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Found 9 results

  1. 1 comment

    Still in honeymoon phase. Bike absolutely rips. An entirely new, raw experience compared to the R1200GS, and I'm still modding.
  2. 0 comments

    Saying that I am in love with this bike would be an understatement. Out of all the motorcycles I have owned throughout the years, the 1290 SA has been my favorite. Modifications: Rottweiler Stage 3 Intake Kit Blackdog Skid Plate Cyclops LED Headlights Cyclops LED Lightbar Mosko Moto Backcountry Bags Blackdog Oil Cooler Guard Rottweiler Stage 2 SAS and Canister Delete Rottweiler CRG Mirros Rox Risers Sagent Custom Seats SW Motech Rear Master Cylinder Guard
  3. 1 review

    I mounted a pair of Cyclops Adventure Sports Extreme Range LEDs onto the 950 Super Enduro in preparation for the Baja Rally. I may be a 60-mile-an-hour rider, but these are definitely a 100-mile-an-hour setup! The range is incredible, and with the addition of a snap-on lens cover (clear or amber), they become DOT-compliant with the necessary cut-off. Quite a few people have used them not as aux lights, but as headlight replacements. I've aimed mine for one high and one slightly lower. Paired with a set of 1" NXG Prime lights (also a Cyclops product), they provide incredible sight distance along with close-in fill which allows me to ride in the dark a lot faster than I was ever comfortable with. By adding in a Skene IQ-275 programmable LED Dimmer, I'm able to run them on "normal" at about 60% and then on "bright" at 100%. Altogether, this setup throws an enormous amount of light for the low-low cost of 70 watts. My stock halogen high beam was 65 watts and the original headlight mask has an atrocious lens that even Cyclops' 3600 lumen H7 replacement bulb couldn't overcome. It's all about the reflector! They are slightly pricey, but the service is second to none, the warranty is for life, and the Cyclops crew are good people. I've gone back to them several times for new products for new applications, to include Optimus aux lights for the 1200GS and a helmet light for night racing. Never disappointed! Click here for an onboard video review I did. Link to Cyclops page for the best pictures/diagrams of the light dispersion and throw: http://www.cyclopsadventuresports.com/Long-Range-Extreme-LED-Light_p_61.html The new Long Range Extreme LED Light takes automotive and Motorcycle lighting technology to extraordinary lengths by shining over 1000 feet of usable light from a single 25 watt LED. The intense 10 degree spot pattern is also like having several lights in 1! It enables optional Snap on polycarbonate cover filters to quickly change the beam pattern from Spot to Euro or Flood, while the colored Amber Filters can improve visibility in various conditions. The universal single bolt mounting accompanied by an available wiring harness, provides a quick, traditional installation on a multitude of applications. Key Features: - 1000' of Usable Light - 25Watt Lumens Single LED for Smoothest Pattern - 4.5" Round with 10 Degree Narrow Beam, Optional Snap on Filters - Universal Single Bolt Mounting - Ultra Lightweight 2 lb Hybrid Construction - Proprietary IRIS Reflector Technology - Singe Lights and Kits Available Single lights are supplied with the corresponding male duetch plug with a section of wire, sets come with wire harness selected.
  4. 1 review

    Full review can be found here: Cyclops Light Bar review at Cafe Racer Podcast This KTM 1090/1190/1290 ADV Kit offers our extremely popular combo beam light bar in a plug and play kit for the Big KTM. This does not fit the 2017 1290R, that product will be available shortly. Get your auxiliary light in a compact package that is out of the way and really does the job. Features 25-degree beam patterns in the outer two emitters, and 10-degree beam patterns in the center 4 emitters for great distance and field lighting. Operates from the factory high beam switch. - Plug and Play - 3000 Lumens - Color Temperature: 5800K - IP68 Rated - Lifetime Warranty Dimmable option available. Dim your LED light bar from off to 100% in 10% increments, all from the factory high beam switch.
  5. Darryl VanNiewenhuise is the owner of Cyclops and has been a long time XLADV member (Off Road Rider). He wrote this article last year on lumens: facts vs fiction that should give you a good idea of what goes into a quality light. Cyclops is a premiere lighting company that started out of a need to provide better lighting on an adv bike at night. Since then they've evolved into the experts in led technology. Wandering Beast and ADVGrrl both have Cyclops lights! Here's a video Wandering Beast did: Cyclops will be providing lighting for the #xladvproject990 in the form of: An H4 led headlight bulb Two Optima auxiliary led lights; one in 10° and the other in 20° Two amber filters I was running the Rigid D2 auxiliary lights and I could immediately tell the difference; they shown farther and brighter. They really lit up that meadow out at Overland Expo! I think the H4 led bulbs are on back order so once those come in I'll get it installed and be able to show you more.
  6. 1 comment

    I have to add a full review to add the bike to my garage? Yeah, I'll come back to this. Theme will be: never buy the first year of any model.
  7. 3 reviews

    Install is easy, lights are very bright, some re-aiming of your reflector may be required, but dispersion appears to be very similar to regular DOT-spec Halogens. If $50 seems steep, consider that these have a lifetime guarantee, virtually never burn out, don't generate a LAMPF error, and a regular quality bulb will run you around $20. I'm very happy with mine. For off-road use only, of course. Again, Darryl is very easy to talk to and also a great rep of the big-bike ADV community. He'll help you to decide what you need. Here's the light, running under water. Convinced? From website: http://www.cyclopsadventuresports.com/H7-2400-lumen-LED-Headlight-bulb_p_86.html Now get HID performance with the benefits of LED on your Bike ,Quad or UTV. The best preforming, longest lasting and most reliable LED headlight bulb available today. Fan cooled for extreme conditions. Don't fall victim to LED bulbs with heat sinks and no fan. They simply will not last in a motorcycle headlight bucket. This Bulb is not DOT approved and is for off road use only Operates on DC voltage only, if you have an Ac powered headlight you will also need the rectifier below. Specs Lumen Rating 2400 (RAW) Color temperature 5600K Power draw 20 watts Life span 30,000 hrs Warranty 18 months
  8. 2 reviews

    The best Value and Long Range performance available in Auxiliary lighting. Why Optimus? The Long Range Optimus Series are LED Driving Lights, advancing lighting technology to the next level. Utilizing an all new proprietary IRIS Reflector Technology, the Long Range series provides the ultimate focus for long range lighting by producing 693 ft. of usable light from a single 3.5" tall, 10-watt LED. Compared to a standard 55 watt low beam headlight reach of 88 ft. and a standard 65 watt high beam reach of 153 ft. Optimus lights also feature Cyclops Prime Drive technology for integrated thermal management and dimming capabilities. Now available are Filters for the Long Range Round lights, These drastically change the beam pattern and offer a tunable lighting solution, You can run one wide angle filter and one spot, or two wide beam pattern filters. Mix or match for a very tunable system. Amber filters are great for fog or adverse conditions as well making a huge difference with Conspicuity lighting. Beam Spread Options: > The Long Range lights are available in three beam pattern options > 10 degree lights provide the most distance > 20 degree lights offer very good distance and a bit more fill than the 10 degree > The combo kit is one 10 and one 20 degree light, (Use this setup on a Motorcycle with the 20 degree on the right hand side (USA) for an extremely good lighting setup.) > 60 degree lights are also available on special request Choose the light beam pattern and if you want dimming or non dimming harnesses. Wire Harness: Cyclops products have very high quality wire harnesses. Several versions are available to suite your needs. Single lights are sold with connectors and a short wire lead. A wire harness is not included In single light kits The Skene dimmer option offers the user several different operating levels from 0 to 100% in 10% increments. With the Skene unit you can use your existing headlight switch to operate the high and low beam with no other switches required, chose the single pole handle bar switch option if you would like to turn the lights completely off while riding. Key Features >693' of Usable Light from 10-watt LED >Proprietary IRIS Reflector Technology >PWM Integrated Dimming Circuitry >Integrated Electronic Thermal Management (ETM) >Available as 2 Light Set with Wiring Harness Compact, Bold Design Small Doesn't Mean Weak The new Long Range Optimus Prime doesn't sacrifice light output to achieve an ultra-compact housing. Actually the opposite. The Optimus Prime outperforms traditional Halogen Off Road Lighting solutions in both distance and output, all while fitting within a housing that doesn't look bulky and in the way. So put away the huge, awkward looking lights, and get the driving lights that will amaze you every time you light them up. Distance The Single Long Range Optimus Prime throws 1 lux of light 693 feet. For comparison, a motorcycle headlight low beam measures 1 lux at 88 feet, and high beam 1 lux at 153 feet. The Optimus Prime is truly "lighting evolved". Prime Drive The More Powerful and Long Lasting LED The Optimus Prime with Prime Drive drives the LED more efficiently while managing heat levels. This means more light from the LED and a longer lifespan. This is advanced LED technology in action. Electronic Thermal Management ETM monitors the heat output of the LEDs and makes use of integrated Pulse Width Modulation circuitry in order to maintain safe operating temperatures in order to prolong the LED life span to its full 50,000 hour potential. Pulse Width Modulation The Optimus Prime utilizes integrated Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimming circuitry to manage heat levels. PWM works by flashing the LED at a frequency faster than the human eye can detect, reducing the time that the LED is operating while still delivering 100% light output. Single lights are supplied with the corresponding male duetch plug with a section of wire, sets come with wire harness selected. Choose from round or square body lights. Internally, they are exactly the same. http://www.cyclopsadventuresports.com/dual-sport-bike-lights-led.html
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