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Found 82 results

  1. 1 review

    Engine guards for the 2016-17 Honda Africa Twin.
  2. 0 comments

    2017DEC15: After many years of multiple bikes in the garage, I have gutted the garage and settled onto one bike--the Honda Africa Twin. This occurred in early August, 2017. During the first four months, my AT has been to KY, VA, NC, SC, and of course many places in TN. With the exception of about 25 miles, all have been pavement miles and the OEM street tires. So, now that the winter temperature are moving in, the AT has been sitting more than the Concours 14 would during these days. Why? Probably time available to ride which is now different (temporarily), but also maybe wind protection and heated grips. Really, though my riding gear is good, heated grips are here awaiting installation, and there is some nice engine heat flowing on the upper legs, but it could be more that the days are shorter and I am having to re-ride the same roads to get into the hilly areas that are about two hours east of here. For the winter riding in my area, the street tires will remain fitted. In the mean time some 60/40 Shinkos are in the garage and will be fitted as close to a departure for areas out west. Have never used Shinko tires, but figure I would try these once. So, about the bike. I like it! Engine power/torque is more than adequate. Gearing is fine for pavement, but too tall for out west. Having ridden many nice roads in the Appalachian mountains and the Cumberland plateau, and of course the Tail of the Dragon, I have to say the bike works well. From the start, I was not confident in the skinny front tire, but the rubber compound is soft and sticks well. The OEM handguards are not robust enough for tip-over impacts with the ground, so Bark Busters have been added. Also, since I like having trail spares, the OEM levers were moved to the E12 saddlebags for standby duty. Some blue anodized short levers from an eBay seller in China have been mounted. These are sturdy levers and more economical to use. I had an orange set on the 690R and they survived four tip-overs.
  3. 1 review

    The side stand switch is a serious vulnerability of the BMW R 1200 GS, allowing your ride to be disabled by a stray stick or other trail debris. Eliminate this weak point with a side stand switch guard from AltRider. The AltRider guard is constructed from 2 mm anodized aluminum. This material provides solid, lightweight protection for the side stand switch. The design allows for complete coverage while enhancing the overall look of your bike. Installation is simple with the provided hardware. Available in silver or black. NOTE: Fits bikes built September 2013 or later. Switch must be attached with screw, not c-clip. Compatible with the R 1200 GS Adventure AltRider motorcycle accessories are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA Side Stand Switch Guard prevents motorcycle from being disabled by trail hazards Constructed from 2 mm anodized aluminum Installs in minutes Available in silver or black
  4. 1 review

    Connect your Altrider Lower Crash Bars with your OEM upper crash bars.
  5. 1 review

    Cycra ULTRA Probend CRM Wrap Around Handguards: The all new ULTRA Probends combine the premium features of Cycra handguards that customers have come to love and depend on. Cycra has improved every aspect of the new �ULTRA� design and configuration. From its New CRM clamp, that provides maximum bite to secure the handguards and allows for superior clearance on a wider range of bars; to its brand new (patented) CNC billet machined bar, made from 6061 aircraft quality aluminum creating a varied wall thickness and slimmer profile. New shield design that takes cues from the iconic �Cycra Enduro Hand Shield� to a dramatic new form with better ergonomic profile, removable dual zone ventilation system, and integrated abrasion guard with slimmer profile. Also included, the new Powergrip Bar Ends with slotted barrel allows for a more secure bite than ever before. .
  6. 0 reviews

    Designed to protect your chain from rocks or debris. All mounting hardware is included for an easy installation. Fits: Triumph Tiger 800 & 800XC
  7. 1 review

    Our skid plates are made of rugged 3/16" aluminum. They feature tig welded engine guards.Installation is an easy bolt on procedure with all mounting hardware included! It also offers a built in clean out slot and oil plug hole, along with a hole for oil screen removal,making them the best in the business! Plus it is a wiser choice than carbon fiber, due to lower cost and far better durability. f you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase we will be happy to refund, replace or modify to fit.
  8. 1 review

    PN BMWFU0081SCBG Material: Steel Bending: CNC Cutting: Laser Welds: TIG Painting: Powder Color: silver No interference with the structure of the motorcycle Kit includes all necessary parts for installation
  9. 1 review

    Radiator protection for KTM 690 Enduro/SMC
  10. 1 review

    Available for all BMW R1200 Factory Crash Bars models Protects motor from critical damage by covering vulnerable opening in factory crash bar SKU=294A Brushed Aluminum Finish with Ricochet or GS logo. Adhesive foam weather stripping included to prevent vibration noise. Constructed with .160" 5052 H-32 Aluminum. All mounting hardware included. Add a durable anodize finish of a color of your choice.
  11. 1 review

    Keep your R1200 GSW headers from dents and dings by installing the AltRider Header Guards. Made of 1.5 mm thick stainless steel, it utilizes a six-flange design to wrap around the pipe and offer superior coverage against kicked up rocks and debris. This piece offers protection and an aggressive look to your machine. To ensure perfect fit, the AltRider Header Guard was designed to be easily conformed to the contours of each header pipe before attaching with the included stainless hose clamps. Made from 304 stainless steel Provided with high quality stainless steel clamps 1.5 mm thick Length 37.5 cm (14.75 in) Fits manifold/exhaust tube 42-48 mm (1.6 - 1.9 in) in diameter Includes 2 guards and 4 hose clamps Whether you ride on or off road, be sure to protect your BMW R 1200 GSW Adventure with an AltRider Header Guard.
  12. I have been a SPOT user for about five years now and am very familiar with the benefits of their personal tracking devices like the Gen 1 and now the Gen 3 I have. But my trip down to Copper Canyon on the project bike had me wondering about a tracking option for the bike itself. I have quite a lot of my own and other people's money invested in this bike and I really need to do my best to keep an eye on it should it grow legs and walk away from me. The SPOT Trace: This video shows a motorcycle recovery using their Trace device I will be evaluating this product over the course of the next year. I'll be doing an unboxing and installation video as well as a review in the near future. The Trace sells for $119 and various service packages exist for as little as $10/month or $99/year. One can power the device with either some AAA lithium batteries or hard-wired with a water proof cable.
  13. What bits of AltRider goodness are on the box?
  14. AltRider announced today a new line of protection parts (skid plates, oil cooler guards, headlight guards, radiator guards, luggage racks, high fender mounts) for the Ducati Scrambler as well as three Triumph bikes: Bonneville, Scrambler and Thruxton.
  15. 0 comments

    My wife and I purchased this bike brand new and we absolutely love it.
  16. 0 comments

    For 2 years I looked a machine that suits me, you can't force yourself to like something nor will you buy the bike for someone else. This is my machine, perfect bike for me :)
  17. 0 comments

    Biggest bike I have owned. After a year, I still find the big girl intimidating... but I'm learning and appreciating it more and more.
  18. 0 comments

    Superb bike that does everything very well. Had this bike for 3 seasons and it was spectacular. Also, contrary to expectation, it has been PERFECTLY reliable. Perfectly, as in: I had NO issues. Zero. Nada.
  19. 0 comments

  20. ACD Racing has a new skid plate out for the GS/GSA LC models. I know Isaac Feliu swears by this skid plate. Two of our AZ members have them too and I've heard good things. From what I've seen, ACD appears to be the more affordable yet still well designed plate compared to say, AltRider or Black Dog. This is now on their US website for sale Noteworthy: Skid plate attaches to frame, not engine. They have a contact form on their site where you can send them a message. They're also on Facebook.
  21. Black Dog Cycle Works is known for their skid plates, particularly for the KTM's. I had one on my '11 GSA and have one now on the project 990 bike. They are the best. What's cool is Kurt from BDCW put his skid plate and some knobbies on his 1290 Super Adventure as I was hoping someone would eventually do. KTM seemed to shy to show this bike in the dirt but I knew it would be nearly as good as the 1190 and probably still better than the GS/GSA off road. I saw this in the mail today and thought I'd share... THE ULTIMATE ARMOR JUST GOT BETTER. Reimagined. Redesigned. After 6 months of development, we are very excited to announce our new design (2.0) of our skid plates for the KTM 1190 and 1290 Adventures. Our original 1290 skid plate was groundbreaking (literally), but we're not ones to rest on our laurels. Since we first released our Ultimate Skid Plates over 2 years ago, we've continually been out there riding and testing-and asking if we can make anything better for our customers. And when we see an opportunity to improve protection-we do it. Being a small, innovative company with a focus, we pride ourselves in our ability to develop the absolute best products on the planet for your adventure bike. Our original concept has more than lived up to our expectations, proving itself time and time again to be the most rugged, long-lasting skid plate available -- with top ratings for ease of maintenance -- a high priority in our book. So why redesign something this good? Our vision for excellence has elevated with our experience in the industry over the years. We saw an opportunity to fine-tune a few areas of the design, really tailoring it to your bike's specific needs. And we've listened to the market's requests for ventilation holes since the 1190/1290 motor can sometimes run a bit on the warm side. You asked, and we made it happen. See more about our design improvements on our website by clicking on the following links: KTM 1190 Adventure - Standard & R KTM 1290 Super Adventure
  22. 1 review

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION MADE IN THE USA Made out of 6061-T6 aluminum, Titanium, Polycarbonate, stainless hardware and O-ringed. This offers a clean, leak proof cover that’s easy on and off, just like your stock cover. (No more than 10 Min. install time) -This cover is minimally thicker (overall height) than your stock cover which gives you room to install a Rekluse clutch. There is .375″ of protection in critical areas to prevent crash damage. -Also allows you to visually check for oil contamination when river crossings are often, or you have a tip over. (this is not a wet sump motor so this is not a sight glass for oil level). -This is an easy way to make sure your clutch bolts are not loosening up, catastrophic failure occurs when that happens. -Reuse your stock clutch cover gasket -Cover is fully rebuild-able if need be. -The stock cover may have a vibration dampener on the inside, this does not. Removal will not effect engine performance. -If any cover part should fail due to workmanship or materials, I will rebuild it with pre-paid return of item after inspection to original owner.
  23. You know, you think you know someone... I know the folks at AltRider pretty well but was surprised when I saw these new cylinder head guards for the water cooled boxers. Does anyone currently have these installed? I like them a lot.
  24. 1 review

    R&G Engine Case Covers are AMA Pro Racing approved. This R&G Racing Engine Case Cover is made from vacuum-formed thermoplastic and designed to fit the right hand side (RHS) crank case cover. Crafted from 4mm polypropylene for maximum ground clearance, durability and good looks, they compliment the R&G Crash Protectors perfectly. Lighter than the heavy protectors of the past, R&G Racing Engine Case Covers not only save weight, but can be quickly changed track side. The actual motorcycle engine case never has to be opened during install negating the need to replace gaskets or fluids. Simply remove a few bolts, snap the R&G Racing Engine Case Cover into place, and reinstall the original bolts. These could save you hundreds of dollars in the event of an accident ... Kit Includes: LHS (left hand side) engine case cover RHS (right hand side) engine case cover Installation instructions