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Found 350 results

  1. This is the story of my new Big Grey Pig... Once I had a BRP, Xr650r, and I was the happiest dude arround. It got old and had to sell it, I got sad and fat. Once I heard the CRF1000 would arrive I got happy again. So that is the main idea... I love: -The sound that really makes me feel the Braaap... -The feeling of a lighter bike - It's fast in the dirt - The dakarian style I'm not very happy with: -Tyres for tarmac on a dual sport?? Changed to Heidenau, worst tyres for rain I've used in my life. -Tons of accesories, but poorly equiped vs the other ones in the range. -Very few in Méx for now, 26 total, so there is like 4 accesories for It. Everything must be imported -Would be nice to have a larger 6th for highway speeds. -It is not as light as you would think, specialy between city traffic. Cheers from México....
  2. Africa Twin Footpegs Retail: $180.95 Part No.: 22-4-009BKS Africa Twin Cargo Rack Retail: $149.95 Part No.: PMB-01-1211
  3. HOLLISTER, CA - February 7, 2017 - (Motor Sports Newswire) - Corbin has replaced the two piece stock unit with a single piece model to provide more structural support and the ability to accept a removable passenger backrest. We've built two models, one to emulate the seat height of the stock seat in the upper position and one to provide an easier ground reach like the stock seat in the low position. By designing each seat specifically, we were able to keep excellent ergonomics and a properly neutralized seating platform. Naturally, we set out to design them to fit the bike visually as well as improving the quality of your ride... Corbin's dual saddle does just that! Our high density Comfort Cell foam allows a sleek profile while providing a firm supportive ride that lasts. Rider seating is ergonomically shaped to fit the curve of your body and provide better weight distribution. This also helps to eliminate the centralized pressure felt from the stock seat. In the nose area, we sculpt the saddle narrow to allow for ground reach. For an added luxurious touch, this saddle is available with the option of electric seat heaters. With the flip of a conveniently located switch built into the left side of the saddle, both the rider and passenger seating platforms will heat up and maintain temperature automatically. Simple to install with just a pigtail wiring to your bike's fusebox. All other components are built into the saddle. Corbin's saddle is designed to work with the optional Honda saddlebags. Mounts to the motorcycle similar to stock and secures with the Honda key lock system. All brackets are included and pre-mounted on the seat so it's ready for immediate installation. Fit, form, and function proudly Made in the U.S.A. The finest and most comfortable motorcycle saddles available. Manufactured with pride in the USA. Part # H-AT-16-LLow Dual Saddle no heat, 2016-2017 Honda Africa Twin M.S.R.P. $473 Part # H-AT-16-L-ELow Dual Saddle With Heat, 2016-2017 Honda Africa Twin M.S.R.P. $593 For further details on this product and accessories, click here Source: Corbin-Pacific Inc.
  4. Over the last week I was finally able to get out with my kit, old and new items, to do a shakedown ride on my Africa Twin. I'm in Alaska so I figured I'd just check off a couple of the locations that I usually do annual camping trips to. I rode from Palmer to Homer, stayed the night and continued to McCarthy. As I was leaving McCarthy, a brother told me he was going to fly to a nearby airstrip and wanted to take his kids camping. I decided to try to get my AT back to the campsite knowing he was going to be using a UTV in 4WD to get there. I made it. It wasn't easy riding though. If it was, I'd have been bored anyway. Several steep climbs that are covered with fist sized round rocks that offer little to no traction and love to kick your tires in different directions. Most of the trail was ATV troughs that you can't ride the crown between and are forced to be beaten by the brush while riding down in the rut on one side or the other. Several muddles that were completely rutted forcing you to ride down in a rut, the bottom of the holes are mud and the rear tire just churns it's way through while you walk and push with your feet as well. Overall, it was a freaking blast. I wasn't able to continue my trip up on to the Denali Highway because the days that I was going to go, it snowed. Not just a small flurry, a few inches. hahah. Welcome to Alaska. Picture captions: 1- Bike prep shop rate with your buddy equals whiskey. 2- Fresh tires that will hopefully last for the shakedown ride as well as my ride from Alaska to Key West, Florida in a couple weeks. 3- Homer, Alaska offers some truly incredible views. 4- Beauty and the Beast. The AT looking pretty and the lady growling at a bottle of wine trying to open it. She hates mototravel and wants to overland in a kitted out 4Runner. I fully support having a support vehicle for my mototravels. hahaha 5- Even in the COLD ocean winds here, Homer shoreline campsites are incredibly peaceful. 6- Staying properly hydrated is important. First watering hole while riding north from Homer. St. Elias Brewing, decent beer but not my favorite. It'll do. 7- Off road a bit to warm me up by getting the blood flowing. It snowed on me as I rode through the pass. 8- Second watering hole while continuing northbound. Girdwood Brewing, GREAT BEER! If you come to Alaska and find yourself in the area, you must stop in. 9- Third watering hole. I'm thirsty. Stop judging me. Midnight Sun Brewery, great beer, great food, awesome place. Don't miss it. 10- Continuing north via the Glenn Highway to work my way to McCarthy/Kennicott. Orange Mountain. Highly creative name. 11- Yes, that's another bottle of wine she has. That's how she tolerates me. 12- I made a fire with grass and twigs without the use of a road flare and gasoline. I cooked meat on a stick over the fire. I drank beer and hung out with my motorcycle. This was all a manliness checklist according to the lady. haha! 13- The departure morning. I was all packed up and ready to leave but just felt like hanging out a bit longer. The grey and hazy skies weren't much to look at but just chilling on a river bank sure can clear your mind though. 14- "I wonder where this trail goes." It was just a short distance and lead to the old railway that used to run all the way to the Kennicott copper mine. At one point, the largest copper mine in the world. 15- When we got to our campsite, my nephew asks if he can pull his tooth out because it's loose and annoying him. Then he did. He went full savage on his mouth and ripped it out. Lil' stud. 16- I tried to capture a little moment of the boys and their dad enjoying the fire, overlooking the valley and the mountains just poking through the one opening in the clouds. 17 & 18- The kids love fishing but it's a serious test of patience with the constant "Dad, it's snagged again." "Dad, somethings wrong." "Dad, it's tangled again." Luckily, they kept asking their dad to help and I was free to continue playing with the camera. haha 19- 'Seeing your friend off at the airport' is a little different in rural Alaska. He and I are best friends but have very different preferences in preferred mode of travel. However, he's recently been saying that he wants to try out bikes and see what it's all about. Muahaha.. I'm a good influence on others. ;-) 20- Alaska has mountains. This is just a small one too. 21- I stole fruit packets from the ladies' cooler she had in her SUV before she left. 22- I love exploring the abandoned sections of old highways. This section was part of the old Glenn Highway and I actually remember driving on it as a kid when the family would make a trip to Anchorage. 23 & 24- Matanuska Glacier shots. IMG_5296.mov IMG_5330.MOV
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