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Found 1 result

  1. Exit Tours MC Ride Report 4 Mile OHV Area - Buena Vista, CO April 22 2018 Beautiful Day for a Ride on Sunday 4/22 from Mountain Tech Motorsports Beta in Buena Vista, Colorado. Snowed on Friday and Saturday. The 4 Mile OHV area is southern facing and mostly Decomposed Granite (DG) so traction was epic as most snow had melted by the 10 AM start time on Sunday in low 60 degree temps. We rode a 50 Mile loop with only half a mile of mud and slop. Ride started at Sean Barr’s shop Mountain Tech Motorsports with a short section of Sean' Super Enduro track with Sean Leading and guiding. If you couldn’t keep up Sean ‘s Guidelines were not to wait. Mike Brown and Matt Taber rode sweep or guided those who were Not quite on Mr. Barr’s Pace. The first 6 miles of the loop was the Most difficult. Nasty and Rocky uphill from the Carnage Canyon OHV Staging area to the Entire Triad Ridge Singletrack complex. Triad Ridge is a Purpose built for Motorcycles Singletrack designed and laid out by Exit Tours M/C board member Dudley Fecht and the Late Brett Beasly. Bitchen’ Singletrack trail thru and over rocks, with recent Alternate loops bypassing the Super Knarly Sections by Exit Tours MC and USFS Rangers. Knarly Sections still remain, but alternate route are well marked. From the Triad Ridge Singletrack complex it was wet sandwashes to more singletrack to another fun Uphill trail. Then the only snow and mud of the day on an ATV Trail near Aspen Ridge. ATV trail is long and rough but flows very well. The ride ended at the Ruby Mountain Rafting complex bordering Browns Canyon National Monument on the Arkansas River. From there it was 3 miles of dirt roads and less than 2 miles of Pavement back to the start at Mountain Tech Motorsports Beta. 21 Competent Riders showed up and are now Exit Tours Club Members. 2 Flat tires (On the same bike), 1 Ankle Injury. No major get-offs by an enthusiastic crew of Riders from Colorado and New Mexico. Longest Traveled was Ranger Tom Bishop and a friend from Albuquerque. We were graced with the Presence of 3 Standout women riders. Former US TEAM ISDE Member Suzy Barr Fann Moody, Current ISDE Standout and the super cool Nicole Bradford. Former D-37 Women’s Enduro Champ Michelle Casella drove up from Santa Fe , New Mexico. Michelle’s enthusiasm is infectious. Club VP Matt Taber bought Adult Beverages and a few new club members brought doughnuts in the morning. Good Time was had by all Riding our Dirt Bikes. Buena Vista means Beautiful View in Spanish. Is pronounced Boonie Vista by the locals
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