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Found 35 results

  1. Doug Printz

    BMW R1200 GS LC (2014)


    Improved in all areas of performance and handling ..... Except - the combination of the lighter flywheel/crankshaft and wet clutch is going to take a looooong time to get used to.
  2. MikeyB

    BMW R1200 GS Adventure LC (2014)


    I love my BMW GS Adv. 'Nuff said. Best fun on two wheels since I had a sport bike. If anything my first thought when I bought it, as I rode away from the dealer, was "So THIS is what I'm missing out on."... Life is just different. And now my ZX10r sits in the garage, a proper race queen, having served me reliably for 27,000 miles... My GSA is not only my daily commute but my escape as well.
  3. 1 review

    The Antigraity Batteries YTZ10 is a direct replacement for the OEM version of the YTZ10s lead/acid battery found many models of motorcycles and powersport vehicles. It also replaces the YTX9 and YTX7A. It offers TWICE the power of the Lead/Acid version while saving about 6 pounds in weight. Great for those seeking extra power and massive weight savings. Also available in a lighter duty 8-Cell version for race use only, or lower CC bikes up to 600cc street use. Features Ultra-Lightweight and Powerful Lithium Nano-Phosphate Motorsport Battery Direct Replacement for the Lead/Acid YTZ10s model yet offers much better cranking amps and saving about 6 pounds! Can hold a charge up to a year provided there are no "Parasitic Drains" (accessories that draw power when the bike is off...such as alarms, ECUs, ipods, GPS , heated grips etc...) Built in the USA to high quality standards with large brass heavy duty terminal design. 3-Year Warranty----check manufactures website for details (antigravitybatteries.com) Best uses Excellent of every day use in bikes up to 1000cc Excellent for direct replacement. of Lead/Acid YTZ10s batteries for smaller CC vehicles. Excellent for Race vehicles up to 1300cc Excellent for use in Race Cars of 2000cc Technical Details 360 Cranking Amps- (Cranking Amps are the power the battery has) 12Ah (Pb Eq) - (Amp Hours are the Capacity of a Battery) Dimensions and Weight USA SIZE 5-7/8" Length x 3/7/16"" Depth x 3.75" hieght (Height is measured to the top of the Battery) USA WEIGHT 2lbs 4oz. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- METRIC SIZE 150mm Length x 87mm Depth x 93mm (Height is measured to the top of the Battery) METRIC WEIGHT 1 Kg
  4. Dragos Stefan

    KTM LED Indicator Set

    1 review

    DUKE 12-15 ENDURO R 08-16 SMC R 08-16 Conversion kit for stylish, modern LED turn signals.
  5. brian.havoc1

    KTM 950 Super Enduro R (2009)

    1 comment

    Still in honeymoon phase. Bike absolutely rips. An entirely new, raw experience compared to the R1200GS, and I'm still modding.
  6. 1 review

    Functions on Adventure models (1190/1290): (See notes below for 1050/1090 models) ABS mode "Offroad": The ABS function is only active on the front wheel (single-channel ABS). The rear wheel can lock at any time without ABS controlling the braking procedure. ABS mode "Off": The ABS function is switched off; it remains deactivated even after switching the ignition back on. The front wheel and rear wheel can lock at any time without the ABS controlling the braking procedure. Function "80 octane" (up to model year 2016): Reduced engine power for trips with lower fuel quality The 'OFFROAD PACK' 60600980000 is additionally required for the 1050/1090 ADVENTURE to be able to use the dongle. Functions on the Super Duke models (1290/1290GT) ABS mode "Supermoto": The ABS function is only active on the front wheel (single-channel ABS). The rear wheel can lock at any time without ABS controlling the braking procedure. ABS mode "Off": The ABS function is switched off; it remains deactivated even after switching the ignition back on. The front and rear wheels can lock at any time without ABS controlling the braking procedure. Functions for 2014+ LC4 models (690): ABS mode 1: The ABS function is only active on the front wheel (single-channel ABS). The rear wheel can lock at any time without ABS controlling the braking procedure. ABS mode 2: The ABS function is switched off; it remains deactivated even after switching the ignition back on. The front and rear wheels can lock at any time without ABS controlling the braking procedure. We carry the proper KTM Dongles for the correct bike in stock. Please choose from the model list below. NOTE: Your dash will now show 'Illegal' upon startup and all that is required upon startup from now on will be hitting the return key. We have no idea why it does this but it's minor compared to resetting everything every time and it kind of inspires us anyway.
  7. Daddy No Fun

    KTM 1290 Super Adventure (2015)


    Saying that I am in love with this bike would be an understatement. Out of all the motorcycles I have owned throughout the years, the 1290 SA has been my favorite. Modifications: Rottweiler Stage 3 Intake Kit Blackdog Skid Plate Cyclops LED Headlights Cyclops LED Lightbar Mosko Moto Backcountry Bags Blackdog Oil Cooler Guard Rottweiler Stage 2 SAS and Canister Delete Rottweiler CRG Mirros Rox Risers Sagent Custom Seats SW Motech Rear Master Cylinder Guard
  8. 0 reviews

    This is a pair of CNC machined bits of black anodized aluminum designed to mount a 6" rigid "bar" light just above your front fender, via the forks. http://blackdogcw.com/black-dog-shop/bike/bmw-r1200gs-lc/bdcw-premium-fork-light-kit-for-bmw-r1200gs-gsa-liquid-cooled-detail.html First off, let me say about the rigid light unit, go with "fog/wide": pattern, or "spot/narrow" pattern. The "hybrid" pattern is the bastard of the lineup. The 2 outer LED's on each side are "fog/wide", and on the 2 CENTER are "spot/narrow" They should sell this as a "fog+" rather than "hybrid", as the "spot/narrow" function is anemic and the "fog/wide" pattern dominates. Okay, enough of that. The BDCW mounts are sexy. If you don't think aluminum can be sexy, you haven't seen these. They are works of art. Each side separates into 2 pieces to make it easy to mount them on the forks, and then easy to get the Rigid 6" light in between. The BDCW product doesn't come with any instructions for mounting other than how to assemble the 2 halves(marked LEFT and RIGHT). Fitment of the mounts on the forks is "trial and error". The mounts need to be adjusted to clear the plastic radiator shrouds at full turn lock, but not so high that the light/beam pattern is compromised by the "beak". BDCW should provide better documentation, ideally with measurements, to make this easier. I'll add some more photos in a few days.
  9. zodillyicous

    Triumph Tiger 800 XC (2012)

    1 comment

    Great ride. Had a 2012 road that I started with and upgraded when I found a deal on a used XC. Larger front wheel and better suspension were huge. That said, the the stock suspension sucks for someone bigger than average. With some upgrades it has been a great dual sport and tourer.
  10. 1 review

    Finally, a production tail tidy for the KTM Adventure 950 and 990! This is unlike most tail tidys in the way that it is completely plug and play. Simply unplug and slide out the massive and ugly stock rear tail section and slide the Rottweiler Tail Tidy right in. Plug it in and that's it! Ultra bright integrated LED running lights, brake lights, turns signals and even the license plate light are integrated right into the frame. Totally water proof and ultra durable with a textured powder-coated finish. Want to retain your stock blinker lights if you are concerned about width legality in your area? No problem, simply remove your stock blinkers (2 nuts) and bolt them right up to the available tabs on the frame. Even that part is plug and play too! Just use the stock connector for the blinkers and our connector for the brake lights. Pre-wired plug and play straight to stock connectors. NO WIRING OR WIRING KNOWLEDGE NEEDED. All pin crimp ends are hand soldered for safety and durability. Ultra bright integrated LED lights. Even in the day time they are blindingly visable to ensure safe operation. License plate light, turn signals, running lights and brake lights integrated and sealed into the frame. Option to use your stock signals as well if legality of the width of the turn signals is a concern in your area. Ultra tough black textured powder-coated frame. (Identical to the black unpainted reat fenders found on 'R' models) 30 minute install. Hand made with care in the USA by Rottweiler Performance. Fits U.S. motorcycle Plate.
  11. 2 reviews

    Extremely bright even in day light. 30 degree long range focused beam allows you see far way or through the dark. Sleek design aluminum heat sync housing. Adjustable bracket makes changing direction of light beam easily. Waterproof, dust-proof, rust-proof, anti-corruption, spot beam for extreme conditions. 18 watt/each high powered LED will consume substantially less power compared to standard halogen lights.
  12. 1 review

    Inside Line Ideal for powering cell phones, GPS units, radar detectors, satellite radios, air compressors and other appliances that have an automotive cigarette plug. These cords are designed to reach from a Powerlet® 12V outlet into tankbags or saddlebags. They can also be mounted to the vehicle using simple ty-wraps or Velcro. Variety Makes For A Perfect Fit Built with riders in mind, Powerlet supplies the worlds largest selection of Powerlet outlet to cigarette socket adapter cables. Using straight plugs, right angle plugs, straight cords, coil cords, and single or dual +12VDC cigarette socket versions, there is a Powerlet adapter cable to fit your needs. Typical Applications Cell Phones GPS Units Radar Detectors Tire Inflators Satellite Radios Camcorders Music Systems PDA's Designed For A Lifestyle Powerlet simplifies the purchase and implementation of todays technologically advanced electronics by offering the most complete, expertly engineered, interconnects and appliances. This enables our customers to enjoy a lifestyle utilizing convenient modern electronics. Built For A Lifetime Powerlet seeks the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. All of these adapter cables are assembled and tested in the USA by people who like to ride. Quality components and attention to detail ensure Powerlet products resist wear and corrosion to last a lifetime.
  13. 2 reviews

    The future of power management is here. The PDM60 from Rowe Electronics replaces outdated fuse blocks on your motorcycle, without interfering with the CANBUS system of modern bikes. Easily add lights, power outlets, or any other electrical accessories with the PDM60. The PDM60 is built with components selected for superior power management capability and extended service life. It’s designed to provide years of superior, hassle-free performance. The unit is fully encapsulated to protect against rain, dust, and humidity. Whether you ride off the beaten path, or cross-country via interstate, these units are built to last under the harshest of conditions. The unit connects directly to your motorcycle battery -- efficiently dispersing and monitoring power to your electrical applications. It provides six separate circuits, totaling 60 amps, of load-handling capability. Each circuit on the unit has an adjustable output capacity (maximum 15 amp load rating), adjustable timing settings, and the ability to work with an external switch. Download the PDM60 dashboard software here to adjust the unit’s settings. Simplifies adding or removing aftermarket electrical devices/electronics to your motorcycle Simple to install and easy to use Connects directly to your motorcycle battery Offers six power circuits to handle your favorite gadgets and accessories Super bright LED indicators on the PDM60 keep you informed of the status of each circuit Eliminates the need to check or replace fuses Eliminates the need to install relays to power high amperage applications
  14. Nate J.

    Yamaha Super Tenere (2012)

    1 comment

    I've been riding for for about 28 years on many different genres of bikes - from dirt, to cruiser, to crotch rocket. I have to say, this bike is by far the best I have had the pleasure of owning and riding. It's versatility, quality, and capability coupled with it's reasonable price point make it a win win!
  15. 1 review

    Looking for a simple, cost effective way to richen the fuel mixture on your stock bike or those with exhaust/air cleaner upgrades? Nightrider.com's Patented lambda shift technology has been updated and improved. A simple LED display provides Rider feedback on the fuel mixture range at the O2 sensor A single dial is used to set the target closed loop AFR Simple Plug-n-Play installation Most Riders only make minor upgrades to their bikes, like exhaust and air cleaner changes, or leave the bike completely stock. Within the scope of these modifications, modern closed loop ECMs are capable of maintaining OEM fuel ratio's. While this ability to correct the fuel mixture will prevent an engine from technically becoming leaner than OEM specifications, it often exaggerates the annoying habits the stock bike exhibited. Low RPM Engine Surge Poor Throttle Response Tendency towards Engine Ping Excessive Engine/Exhaust heat are some of the common complaints of OEM tuning with or without exhaust and/or air cleaner upgrades. Some fine tuning of the fuel mixture and adding 2>9% proportional fuel across the RPM/Load range will reduce or eliminate these situations for the average Rider. The AF-XIED specifically was designed to do this. Using the AF-XIED to fine tune the closed loop fuel mixture using proven lambda shift technology is as simple as it can be. The AF-XIED plugs in between the OEM O2 sensor and motorcycle wiring harness using our Harness Adapter The AF-XIED plugs into the Harness Adapter Set the AFR Dial on the AF-XIED Tie Wrap the AF-XIED and Harness Adapter into place You are ready to Ride
  16. 0 reviews

    Neutrino is something completely new, and represents the next generation of electrical power distribution and control systems for motorcycles. Neutrino is a small, waterproof, ruggedized module that uses a microprocessor to both configure and control 6 circuits, with a total capacity of 60 amps. The system uses programmable, self-resetting circuit breakers, easy to use screw terminals, has both power and ground connections, includes an ambient temperature probe, and a remote USB connector. Neutrino is both configurable and controllable via a smart phone. This is a breakthrough in that you are no longer dependent on a PC to configure the system. If you're out on a ride and decide that you really want to keep the iPod charging circuit on for 45 minutes after you shut your bike down, it's no sweat. There are a wealth of configuration options including: circuit name circuit breaker limits circuit memory whether the circuit is variable or switched post-shutdown circuit behavior (ignition, timed, voltage) voltage alarm But it doesn't end there. Neutrino goes well beyond power distribution to also allow you to fully control 6 circuits. Essentially, Neutrino replaces up to 6 switches and variable controllers (any combination) with a sophisticated graphical user interface on your smart phone. No more need to buy all those switches and controllers. No more need to find places to locate them. No more need to route all those wires all over your bike. Neutrino replaces all of that. And it gets better yet. Neutrino also offers a really useful suite of information, including: time speed voltage amperage heading ambient temperature altitude your location on a map Neutrino connects to your phone via state of the art Bluetooth 4 Low Energy, which is supported by all recent smart phones. Best of all, Neutrino works flawlessly with your other smart phone applications. Want to listen to some tunes, get GPS directions, and take a call through your Bluetooth helmet. No problem. Neutrino will do all of that while concurrently providing you with real-time information about your bike's electrical system and allowing you full control over your electrical devices….and providing a wealth of environmental data. This state of the art product was not only designed in the USA, but it's made here as well. The initial rollout of the product currently supports Apple iOS 7 on the iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, and 5S. Android support is expected later on this year.
  17. Doug Printz

    Clearwater Erica Lights

    1 review

    These new lights produce a whopping 6000+ lumens each! New state of the art electronics and technology operating 6 high power LED's in durable CNC machined aluminum housings each delivering tremendous light output with a very modest power level of only 60 Watts on high. Designed for extreme lighting needs on virtually any vehicle. The proprietary Clearwater dimmer controlls the Ericas just like all the other great Clearwater models. You can even use your factory high beam or horn switch to control these lights and take them up to 100% power. The perfect solution for adventure riders around the world. If these lights don't brighten up your path NOTHING WILL! Optional Amber lenses are available. Specifications > 60 watts consumption each (on high). > > 3.73" diameter. > 6000+ lumens each. > 17 ounces. > > Wiring harness included. > Super high power. > Custom tooled optics. > CNC machined. > Made in the U.S.A.
  18. 1 review

    Full review can be found here: Cyclops Light Bar review at Cafe Racer Podcast This KTM 1090/1190/1290 ADV Kit offers our extremely popular combo beam light bar in a plug and play kit for the Big KTM. This does not fit the 2017 1290R, that product will be available shortly. Get your auxiliary light in a compact package that is out of the way and really does the job. Features 25-degree beam patterns in the outer two emitters, and 10-degree beam patterns in the center 4 emitters for great distance and field lighting. Operates from the factory high beam switch. - Plug and Play - 3000 Lumens - Color Temperature: 5800K - IP68 Rated - Lifetime Warranty Dimmable option available. Dim your LED light bar from off to 100% in 10% increments, all from the factory high beam switch.
  19. 0 reviews

    The large 10° optic in the DX maximizes the distance you can see down the road by concentrating a spot beam pattern at the center of the road. The DX is ideal for night riding in on/off road conditions where maximum beam distance is desired. Consuming only 10 watts of power per lamp, the Denali DX lights throw a blazing beam of light 695 feet down the road in front of you. That’s over 4 times further than your typical motorcycle high beam. Specs: > Pod Size: 3” square x 3.75” long > LED: (1x) 10 Watt CREE XM-L2 > Beam Distance: 695’ > Input Voltage: 12v DC > Power Draw: 1.5 amps per pair > Intensity: Dual > Beam Angle: 10° > Waterproof: IP-68 (full immersion at 6.6ft for 60 minutes) > Mount: Universal M8 Dual Intensity Technology The Denali DX lights are equipped with a dual intensity LED and harness to create the ideal lighting solution for on and off road riders who want an uncompromised beam of light illuminating the road in front of them. These lights are so bright, we developed dual intensity technology so you can use your existing hi/low beam switch to select half intensity brightness when passing oncoming. The lights can also be wired independent of your high/low beam switch to run at full intensity all the time. It’s up to you! All Denali LED lights are housed in a rugged waterproof aluminum housing (submersible up to 3 meters underwater). Our LED’s boasts an average life span of 50,000 hours; that’s 6 years without ever being shut off! Yes, we went overboard. It’s what we do. Making our light kits easy to mount and install to your motorcycle is a top priority for us. Every light kit includes a universal M8 mounting bracket and detailed wiring diagrams that are simple and easy to understand. An included waterproof switch allows the lights to be shut off at any time. Bike specific light mounts are also available for many popular bike models. What's in the Box: > 2x DX LED light pods with 10° beam pattern > Wiring Harness with Relay and Lighted Switch > 2x M8 (8mm) mounting brackets > Installation instructions > Allen wrench
  20. 1 review

    http://www.motobatt.com/ Factory sealed, valve regulated, maintenance-free design eliminates damage from acid spills and corrosion; environmentally safe Patented top, front and side connection terminal design provide easy multiple terminal installations, increased power flow, long terminal connection strength and durability Heavy cast positive and negative full frame grids provide the highest amp hour and cranking amps and the lowest self-discharge rates for successful high voltage off-season storage Large over the partition straps and welds increase durability, power output, and life Patented recessed quad terminal cover design facilitates multi-terminal fitment for accessory cable fitment
  21. Eric Hall

    Motobrain PDU

    0 reviews

    Motobrain So, what is it? The Motobrain PDU (power distribution unit) is a small form factor, next generation power distribution unit. You can install the PDU in your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, boat, or pretty much anything that runs on a 12V DC system. The PDU will supply power to any sort of accessory, like aux lights, heated gear, pumps, fans, relays, or DC motors. What’s really amazing is that the PDU will pair to your mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth 4, so you can monitor, program, and even control everything right from your touchscreen. The PDU also supports switch installations so you also have the option of controlling circuits via a dash mounted toggle switch, button, or rheostat. Motobrain allows you to wire vehicles a whole new way. It is like networking for your vehicle’s electrical components. Similar to adding a circuit breaker box and home automation system to your vehicle. It also reduces reliance on fuses by creating current limited circuits that will shut down automatically in case of an over-current situation. Capabilities: Eight 15A circuits with PWM 100A maximum current Fixed 20A maximum transient current Programmable over-current protection on all outputs Real-time telemetry via Bluetooth 4 System voltage Total current Channel current Channel PWM Channel current limit Channel status Programmable default output behavior Turn on outputs based on key, ignition, or low voltage Turn off outputs based on key, ignition, low voltage, or high voltage Modulate output duty cycle to create pulsing effects System wide over current circuit priority 8 programmable analog signal inputs Can behave as a digital or analog input Digital input can sense GND, 12V, or disconnected Analog input can sense any voltage between 0V and 20V Turn outputs on or off Delayed output turn on after signal Toggle outputs Adjust output PWM in steps Link output PWM to input voltage linearly or logarithmically How does it work? Power distribution – The PDU has 8 independent positive voltage outputs. Each circuit is rated at 15A @ 12V continuous current and the total nominal load the PDU can source is 100A @ 12V. To install, you only need to connect the PDU to your battery’s two terminals, connect a wire from each Motobrain output to the positive terminal of your accessories, and then make sure everything has a good connection to ground. In this way, only one wire for each accessory needs to come back to the PDU. This helps keep the the installation tidy. We suggest you install ground bars to terminate your accessory grounds in groups rather than bringing each individually back to the negative terminal on the battery. Again, to keep the install tidy. Hardware control – This device supports non-radio control methods. We have developed input circuitry that can sense when the input is pulled to either ground, 12V, or left disconnected. It can also sense any arbitrary voltage when in analog input mode. The PDU interprets these signals and performs actions you program via a Bluetooth device. Eight signal inputs are available for you to design into your own electrical system. This allows you to link circuits logically while keeping them electrically isolated. You can even link the status of one circuit to the status of several others. For example, you can connect the horn and the high beams to two of the Motobrain inputs and then tell the Motobrain to turn on the auxiliary lights when the high beams are turned on and to flash the auxiliary lights when the horn is activated. In this way, with the installation of four wires (two signal and two power) you have created a way to operate auxiliary lights without adding a new switch and have created a safety system by making my vehicle easier to see when the horn is activated. Other input setup ideas: Attaching an input to the low fuel light circuit and turning on a pump to pump fuel far an auxiliary tank automatically as the fuel is low. Using a simple rheostat as way to arbitrarily adjust voltage to an input and link that voltage to the current that flows through the output. In that way I can install a simple knob that controls the current flowing through a device without running any current through the knob. Install a switch on your dash that toggles circuits on and off. Activate a relay linking in a spare battery when the system voltage is low. Replacing the entire electrical system of classic cars. Activating an air horn with your standard horn switch if your OEM horn is pressed for an extended period of time. Automatically turn off accessories when the battery is low. Automatically turn on fog lights when the wench is powered so you can see what you are doing. Add a photo diode to your setup and you can turn circuits on based on ambient lighting conditions. Add a temperature sensor and turn on a fuel line heater to prevent your diesel from freezing in the winter time. Bluetooth connectivity – You can pair a Bluetooth Low Energy 4 device with the PDU using the MotoBrain app for iOS or Android. The connection allows you to have control of your PDU at your fingertip. Using the app you can turn items on, off, or dim via pulse width modulation (PWM, as applicable). The BT4 connection allows you to have visual, real-time feedback on the status of all accessories controlled by the PDU. This is also how to program the device inputs and setup default input and output settings. Real time telemetry – In addition to seeing everything that is receiving power from the PDU, the PDU will also keep you informed as to how much current is being used per channel and the current system voltage (which can inform you of battery problems). This is great information to have if you have a limited current capacity on your vehicle (like on some motorcycles). You can even setup the device to turn off low priority circuits automatically if the total current draw is too high. There is an API available so you can write your own client software. Some prospective customers have even expressed an interest in writing software to log their Motobrain telemetry data in remote data centers over cellular networks and even use the Motobrain as a remote reset tool for sensor packs running in their commercial vehicles. Where can I install this? We have tried very hard to keep the size as small as possible. The PDU is made of two PCBs stacked on top of one another, one for power distribution and one for processing and BT4 radio. When mated together the assembly is about the size of a deck of cards. You can mount the PDU in tight spots by cable ties, or hard mounting through the mounting tabs. The unit is 100% encapsulated in an epoxy resin and is waterproof so mounting in exposed locations is no problem. Safety Safety is an important thing to consider when designing any electrical system, this is especially true in vehicles. While Motobrain provides four types of over-current protection there is still a chance that a catastrophic failure could create an unprotected system. Fuses must be used to create a fail safe environment. They should be placed between each Motobrain output and the loads as well as between Motobrain and the negative battery terminal. With regard to the output fuses, we are relying on Motobrain to provide the first level of protection so we can select a fuse size that will only blow should Motobrain fail. In all cases we want to use a fuse that will blow before the load or wires catch fire. Motobrain’s negative wire only provides a path to ground for Motobrain itself (its current draw is <35mA). A 500mA fuse will suffice between the negative battery terminal and the Motobrain. It is important that we remember that wire has only so much current carrying capacity and we should follow best practices. This is true for all the nodes of the circuit. Remember that all the current flows from the positive battery terminal through one wire to Motobrain and it needs to be able to handle that current load. Size matters here and you may be surprised by the size of wire you require! Check the specification.