupting any feel or ergonomics. AltRider motorcycle accessories are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA Protects engine case from damage caused by debris or rear brake lever Prevents accidental engagement of rear brake Easy installation with flush mount hardware Deburred to prevent snagged or caught clothing Made of 3.2 mm (1/8 in.) aluminum Available in black, silver, and orange
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    Amazing machine. I've noticed its not as high quality as a BMW but its definitely built for my riding style. KTM has come short on my deal and hasn't activated KTM my ride, hill assist, quick shift, or heated grips. They don't know how to make these options work. It's been a month sense I bought the bike and I haven't got to fully use my bike yet.
  6. Just came back from my first maintenance on this monster. Surprising at how fast and smooth this motor is. She is in the beginnings of her transition to a real super adventurer: Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR, PP ergo seat, Altrider skid plate, radiator protection, rally pegs. It is strange going back and forth between both machines now— I think I have a favorite, not sure yet... now to plan my trips....
  7. 1 review

    The side stand switch is a serious vulnerability of the BMW R 1200 GS, allowing your ride to be disabled by a stray stick or other trail debris. Eliminate this weak point with a side stand switch guard from AltRider. The AltRider guard is constructed from 2 mm anodized aluminum. This material provides solid, lightweight protection for the side stand switch. The design allows for complete coverage while enhancing the overall look of your bike. Installation is simple with the provided hardware. Available in silver or black. NOTE: Fits bikes built September 2013 or later. Switch must be attached with screw, not c-clip. Compatible with the R 1200 GS Adventure AltRider motorcycle accessories are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA Side Stand Switch Guard prevents motorcycle from being disabled by trail hazards Constructed from 2 mm anodized aluminum Installs in minutes Available in silver or black
  8. 1 review

    Connect your Altrider Lower Crash Bars with your OEM upper crash bars.
  9. SEATTLE, WA – October 18, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Motorcycle accessory manufacturer AltRider is now stocking their DualControl Brake System for the 2016-17 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin. This innovative device offers riders better control over their rear brake lever in both seated and standing positions, making it an ideal upgrade for adventure riders looking to leave the pavement. AltRider’s DualControl Brake System provides quick access to the Africa Twin’s rear brake, no matter what position the rider is in. “Most ADV riders change their foot position as they switch between standing and sitting,” explained AltRider Founder Jeremy LeBreton. “If your foot is not situated properly on the rear brake pedal, you’re potentially doubling reaction time and stopping distance, which can be especially hazardous when riding off-road. The DualControl Brake System aims to correct that problem so riders can maintain control over the rear brake at all times.” AltRider’s patent-pending DualControl Brake System features two pieces to help enhance a rider’s control and reaction time: a riser and an enlarger plate. When a rider transitions from a seated position to a standing position, the change in angle tends to bring the front of the foot higher and further away from the rear brake lever. The riser was designed to provide quick access to the rear brake, no matter what position the rider is in. The enlarger plate was designed to combat the effects of off-road terrain on the rider’s footpeg position. This piece provides a greater surface area to minimize slips or misses in bumpy riding conditions. With both pieces installed, the DualControl Brake System helps Africa Twin riders improve reaction time and control over the rear brake lever. Features Include: Patent pending design 25.4mm tall riser is constructed of billet aluminum Billet aluminum enlarger plate is precision fit to the Africa Twin Replaceable grip pins provide traction in all conditions Riser and enlarger available separately or as a kit Installs easily with included stainless steel hardware Available in silver or black finish 100% designed and manufactured in the USA] The AltRider DualControl Brake System is 100% engineered and manufactured in the United States. The riser and enlarger are offered separately or as a kit, and are available in a silver or black finish. AltRider DualControl Brake Systems are available at and through authorized AltRider dealers. About From their vast catalog of American-made protection pieces and other accessories to their annual signature rides, AltRider is all about giving riders the freedom of adventure. The Seattle-based company designs, tests and manufactures its products to function well, look good on the bike, and stand up to brutal riding conditions. Learn more at
  10. I made a 2 part video to help people better understand just who AltRider is as a company and who they want you to be. Part 2 will be out tomorrow around 8pm est.
  11. A little link to the article and video I made of AltRider's Taste of Dakar. A seriously good time.
  12. 1 review

    The average person takes 0.5 to 1 full second to react to hazards. Traveling at 60 MPH, a rider will travel 25 to 50 feet before being able to properly react. Most OEM brake pedals have a single-positioned small footprint, yet most ADV riders substantially change foot positioning as they switch between standing and sitting. If your foot is not already situated correctly on the rear brake pedal, you are now potentially doubling reaction time and distance to make what could be a critical stop. This is why you see all motorcycle racers with 1 or 2 fingers on the front brake lever in photographs. AltRider has taken away this additional hazard with the patent pending DualControl Brake System. There are two parts to the AltRider DualControl Brake System that enhance control and reaction time; a riser and an enlarger plate. Riser When in a seated position, a rider’s bent knee naturally puts the angle of the foot pointed down 90 degrees from the lower leg, while a standing position creates a straighter leg and raises the angle of your foot to a more horizontal position. Using the OEM brake pedal, there is no way to keep the correct brake control position when both sitting and standing. With the AltRider enlarger and riser combined, there are now two levels in which to engage the rear brake, putting your foot in optimal position regardless of riding position. As every rider is different, there are two riser heights available depending on your riding style. For those needing additional customization, risers can also be swapped out. Enlarger The ever-changing terrain of off-road riding means your entire body is constantly moving and adjusting. The billet aluminum enlarger plate gives your foot a greater surface area to work with, affording you more control of the rear brake. The enlarger plate is precision fit to each bike model ensuring long-term stability. Optional and replaceable grip pins are provided for further customization. Both products are available separately or as a kit. Stainless steel bottom plate and hardware to endure the abrasions of off-road riding 100% designed and manufactured in the USA 25.4 mm riser height available Pins provided with enlarger for enhanced grip, extras included Enlarger and Riser available in black or silver Patent Pending Replaces KTM, Husqvarna, and Husaberg OEM part numbers: 60013051000, 54813951000, 81213951000, 54813051100 and 54813051000. Fits: KTM 1190 Adventure / R KTM 1290 Super Adventure KTM 990 and 950 Adventure KTM 690 Enduro KTM 125-540cc bikes Husqvarna 125-501 cc bikes
  13. Yet another great event! Dennis and I are on our way back now. All my pics and video are on separate cameras so you'll have to wait for all that. Main takeaways: New venue of Gold Point truly rocked. Wine Ridge RV resort was nice but wasn't an experience. Gold Point was an experience. Tracks dried out in just two weeks and were MUCH drier which means more deep sand. Great for a challenge but the scenic riders got more than they bargained for. Weather was perfect. Minimal injuries so that is good. What do others think?
  14. 1 review

    The AltRider sport touring soft panniers are designed for paved road riding only. For off-road riding conditions, check out our other line of soft panniers here. With approximately 125 liters of storage space, AltRider Hemisphere sport touring soft panniers are perfect for a weekend getaway or cross-country trek. Designed for larger adventure and sport touring motorcycles, the Hemisphere soft panniers are 100% waterproof and dust-proof when used correctly. Custom aluminum tension hooks, along with ballistic webbing and metal cam lock buckles, create a fully secure attachment to any bike. This mounting system also allows you to quickly and easily remove the luggage from the bike. A removable top kit offers 28 liters of storage space, and is fastened with 2 metal cam-lock buckles and 1” webbing. The rugged design of the custom cam-lock buckles won’t allow any movement of the straps, regardless of riding conditions. The cam-lock strap system can also be used to secure a multitude of other items, including RotopaX fuel packs. Both side compartments of the Hemisphere soft panniers are designed to keep the contents dry in the most extreme riding conditions. Custom removable 34 liter dry bags with a roll top closure fit inside a compartment with an additional roll-top closure -- creating a double barrier that is impervious to the elements. The dry bags are perfect for your items that need to stay completely dry -- clothes, sleeping bags, electronics, etc. Because these items are lightweight, they can be stored high on the bike without sacrificing handling. Included compression straps keep the load close to the bike when the road gets rough. The soft panniers also feature lower compartments with removable 15 liter dry bags for storing heavier essentials -- tools, camp stoves or other hefty items. Storing these heavier items closer to the ground maintains the handling of the motorcycle, while protecting your lighter items from accidental damage. The included dry bags are constructed from waterproof and dust-proof vinyl coated polyester. Seams are fully-taped and sewn using military spec stitching. Dry bag inserts feature a roll top closure that is secured with burly 1.5” Delrin buckles -- fully isolating the contents from the elements, and allowing easy opening and closing even with gloves on. Reflective logos on either side of the bag improve visibility and safety in low-light and nighttime riding conditions. Please Note: Hemisphere Soft Panniers feature a unique design based on which side of the motorcycle your exhaust is located. Left and right side exhausts are asymmetrical and will have a slightly smaller pannier on the exhaust side. Bikes that feature exhaust in the center or on both sides will have panniers of equal size. These layouts are intended to prevent the panniers from contacting the exhaust. Hemisphere soft panniers are designed to work with an existing ‘hoop style’ side rack. Check with your OEM for available options. AltRider motorcycles accessories are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA 100% waterproof and dust-proof when used correctly 125 liter overall capacity 1 top kit dry bag -- approx. 28 liters 2 removable dry bags for the upper compartments -- approx. 34 liters each 2 custom dry bags for the lower compartments on each bottom side of the pannier -- approx. 15 liters each Designed to work with existing hoop style rack Easily accessible compartments Removable top kit secured with unique cam-lock strap design Next generation design maintains handling by keeping weight low 1050D ballistic nylon, sewn over vinyl coated polyester Hard plastic stiffeners in base layer provide strong stable platform to keep gear in place securely Dry bags constructed with military grade threads, fully taped seams and 1.5” Delrin buckles High Visibility reflective logos improve safety in low light and night time riding conditions
  15. I have been using AltRider Hemisphere Soft Panniers for 3 months now and it is time for a quick review. I have always been a fan of soft luggage for off road use for the simple facts that it holds gear more securely on rough roads and is more forgiving and less painful when its laying on top of me when I run out of talent. My first impression of the Hemisphere Soft Panniers was that they were a very simple design. They don't have a dozen straps dangling from all sides of the luggage which is great when loading and unloading my gear. One requirement for the Hemisphere Soft Panniers is a hard rack, so I decided to install a Tusk Rack which worked perfectly with the Hemisphere Soft Panniers. The hook and loop attachment is about as simple and easy as it gets to attach the bags to the rack. The second point of attachment is from the front of the panniers to the foot pegs. The third point of attachment is to the back of the tail rack. These three points of attachment hold the bags securely and at no point during my riding did I feel things shifting or bouncing around on the bike. The roll top waterproof main compartments, separate, lower rear loading compartments, and the included top mount dry bag provide plenty of room to carry all of my camp gear on multi day adventures and compresses down small enough to hold less gear for day trips. Here is a photo of the left side with the removable dry bag. The dry bag is seam taped and kept all of my gear dry during my last trip to Death Valley. I decided to ride Death Valley on what was the wettest weekend of the year. Warm Springs in the Rain The two lower compartments include roll top dry bags to carry heavier items low for a better center of gravity. I used the right side for tools and used the left side for water and camera gear. This is a photo of the included dry bag for the top of the rack. Many of my rides are well over 200 miles between gas stations and I carry a RotoPax. I was concerned that the RotoPax would not work and was pleasantly surprised to see that the RotoPax was held securely with one of the provided tie downs. No shifting at all! There are two tie downs included to securely hold the dry bag or any other gear you will want to carry. One issue with the Hemisphere Soft Panniers is that the design covers the pillion/passenger area including the passengers handles. I would guess that half of my rides are spent with my wife, Brandy, on the back of my bike so I had to make one modification and add handles to the luggage. I don't necessarily want to recommend this to other 2Up riders, however it worked out great for Brandy and my riding style. Brandy wraps her arms around my waist in all technical or fast sections of trail and she uses the handles while on the highway or flat non technical sections of road and trail. I used four screw links and two "dog bones" that are used for rock climbing quick draws to build the handles. Please click on this link to be directed to AltRiders website for all the technical specifications and AltRider videos on the Hemispere Soft Panniers: I hope that you enjoyed my review! Brandy and Jesse "GeoMoto" Kimball are avid adventure riders and organize the Flying Monkey Adventure Rally every October in Southern Utah.
  16. This video came in my inbox while I was riding in Colorado... From AltRider Luggage rack Skid plate Upper & lower crash bars As for their crashbars, the salient points seem to be they're made of thicker tubing, don't have sharp bends (adds to strength) and are attached better.
  17. 1 review

    Keep your R1200 GSW headers from dents and dings by installing the AltRider Header Guards. Made of 1.5 mm thick stainless steel, it utilizes a six-flange design to wrap around the pipe and offer superior coverage against kicked up rocks and debris. This piece offers protection and an aggressive look to your machine. To ensure perfect fit, the AltRider Header Guard was designed to be easily conformed to the contours of each header pipe before attaching with the included stainless hose clamps. Made from 304 stainless steel Provided with high quality stainless steel clamps 1.5 mm thick Length 37.5 cm (14.75 in) Fits manifold/exhaust tube 42-48 mm (1.6 - 1.9 in) in diameter Includes 2 guards and 4 hose clamps Whether you ride on or off road, be sure to protect your BMW R 1200 GSW Adventure with an AltRider Header Guard.
  18. Having a great time here so far. We got in Thursday afternoon and went riding today. Rich and I did this huge hill in the dunes
  19. AltRider announced today a new line of protection parts (skid plates, oil cooler guards, headlight guards, radiator guards, luggage racks, high fender mounts) for the Ducati Scrambler as well as three Triumph bikes: Bonneville, Scrambler and Thruxton.
  20. A reason to show up for the 2016 Conserve the Ride june 10th-12th. Have you ever ridden past a closed gate on the side of a gravel road and wonder where does it go? Your mind dreams up some amazing offroad adventure with a perfect mix of dirt, rocks, and elevation changes. Then you continue on you’re way past the gate, shaking your adventure from between your ears and returning home. This isn’t the case with events like the AltRider’s Conserve the Ride. Many factors make this ride one of the most accessible adventure rides on the east coast. With gates opened, trails clearly marked and GPS files downloaded getting into trouble or lost would prove hard to do. A main loop of gravel and tarmac is laid out with options leaving and rejoining the route. With 4 levels of difficulty in the optional sections clearly labeled at the trailhead and discussed in the rider meeting. Three very new, very different options were opened up this year - all wide single track multi-use trails with a small crushed shale top coat laid down over miles of bermed corners with varying levels of difficulty. The best way to describe it is to call it sand or mud’s easy to ride cousin. The front tire would push a little, but not wash out from under you. After completing these segments, one rider said that he’s learned more about off road riding in those options than he has in 12k. Another rider who’s been training for a shot at the Dakar came out laughing, proclaiming that was the most fun he’s ever had on big bike. Showing up alone for a group ride isn’t a problem either. AltRider’s 2013 Conserve the Ride was my first time at one of these events, and was where I met my ADV friends (#fatankleracingteam) that I still ride with at multiple events throughout the year (there is about 20+ of us now). Those who don’t come in a group find it easy to join a small group of other riders with similar riding abilities. This event is not a race. There’s no mix of big bikes and packs of wild ex motocross racing dirt bikers who will blow you into the weeds as they pass you (as experienced at other events). You won’t find yourself trapped under your bike with no one to help you. The crowd at this event is outgoing, helpful, and excited to be there. You can’t really have a tip over without having 3 people helping you and your bike up before you’ve caught your breath. Unlike some events your entry fee covers nearly everything and you will have a hard time spending any money on anything other than gas. Unless, that is, you were tempted to bid on the Rev’It, Bmw of Manhattan, Kissel Motorsports, Kenda Tires, or Rox Speed FX donated goodies, where all proceeds were donated to the Seven Mountains Conservation Corp (more on this later). Organizers of this event have catered to your every food and beverage needs. Fellow ADV rider and local owner Michael Marx of World’s Fare Catering takes care of all the meals. Full plates with seconds available of the best food I’ve ever had at any event makes two and a half days away from home easy. The event is further eased by a very local craft beer brewery; the Elk Creek Cafe. The only thing you need to decide is if you are going, where you’re pitching your tent, and which options you plan on doing. This year’s 150+ mile route has by far been the best route yet, scouted, marked, and swept by the Seven Mountain Conservation Corps. The SMCC is a local non profit dedicated to maintaining and improving a massive multi-use trail system in conjunction with the PA DCNR (Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources). These folks put a lot of hard work into this event and it shows in the amount of fun that all riders had. A portion of your entry fee goes back to this worthwhile organization. Even with a three week old “new” bike and the stock road oriented tires on it, you can still enjoy events like this. Do a couple of the options. Even if you don’t have any formal training. You might drop it, or get some scratches on it, but the next time you’re outside your local starbucks and someone asks: “Where have you been on it?” you’ll have an answer. Also, for about 2 months you won’t be able to tell a story without starting it with: “This one time at the Altrider ride.” I originally wrote this article for ADVMoto magazine and if you don't have a subscription you should probably look into it.
  21. 1 review

    TASTE OF DAKAR From sand dunes to stretches of cracked sandbeds, dirt trails winding around valleys and everything in between -- the desert offers unique riding opportunities for ADV enthusiasts. Join us for an epic weekend adventure for the 4th annual Taste of Dakar in Pahrump, Nevada on March 11-13th. This gripping adventure includes GPS-led routes, 5 square meals and snacks for the weekend, adult beverages, nightly entertainment, and the opportunity to ride and train with professional riders. The Taste of Dakar registration includes: 2 nights of camping at the Wine Ridge RV Resort Epic GPS led routes for every skill level in the beautiful off road routes near Death Valley 5 delicious catered southwestern meals Beer and adult beverages A stylish AltRider Taste of Dakar t-shirt Exciting prize giveaways from event sponsors Friday // Roll into the quaint town of Pahrump for registration before a delicious catered dinner right at the campsite, Wine Ridge RV Resort. Set up shop for the weekend and enjoy a few drinks before tucking in for a full day of riding the next day. Saturday // After a hearty breakfast, break into groups based on skill level for the awesome ride into the desert. Don't forget your cameras and Go-Pro's for your awesome adventure through dirt roads, dry cracked sandbeds, dunes and desert brush against the stunning mountainscape. Halfway through the Saturday ride, we'll stop to enjoy a filling lunch and swap stories from the first part of the day. Ride for the rest of the afternoon with your groups and return from your epic day to a special dinner back at the campsite, albeit with new friends and fond memories. If you have time, take a dip at the pool and hot tub at the RV resort. Sunday // Wake up to another delicious breakfast and break down your campsite for your ride home. Register for the Taste of Dakar by adding the Event/Ride Only option to your cart and check out. You will be receiving itineraries and more information a few weeks before the event. BLACK SWAN MOTO OFF-ROAD RIDING SCHOOL Need an off-road refresher course? Or even a full-on introduction to off-road riding? Black Swan Moto will be conducting a one-day class on Friday the 11th before the AltRider Taste of Dakar event. Learn all the tricks and tips of off-road riding from instructors with 10+ years of training experience and get prepared with a teaser of all the terrain for the weekend course. Register for this class and the Taste of Dakar event by adding the "Event/Ride + Friday Class" to your cart. You will be receiving itineraries and more information a few weeks before the event. Motorcycle rentals at a special Taste of Dakar event price are available through MotoQuest: Email [email protected] for any questions about Taste of Dakar or the Black Swan Moto class.
  22. Out here in Pahrump scouting trails with Curtis and Sky for AltRider's Taste of Dakar in March Yesterday's route across the dry lake bed. I was cold riding up and stopped at Tecopa hot springs to warm up. This is a pic I found on the Interwebs. I thought this lady looked funny Cold this morning Lunch at Pioneer Saloon
  23. 0 reviews

    Prep for adventure with a set of R 1200 GSW Cylinder Head Guards from AltRider. The AltRider cylinder head guards for the BMW R 1200 GS W are designed to protect your cylinder head from the scrapes and scratches that riding off-road often causes. AltRider went to great lengths to engineer a system that distributes load across the entire valve cover. Bolts are anchored both in front of and behind the cylinder head, hits are spread out evenly to minimize the impact force. The cylinder head guards are precision manufactured from 1/8” (3.2 mm) aluminum, and compatible with AltRiderCrash Bars. Each side features a replaceable CNC-machined aluminum skid pad -- allowing you to refresh the guards in the event of a mishap. The inside of the cylinder head guards utilize specially designed rubber pads to isolate them from the valve cover. Provided hardware makes installation a quick and simple job. Available in anodized silver and black. AltRider motorcycle accessories are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA 1/8” (3.2 mm) cylinder head guards prevent scrapes and scratches Rubber bumpers isolate the guards from the valve cover CNC-machined skid pad is replaceable Easy installation Available in silver or black