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Found 68 results

  1. 1 review

    Hurricane 20L & 40L Waterproof Backpack/Tail Pack • LIFETIME WARRANTY • 100% waterproof, all seams are electronically heat welded • Made from durable UV Coated 24oz Tarpaulin PVC • Water tight roll closure with quick release buckles • Bag can seal in 2 different closure methods, over the top or down the sides • Extra-large buckle ensures roll stays closed in all environments • Air purge valve makes for compression easy • Reflective webbing and external bungee storage system • Inner sleeve to hold most folders, notebooks, tablets and up to 15” laptops • Included quick release buckles convert bags into the perfect waterproof tail packs • Removable MOLLE panel is reversible with waterproof document/map pocket • Integrated front pocket to hold optional hydration bladder (CL-HYDRO-S not included) • 2 Side mesh pockets large enough to hold 30 Oz. fuel bottles (Bottles not included) • Backpack straps are 3-way adjustable and padded for comfort • Padded back panel with airflow system • Dimensions: 20L 12.75”L x 4.75”W x 23.75”H 40L 12.75”L x 6”W x 31.5”H
  2. 1 review

    Klamath Tail Rack Pack $109.00 NEW 2018 PRICE! Was $170 – Now Just $109 (includes waterproof Dry Pod liner) “The Klamath works great. I keep it packed with all my tools and transfer it to whatever bike I’m riding. I even flew to Canada with it.” — Quinn Cody Like a tank bag for the rear of the motorcycle, the low-profile Klamath Tail Rack Pack keeps gear organized and easily accessible, securing to virtually any motorcycle tail rack, Giant Loop’s Siskiyou Panniers, many fender designs — as well as integrating with Giant Loop’s MoJavi Saddlebag. The 4-liter soft luggage case features a zipper-less nested clamshell design inspired by classic motorcycle rally racing packs. Includes waterproof inner liner Dry Pod. Made in USA and constructed with military-spec materials, the Klamath Tail Rack Pack is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Mounting options include 2 Forward Tension Mounting Straps (36″ adjustable/removable), 4 Fender/Rack Hook Mounting Straps and 1 Webbing Mounting Strap (36″). Riders can use various combinations to suit a broad spectrum of motorcycle make/models, and tail rack designs. The Klamath Tail Rack Pack also can used in conjunction with Giant Loop’s MoJavi Saddlebag, mounting in top center position.
  3. 0 comments

    I'm Super Pumped like Ryan Dungey! 😂
  4. 0 comments

    Saying that I am in love with this bike would be an understatement. Out of all the motorcycles I have owned throughout the years, the 1290 SA has been my favorite. Modifications: Rottweiler Stage 3 Intake Kit Blackdog Skid Plate Cyclops LED Headlights Cyclops LED Lightbar Mosko Moto Backcountry Bags Blackdog Oil Cooler Guard Rottweiler Stage 2 SAS and Canister Delete Rottweiler CRG Mirros Rox Risers Sagent Custom Seats SW Motech Rear Master Cylinder Guard
  5. 1 review

    replacement for OEM plastic heel guards, made of 5 mm aluminum AlMg3, powder coated to matte black, perfect strapping points for rack-less bags (Mosko Moto Reckles 40andReckless 80; KriegaOverlander 30; AltriderHemisphere Saddlebag; WolfmanRolie Saddle Bag system,E-12 Saddle Bags,Enduro Daytripper Saddle Bags,Enduro Dry Saddle Bags,Enduro UltraLite Saddle bags; Giant loop saddlebags etc.) all edges chamfered by machine - no sharp edges, button head bolts used - your boots are safe, high quality mounting hardware provided - 10.9 grade zinc coated bolts, small and large washers, easy installation using standard tools, no modification required, price is for pair (left and right).
  6. 1 review

    Item #: 1015829 SW-MOTECH Alu-Rack Luggage Rack KTM 690 Enduro / R The SW-MOTECH Alu-Rack Luggage Racks are the most rugged and stylish solutions to your top luggage needs. The welds on the racks are EN certified to the same standards as those found on European rail vehicles, so you know they're rugged. Each top plate is CNC-machined from aluminum, and is designed specifically for each motorcycle for the perfect fit. That, combined with the low profile rack support arms, makes the Alu-Racks the best looking top case racks on the market. With the addition of luggage-specific adapter kits (sold separately), these racks can be used with luggage such as Givi Monokey, Givi Monolock, SW-MOTECH TraX Alu-Box, SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock EVO Tankbag and Hepco-Becker. Features: Durable black powder-coated finish Aluminum construction Includes all necessary installation hardware Max load: 11lbs Installation Instructions
  7. 1 review

    Details The Tusk Aluminum Pannier Boxes are designed and manufactured to handle the most extreme adventure motorcycling. These panniers are loaded with features to offer an unbeatable value! These panniers are made from durable yet lightweight aluminum with a tough silver or black powder-coated finish. Not only do they look great, but they prevent the items you store from getting the black residue produced when rubbed against unfinished aluminum. Unique design that eliminates seams on the back two vertical edges (weak spots on other panniers), and all existing welded seams are reinforced with internal stitch welds. For security and convenience, the boxes come complete with 4 (2 on each box) matched locks and keys already assembled on the latches! A rubber gasket at the top of the box ensures the lid is tight and waterproof. Each lid comes complete with 4 bolt-on footman loops to secure additional items. Each Large box is 37 Liters and measures 15 ½" tall, 9 ¼" deep, and 18" wide. The Medium boxes are 27 Liters each and measure 14 ¼" tall, 7 ½" deep, and 16 ¼" wide. This is a complete kit with all the mounting hardware to outfit your bike for the next adventure. Complete kit with a pair of Aluminum Panniers and Pannier Racks with all the hardware for mounting. Durable aluminum panniers that offer an unbeatable value for adventure motorcycling. Powder-coated finish looks great and protects items from unfinished aluminum "blacking". Seamless rear vertical edge design and reinforced welding ensures strength. Complete with 4 (2 on each box) matched locks and keys assembled on the latches. Aluminum lid is completely waterproof and features 4 bolt-on footman loops to secure additional items. Each Large Box is 37 Liters and measures 15 ½" tall, 9 ¼ deep, and 18" wide. A pair of boxes gives you 74 Liters of storage. Each Medium Box is 27 Liters and measures 14 ¼" tall, 7 ½" deep, and 16 ¼" wide. A pair of boxes gives you 54 Liters of storage. Aluminum is .085" thick and each Large pannier weighs a little over 11 lbs., while each Medium pannier weighs just under 9.5 lbs. Pannier racks feature cable operated Quick Release pins. Durable Powder coated steel construction.
  8. 0 reviews

    Enduristan Blizzard L Today we are testing the Enduristan Blizzard saddlebag set. This set was designed by Enduristan to fit on almost every enduro or mid-sized adventure bike. Not requiring a pannier rack, it doesn’t make the bike a lot wider. Enduristan gave the shape of the bags some attention so it doesn’t bother you in your riding position or experience. Also, Enduristan thought about the fact that plastic melts. With their Inferno heat shield to mount on your exhaust. Your Blizzard will not melt Because it is made by a high-grade TPU, it’s easy to repair when you do manage to rip it. Enduristan also provides in that. You can buy a luggage repair kit for about 17 euro’s and this will include: What I had to take. some TPU patches needles and thread male-/ female buckles some straps glue Features: The Enduristan Blizzard is made completely out of 1000D TPU and this makes it amazingly abrasion proof. Its triple layer system ensures that the bag stays waterproof even if the outer and middle layer are punctured. This middle layer is made out of a strong nylon mesh which stretches at impact to made the Blizzard extremely tear resistant. All the buckles on the Enduristan gear are of the ‘Family’ brand and this makes for ultra-high combinability for all the products. This also means the buckles are interchangeable and this way, easy to replace. The red inner liner makes it very easy to spot any pieces of gear left in the bag. It also shows you well if there is any dirt in there. If there is, you can just clean out the bag with some water and a mild soap. Enduristan tests their gear to the limit and this is what they did with the Blizzard. They take it everywhere with their sports team and test it in cold, hot, mud, snow and wet conditions. closure: The bag has 4 compression straps to make sure that everything on top is buttoned down and waterproof. mounting: What I managed to get in It’s very easy to mount with a hook strap that you’ll have to mount somewhere on the back of your bike and straps for the passenger foot peg system. Because the Enduristan Blizzard is in the saddlebag class. There are two combo straps running from the left bag to the right. These are kind of tricky to adjust because of the dual slider system. But you’ll get the hang of it pretty quick. Now tighten everything and you’re done! Attachments: It’s even possible to attach more gear because of a series of attachment points. There are two rows of cargo loops on the bag and another mounting point for the Enduristan 6.5 Base packs to create instant 6.5 litre more stowage space. Weighting: The Enduristan Blizzard L weighs in at around the 3-5 kg’s but the straps and buckles are tested for 225kg! For a soft luggage system which doesn’t need a rack to support it, this is quite impressive. SIZE VOLUME LENGTH WIDTH HEIGTH S 2 x 6 Liter 36 cm 2 x 9 cm 24 cm M 2 x 8.5 Liter 36 cm 2 x 12.5 cm 24 cm L 2 x 12 ter 36 cm 2 x 18 cm 24 cm Verdict: This all makes the Blizzard a real good and adventure ready piece of soft luggage gear. For a long tour it might not cater to all your needs because of the 24 litre capacity in basic form. Unless you are the kind of rider that enjoys roughing it of course Even then you get some creature comforts with the possibility to add the Base Packs.Verdict: For me, considering I almost always tour 2-up, going with the Enduristan Monsoon 3 pannier bags make more sense. So I’ll be testing those puppies down the road! VIDEO REVIEW: VIDEO REVIEW ENDURISTAN BLIZZARD
  9. 0 reviews

    PMR side utility racks are great for strapping down your soft luggage and keeping it off the rear plastics and exhaust pipe, while adding plenty of new tie down points for any luggage you have on your seat or tail section. They also add an enhanced level of security and strength to the rear end of your motorcycle in the event of a tip over or crash. Sold as a pair. Easy to Install Complete with all necessary mounting hardware Fabricated with 1/2 inch steel tubing, MIG welded Finished with a semi gloss black industrial grade powder coat Comes with left and right side racks, each side weighs 2 lbs Will not fit on 2011 and older V-Strom 650, or any year V-Strom 1000 Bearded-vstromrider review: Technically easy to install, but takes some elbow grease. Solid build and good welding, powder coat is very scratch resistant Racks provide a good solid base and do not resonate or vibrate light weight. Complete review availlable HERE on 19 June 2017
  10. 1 review

    Inspired by the hydration packs we use for backcountry skiing and mountain biking, we set out to design a completely different kind of tank bag. Meet: the Nomad! After talking to hundreds of riders around the world, and combining that input with our own personal wants and needs, we decided that, rather than start with a traditional ‘toaster’ shape, we would divide the Nomad’s space into six vertical layers, each with its own specific mission. We compiled a massive list of the things people store in their tank bags and found the majority of the items on the list were very small. A vertical layout maximizes the utilization of space without making the bag too tall. The top layer of the Nomad features three columns of MOLLE webbing, which can be used to mount an included waterproof map pocket, or other MOLLE-compatible items that you might want quick access to. For example, it’s a great place to store a MOLLE-compatible multi-tool, fixed blade knife, or protective cell phone holder. MOLLE webbing enables you to customize the rider-facing top layer of the Nomad to suit your individual travel style. Some riders like a map pocket, some riders don’t. Below the MOLLE webbing, the next layer is an expandable beavertail. If you already have some of our other bags, then you know just how handy a beavertail can be. On the Nomad, the beavertail serves as a quick-stash spot for things like sunglasses, gloves, snacks, or even a small DSLR camera. If you use it for your DSLR, we provided webbing loops on the beavertail side bellows, so you can clip the D-rings on your camera case directly to the bag. Inside of the beavertail we added a pocket for a Delorme InReach or SPOT beacon, and there’s even a gated clip to hold your GPS/camera/InReach lanyards so nothing tumbles out when the bike goes down. The third layer zips back into your lap, and is specifically designed for small-item organization: things like charging cables, pens, change, batteries, earplugs, chapstick, passport, and bike documents. There are six mesh pockets, three elastic cable holders, two pen holders, and a fleece-lined glasses pocket. No more tangled soup of miscellaneous items floating around in the bottom of your tank bag, everything has a home. The next layer is a large open compartment, featuring plenty of space for bulkier items like extra maps, spare gloves, wallet, CCW, and food. There are two large mesh pockets (one with side-walls and one flat), which are available if you need them, but compress out of the way if you don’t. Also, for contact lens wearers, on the foam-reinforced sidewall there’s a removable lens case holder, which can be rotated to keep the cases vertical depending on the orientation of the bag. Under the main compartment, accessible from a pocket at the bottom of the bag, there’s a long, flat pocket that accommodates a 1.8L Platypus hydration reservoir, which is included with the bag. In warmer climates and on long distance trips, it’s really nice to relocate the weight of your drinking water from your back to the tank. If you’d rather keep the Nomad as tight as possible to the bike, and/or if you’d like to maximize space in the main compartment, you can remove the reservoir and store it elsewhere on the bike. With the hydration reservoir removed, there’s a large patch of hook/loop Velcro in this pocket, which is also a convenient spot for a CCW. The sixth and final layer of the Nomad houses a quick-stash spot for two sewn-on, crushable backpack straps. Simply un-clip the Nomad from the bike, pull out the backpack straps, clip them to the D-rings at the bottom of the bag, and the Nomad converts into a fully functioning hydration pack. The side straps, which normally connect the Nomad to the bike, now become your waist strap. We use these backpack straps on dualsport trips all the time, from morning hikes to running errands around town. And the best part is that the Nomad doesn’t look or feel like a ‘tank bag on your back.’ It looks and feels like a real backpack. The Nomad includes a waterproof rain cover, with a welded-seam top panel and sealed seams on the side, to keep all your belongings dry even in a heavy downpour. There’s a stash-spot for the rain cover on the top of the bag, and a clip to keep it connected to the Nomad so it doesn’t get lost. After two years of work, and so much input from the riding community, we’ve tried our best to design the ultimate adventure touring tank bag. We hope you agree! Notes: Due to the Nomad’s long torso, it may not fit on smaller bikes or bikes without a front gas tank. This is a brand new bag, so we’ll be learning a lot about which bikes it fits on and which it doesn’t. We specifically designed the Nomad to sit much farther forward on the bike than a typical tank bag. It’s not uncommon for the top of the bag to extend over the handlebars on some bikes. We recommend rigging it as far forward as possible. The Nomad expands & contracts as needed. If you prefer a tight fitting tank bag with a low profile, remove the hydration reservoir and map pocket, and cinch it down tight to the bike. For more capacity, take full advantage of the beavertail.
  11. 1 review

    Nelson Rigg Deluxe Adventure Motorcycle Dry Saddlebags Deluxe Adventure Motorcycle Dry Saddlebags SE-3050-BLK & SE-3050-YEL LIFETIME WARRANTY All saddlebag mounting hardware is aircraft grade aluminum. NO breakable plastic buckles 100% waterproof motorcycle saddlebags, All seams are electronically heat welded Includes 2 lightweight saddlebag liners to easily remove and pack contents Removable stiffeners allow the saddlebags to hold their shape when empty Firm internal back plate helps support saddlebags Replaceable pads helps protect saddlebags from rubbing on your motorcycle rack Compression straps can also be used to mount optional Nelson-Rigg dry roll bags Each saddlebags securely mounts to your motorcycle using 4 quick release cam buckles and double pull straps Made from waterproof and durable 24oz tarpaulin PVC UV Coated outer material cleans easily Easily mounts to Motorcycles, PWC and snowmobiles Available in Black (SE-3050-BLK), Yellow/Black (SE-3050-YEL) Main compartment measures: 15”L x 8”W x 14”H Holds 27.53 Liters per side
  12. 1 review

    The AltRider sport touring soft panniers are designed for paved road riding only. For off-road riding conditions, check out our other line of soft panniers here. With approximately 125 liters of storage space, AltRider Hemisphere sport touring soft panniers are perfect for a weekend getaway or cross-country trek. Designed for larger adventure and sport touring motorcycles, the Hemisphere soft panniers are 100% waterproof and dust-proof when used correctly. Custom aluminum tension hooks, along with ballistic webbing and metal cam lock buckles, create a fully secure attachment to any bike. This mounting system also allows you to quickly and easily remove the luggage from the bike. A removable top kit offers 28 liters of storage space, and is fastened with 2 metal cam-lock buckles and 1” webbing. The rugged design of the custom cam-lock buckles won’t allow any movement of the straps, regardless of riding conditions. The cam-lock strap system can also be used to secure a multitude of other items, including RotopaX fuel packs. Both side compartments of the Hemisphere soft panniers are designed to keep the contents dry in the most extreme riding conditions. Custom removable 34 liter dry bags with a roll top closure fit inside a compartment with an additional roll-top closure -- creating a double barrier that is impervious to the elements. The dry bags are perfect for your items that need to stay completely dry -- clothes, sleeping bags, electronics, etc. Because these items are lightweight, they can be stored high on the bike without sacrificing handling. Included compression straps keep the load close to the bike when the road gets rough. The soft panniers also feature lower compartments with removable 15 liter dry bags for storing heavier essentials -- tools, camp stoves or other hefty items. Storing these heavier items closer to the ground maintains the handling of the motorcycle, while protecting your lighter items from accidental damage. The included dry bags are constructed from waterproof and dust-proof vinyl coated polyester. Seams are fully-taped and sewn using military spec stitching. Dry bag inserts feature a roll top closure that is secured with burly 1.5” Delrin buckles -- fully isolating the contents from the elements, and allowing easy opening and closing even with gloves on. Reflective logos on either side of the bag improve visibility and safety in low-light and nighttime riding conditions. Please Note: Hemisphere Soft Panniers feature a unique design based on which side of the motorcycle your exhaust is located. Left and right side exhausts are asymmetrical and will have a slightly smaller pannier on the exhaust side. Bikes that feature exhaust in the center or on both sides will have panniers of equal size. These layouts are intended to prevent the panniers from contacting the exhaust. Hemisphere soft panniers are designed to work with an existing ‘hoop style’ side rack. Check with your OEM for available options. AltRider motorcycles accessories are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA 100% waterproof and dust-proof when used correctly 125 liter overall capacity 1 top kit dry bag -- approx. 28 liters 2 removable dry bags for the upper compartments -- approx. 34 liters each 2 custom dry bags for the lower compartments on each bottom side of the pannier -- approx. 15 liters each Designed to work with existing hoop style rack Easily accessible compartments Removable top kit secured with unique cam-lock strap design Next generation design maintains handling by keeping weight low 1050D ballistic nylon, sewn over vinyl coated polyester Hard plastic stiffeners in base layer provide strong stable platform to keep gear in place securely Dry bags constructed with military grade threads, fully taped seams and 1.5” Delrin buckles High Visibility reflective logos improve safety in low light and night time riding conditions
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    My wife and I purchased this bike brand new and we absolutely love it.
  14. 0 reviews

    The Stinger 22L is an incredibly versatile welded-seam roll-top drybag designed to be mounted as a tail/fender bag on smaller bikes, or as a topper on hard-sided panniers and/or top boxes. It also turns into a backpack, in case you need a daypack for hiking into a hot spring, or making a quick trip to town for supplies. The backpack straps stash away in a flat external pocket, and clip to two d-rings on the bottom of the bag. The Stinger 22 has a document pocket on the front with a water resistant zipper, and 4 loop cutouts on the outside of the pocket for attaching things like carabiners or a leatherman. It has strap pass-throughs on the side of the bag (we recommend either the Backcountry Cinch Strap or the Simple Cinch Strap), so you don't have to worry about the bag squeezing out from under your straps in bumpy terrain. The Stinger 22L also works great inside our Reckless 80L harness.
  15. 1 review

    The Scout 60 Duffle, our biggest duffle, is a welded-seam roll-top drybag designed to be mounted on a rear luggage rack. We loaded this bag up with every moto-specific feature we could think of. It quickly converts to a comfortable backpack, complete with padded shoulder straps, an internal stiffener, a waist belt, and a sternum strap. The backpack straps are handy if you breakdown in the middle of nowhere and need to hike out, or when navigating an airport or border crossing on fly-to-ride trips. They're also handy if you need to get your gear to an upstairs hotel room in a single trip. The backpack straps stash flat in an external pocket, and clip to two d-rings on the bottom of the bag. The Scout 60 Duffle includes a unique beavertail with a waterproof map pocket on one side and 5 columns of MOLLE webbing on the other, so you can expand and customize this bag with an assortment optional MOLLE accessories like fuel bottle holders or a hydration sleeve. The beavertail also provides a convenient place to tuck a jacket during the day, or to store wet/dirty things like a rainfly, tarp, or towel. The Scout 60 has side cinch strap pass-throughs (we recommend our Backcountry Cinch Strap) so you don't have to worry about your bag squeezing out to the side of the bike in bumpy terrain. There's an internal stiffener to prevent it from drooping over the side of your bike and burning on the exhaust. The Scout includes a comfortable, padded shoulder strap that stashes away under the beavertail when it's not in use. There are four comfortable, padded carry handles. The Scout Duffle also includes a 20L seam-sealed Drysak, so you can keep dirty/damp clothing, shoes, and other items separate from the rest of your clean/dry belongings. It also has two internal end-pockets with velcro flap closures for storing small items like a headlamp or toothbrush.
  16. 0 reviews

    The Scout 25 is a welded-seam roll-top drybag designed to be mounted on a rear luggage rack or as a topper for hard-sided panniers and/or top boxes. It also converts into a comfortable backpack, complete with padded shoulder straps, a waist belt, and a sternum strap. The backpack straps are handy if you breakdown and need to hike out, or when navigating an airport or border crossing on fly-to-ride trips. They're also handy when you need to get all your gear to an upstairs hotel room in a single trip. The backpack straps stash flat in an external pocket, and clip to two d-rings on the bottom of the bag. The Scout 25 Duffle includes a unique beavertail with a waterproof map pocket on one side and 5 columns of MOLLE webbing on the other, so you can expand and customize this bag with an assortment of optional MOLLE accessories like fuel bottle holders or a hydration sleeve. The beavertail also provides a convenient place to tuck a jacket during the day, or to store wet/dirty things like a rainfly, tarp, or towel. The Scout 25 has side cinch strap pass-throughs (we recommend our Backcountry Cinch Strap) so you don't have to worry about your bag squeezing out to the side of the bike in bumpy terrain. There's an internal stiffener to prevent it from drooping over the side of your bike and burning on the exhaust. The Scout includes a comfortable, padded shoulder strap that stashes away under the beavertail when it's not in use. There are two comfortable, padded carry handles at the ends of the bag, and two webbing handles on the side. The Scout Duffle also includes a 20L seam-sealed Drysak, so you can keep dirty/damp clothing, shoes, and other items separate from the rest of your clean/dry belongings. It also has two internal end-pockets with velcro flap closures for storing small items like a headlamp or toothbrush.
  17. 0 reviews

    Our small MOLLE bag works great on the side or bottom panels of any of our panniers, the top panel on any of our duffles, or on any of our rackless systems, as a way to add external tool storage or securely hold fuels bottles. The small MOLLE bag includes 4 MOLLE stix for quick and easy attachment and removal. We designed this pouch to accommodate 1L fuel storage bottles. It also works great for spare tubes, loose tools, water bottles, or a stash of energy bars. Add multiple MOLLE bags for water, fuel, and tool storage on longer trips. Take them off when you don't need the extra space.
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    The Reckless 40L (V2.0) is a rackless pannier/duffle system that easily mounts on any motorcycle, with or without pannier racks. We designed this bag for day trips on larger bikes, baja-style hotel-hopping, or overnight camping from a smaller bike. The Reckless 40 is 100% waterproof, with three separate removable welded-seam drybags that slide/strap into an outer harness, which stays attached to the bike. If you’re setting up a new bike, the Reckless system saves you the added weight and expense of metal pannier racks, while still providing a traditional 3-bag organizational system (i.e. two side panniers and a rear duffle). All three drybags have roll-top closures, and they can be easily and individually accessed throughout the day, so you don't have to mess with the holster attachment straps to get to food, clothes, or tools. The side drybags have clear panels on the front, so you can tell which bag has what you need, and they have stiffeners in the back to reduce movement while riding and make it easier to slide into the holster. They also have webbing handles at the bottom, so they can be more easily pulled into the holster. The center bag on the Reckless 40 is our Stinger 8 Tailbag. It turns into a backpack with mesh backpack straps that unfold from inside the bag, in case you want to go for a day hike on your ride, or run into town for errands. The Stinger 8 also has 4 sewn-on connection straps with matching ladderlocks, so it can be rigged as a standalone fender bag, tail bag, or pannier topper without the Reckless 40 harness. The Reckless 40 has separate rear pockets on both sides, which are perfect for storing fuel bottles, water bottles, tools, and tubes. The two overlapping rear beavertails are a great spot to tuck a motorcycle jacket when it’s not in use, or to store wet things - like a rainfly, towel, or campsite garbage – that you don't want inside your drybag. The rear beavertail has a padded goggle pocket which also fits a Spot, InReach, or cell phone. On the inside surface of the front beavertail there's a mesh pocket for storing wet/dry items (like toothbrush/paste) or bike documents inside a waterproof baggie. The Reckless 40L comes with one laser-cut aluminum exhaust heat shield. Please Note: a) Every Reckless 80 and Reckless 40 comes with an included heat shield. Please use the heat shield! Exhaust and exhaust heat burns are not covered by your warranty. Before you leave for your trip, we recommend checking and double checking that no part of the bag or your bike's plastics are contacting the exhaust. On dual-exhaust bikes or bikes with especially high/exposed pipes, you will need a second heat shield, which is available for purchase in the 'Hardware & Parts" section of our website. When installing the Reckless system on your bike, please make sure the exhaust is not blowing directly on the bag. In general, make sure the bag is not touching or close to extreme heat; go physically around the bag daily, cinch it tight, and make any necessary adjustments. The Reckless 80 and Reckless 40 were designed for rugged riding. They have a durable hypalon and ballistic nylon backing that can rub against the plastic parts of the bike, resulting in minor abrasion. Please take precautions if you do not want your bike parts marred by placing a clear adhesive sheet to where abrasion may occur on your motorcycle. Some examples of protective products are listed below. We suggest taking a short test ride with protection applied and with a loaded Reckless installed on the bike to assure satisfactory results. Allstar Performance Tape 3M Polymask Protective Tape c) There are many "wear points" on the Reckless system that are different on every bike. These could be on the bottom of the bag - where the harness touches the bike or luggage rack - or on the drybags themselves, where they contact the harness, tent poles, or other items. After your first day or two of riding, please inspect the bags carefully, identify high-friction wear points, and either remedy the friction or apply a sacrificial 'patch' that can be periodically replaced before the bag itself is damaged. In particular, it is normal for the fabric on the bottom of the harness to show wear, and this does not affect the structural integrity of the bag nor its waterproofing.
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    The Backcountry Duffle is available in two sizes, a 40L version and a 30L version. This moto-duffle does it all: it's a duffle, a backpack, and a quick-stash spot during the day. It's a way to keep your wet jacket separate from your dry sleeping bag.It serves as a clean food prep surface next to the campfire and a convenient tool tray for roadside field repairs. Use it as a travel bag on fly-to-ride trips (it fits the airline carry-on restrictions).If you break down, this bag has real-deal backpack straps that deploy from a hidden rear pocket, which will make your hike-out a whole lot easier. The beavertails are extremely helpful for expanding/contracting the volume of the bag, and the double-ended roll top makes it really easy to get at your belongings during the day. Inside the beavertails there's a mesh pocket for wet/fry items (like a toothbrush), a document pocket which works great for maps, or for your bike documents and passport. The document pocket is especially helpful at border crossings where you have to stop at multiple customs offices on both sides of the border. Remove the document pocket, take it inside the customs office with you, then when you're done put it back inside the beavertail and ride over to the next office. That way you can collect all the country specific paperwork in a specific spot. If you need to transport your gear somewhere in a single trip, put the Backcountry Duffle on your back, grab a pannier with each hand, and you're mobile. The Backcountry Duffle uses the same double-layer construction and removable liner as our Backcountry Pannier, so it'll always be 100% waterproof even after years of exposure to abrasion and campfire sparks. The Backcountry Duffle also includes a separate 20L Drysak bag, which can be used to keep dirty/wet items (like shoes or towels) separate from your other belongings.
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    Our Scout 25L (25 Liters per side) pannier is streamlined and minimalist, designed for offroad and enduro-style riding. The Scout is a great bag for riders with compact camping gear who like to travel light. It's 100% waterproof, with removable welded-seam internal liners made from 22oz pvc, and features our proprietary wedge mount system for super easy mounting/dismounting from the bike. The sidewalls are made from 1680d ballistic nylon with hypalon MOLLE webbing panels (double strip) on the front and rear. Use the panels to add small MOLLE pouches for external tool, fuel, or fluid storage. The front panel is 22oz pvc with a hypalon armor panel at the bottom and an internal PE stiffener to hold the shape. All the front buckles are made from stamped aluminum. Kit Includes: - two panniers (right/left) with frames - two mounting wedges - a hardware pack (8 aluminum pucks, 8 washers, and 16 6mm screws). Cutout Pannier Rack Note: Bikes with stock racks and a pannier exhaust cutout (like the R1200GSA or F800GSA for example) require an additional adapter. Check the 'Hardware & Parts' section of our site, or email us with questions.
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    The Backcountry pannier is our flagship product, designed for long-distance adventure touring, hardcore enduro-style riding, and camping from your bike. It is available in three sizes: 1) 35 Liter kit 2) 25 Liter kit 3) 25L/35L Offset kit for bikes with asymmetrical pannier racks. With bomb-proof construction and heavy-duty materials, these bags can really take a beating. Our quick-mount wedge system makes it easy to take the panniers on/off the bike so you can store them in your tent or have them by the fire without wrestling with straps. Six side compression straps enable you to expand or compress the volume for different trip lengths. The front beavertail and rear pocket provide plenty of quick-stash spots for things that you need quick access to, like tools, tubes, or rain gear. The removable internal drybag features a separate closure system made from 22 oz PVC with welded seam construction, so your belongings always stay completely dry no matter how much abuse the outer bag takes. And with the unique MOLLE expansion system (large and small sizes available), you can add capacity as needed, and store all your fluids (gas, water, camp fuel) outside the drybag. Think of it like a backpacking frame pack for your bike. This is THE system for long distance or international touring. Kit Includes: - two panniers (right/left) with frames - two mounting wedges - a hardware pack (8 aluminum pucks, 8 washers, and 16 6mm screws). Offset Note: To order offset 35/25L Panniers, go to the product page for the Backcountry 35L Pannier. Cutout Pannier Rack Note: Bikes with stock racks and a pannier exhaust cutout (like the R1200GSA or F800GSA for example) require an additional adapter. Check the 'Hardware & Parts' section of our site, or email us with questions.
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    Updated for 2016! Rocky Mountain Saddle Bags are the largest, most comprehensive saddle bags we have ever produced, the result of years of R&D testing and refinement with a World Class R&D team. A secure mounting and compression system keeps these in place on virtually any side rack using the included Universal Saddlebag Straps, while still allowing quick release from the side racks. Internal stiffeners, held in sleeves, secure the load making them become almost rigid and firm, not floppy. Flexi-Side Panels allow both smaller and larger loads to be compressed securely. And we've added a grab handle on each bag. Packing and unpacking is made easier due to a subtle cone shape -- the top is slightly wider than the bottom. The included waterproof liners roll and buckle closed, slide in and out easily and make it simple to keep gear dry. The liners are made from durable polyurethane-coated nylon with sealed seams to keep water out, and are yellow, making it easier to see items inside. Total capacity is a voluminous 33 liters for each bag. These bags are sewn in Wolfman's USA facility utilizing our own custom vinyl-coated 1680 denier ballistics nylon fabric. The bags have a 35oz. vinyl bottom to compliment 22oz. vinyl back and front accents. Reflective striping runs horizontally from front to back. D-rings on the top and front of each bag allow easy attachment of a Small or Medium Rolie Bag as a top bag for even more capacity or just for convenience. Or add a Wolf Bottle Holster for fuel or water. For 2016 we made the following improvements to these already great saddlebags: Flexi-Side Panels which allow a much wider range of capacity -- between 23 and 33 liters -- plus improve load compression and create a more stable and secure connection to the side racks The internal stiffeners are now in sleeves 2” top compression buckles provide better load management and stability Four 2” D-rings on each bag for more accessory options, like a Rolie Bag or Wolf Bottle Holster Revised shape to keep bags level to side racks Revised waterproof removable liners More tailored appearance Other Features: Heavy Duty 1680 denier custom vinyl coated ballistic nylon 35oz. vinyl bottom 22oz. vinyl back, front mounts and removable Back Pad Ultra Secure 6-point mounting system per bag using heavy Duty 1” metal cam buckles Reflective striping Carry Handle Legendary Wolfman Quality Materials and Construction These saddlebags will mount to a wide variety of racks with the included Universal Saddlebag Straps. Racks must be oval/rectangle shaped and height of hoop (top to bottom) must not exceed 9.5 inches (24cm). We've specifically tested them with these racks: Wolfman Touratech Hepco-Becker Happy-Trails GIVI SW Motech Moto-Racks These Saddle Bags also work well with any of these Tail Bags: Expedition Dry Duffels Double Ended Renegade Duffel Overland Duffel Wolf Tail Bag Peak Tail Bag Rocky Mountain Saddlebags attach to side racks with the included Universal Saddlebag Straps. We took the whole process from concept, design and manufacturing very seriously, to make one of the finest large-capacity soft saddle bags anywhere. Dimensions: Length: 16" / 41cm top, 15" / 38cm bottom Width: 10.5" / 27cm top, 8" / 20cm bottom Height: 13"-16" / 33cm-41cm depending on amount of roll Capacity: 23 liters expanding to 33 liters each, so up to 66 liters per pair or 1400 expanding to 2015 each. Up to 4030 per pair Color: Bag: Black with black vinyl Liner: Yellow