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Found 12 results

  1. ICON Raiden is out with a new line called "Raiden UX." At first glance it appears to perhaps be slightly lighter and more stretchy than their DKR line yet still water-proof. What I hear is that it's constructed of 4-way stretch fabric commonly seen in high end outdoor apparel. The UX jacket is more of a lightweight "shell," similar to those worn by competitors in the Dakar rally than it is a do-it-all ADV jacket such as the DKR line. There are enough pockets to hold your phone and wallet, a removable full quilted liner (nice!), and a few vents when you need them. Icon Raiden is again using their proprietary Hycor™ waterproof and breathable membrane. It comes in four color options for the jacket (Black, Orange, HiViz and Battlescar-tan) two for the pant (black and denim) and two for the gloves (orange and black)
  2. Eric Hall

    Mojave Desert Ride 1/31/15

    I had not ridden for about a month (Baja) and was eager to test out my new TFX suspension, so I posted up this ride and only got two takers! Too bad because it was AWESOME! I also had a brand new Mitas E-09 Dakar on the back which made for some excellent traction in addition to some recent rain. Tolga got some fantastic pictures of us (Rich and I) that I hope to post very soon. Doesn't hurt having a professional photographer/videographer with you. We met at 8:45 at the Starbucks (of course) in Adelanto. Tolga rode his 640 because his rear tire on the 1190 R is worn and the new one doesn't come until tomorrow. He also realized he had no plug for his heated vest, so he was pretty cold. The coldest I saw was about 49 but it was basically low 50's. I have been hit with this sciatica and just general soreness recently so I wasn't looking to do anything that hard, but I was feeling fine once we hit the dirt and we ended up doing some really fun stuff. First trail break What turned out to be a lot of fun was just taking random trails to work our way up in a northwesterly direction up towards Kramer Junction for lunch. We went through these hills and Tolga said "let's take that trail over there up that hill." I'm like "dude that's really steep" but we made it up! Hope to have that video soon as well. We were talking to each other on our new Sena com units. I cannot believe I've gone this long without getting one of these! It was so nice being able to talk back and forth about whatever road hazard came up, where others wanted to go, when they wanted to stop, etc... After lunch at KJ, we headed up 395 and went right at a dirt trail and up to a hill top overlooking the dry lake. Then we went down to the dry lake and farted around for a bit. Found these spent rounds. Best guess is a 25mm round fired from some kind of military plane. We found about six and it looked like they were just dumped there. I bet someone found them at a nearby abandoned range and just dumped them on the lake bed because they are likely to just sink in the ground never to be found again. I found nearly identical rounds when I was a kid out near Imperial Dunes in what was Gen. Patton's old training grounds. From Tolga's phone Then over to Husky monument/memorial where a bunch of folks were there placing a new marker for a fallen friend. Tolga did some shooting for his Turkish TV series and took a few more photos. We headed over and saw the petroglyphs at Inscription Canyon and then headed out when Rich got a front flat. We got to Hinckley and pavement just as it got dark, then headed back. Rich had trailered in Adelanto and Tolga and I stopped for a soda at Oak Hills Brewery and a quick burger at Wendy's (brewery has no food). We got home at 9:15! Like I said, lots more pics and video to come. Short review of the new TFX suspension: A lot more robust than I had before. No bottoming out. Lots of confidence. Felt planted. Wasn't necessarily riding any faster as a result, just not fretting over every single dip in the trail. More on that later too.
  3. 1 review

    Steeze and all-weather protection are not mutually exclusive. Inspired by the rally jackets of our heroes, the UX is constructed with a 4-way stretch HYCOR waterproof/breathable chassis. Completely seam sealed, it provides an all-conditions envelope for dual-sport riders. The athletic fit provides mobility, durability, and a new paradigm in the ADV scene. A quilted removable liner has mesh panels located just behind mechanical vents for air movement. Removable hood protects from the rain and unfortunate helmet hair, while a full D3O® impact protector package does the dirty work. - See more at: http://www.iconraiden.com/collection/raiden-ux-waterproof-jacket/#sthash.pkSOU05k.dpuf
  4. 1 review

    Laughing at guided wilderness trips in the name of adventure; this riding reconnaissance jacket welcomes rain and dirt while it infiltrates unknown and ominous lands. Lined and armored to form a solid core, the Patrol Raiden adds a tough, abrasion resistant nylon chassis that handles all foes quickly and defiantly. Topped with storage pockets, ample venting, reflective graphics and that so elusive coolness and this Icon jacket is ready for motorcycling’s worst. Icon relaxed fit Seam sealed waterproof construction Removable Icon Field Armor™ CE elbow & shoulder impact protectors Removable Icon dual-density foam back pad Removable Thermolite® insulated liner Six intake and exhaust vents Removable hydration pocket (1.5 liter bladder not included) 3M® reflective panels Rare earth magnet storm flap closures YKK® waterproof zippers Sublimated topographical map graphics http://youtu.be/vW6aaxHj2c8
  5. Eric Hall

    ICON Raiden DKR Pant

    1 review

    A demanding field-testing process has produced our most adventure-ready pant to date. The RAIDEN™ DKR Waterproof Pant is the premier accompaniment to the DKR Jacket. Sharing the same HYCOR chassis as the jacket, further lengths have been taken with full seam sealing, and full-leg waterproof YKK® zippers. Housed within the chassis is a full complement of D3O® impact protectors – both hip and knee. Removable boot stirrups and suspenders are also standard. Unmatched capability, leading wearability. SM-4XL $285 - See more at: http://www.iconraiden.com/collection/icon-raiden-dkr-pant-glory/#sthash.eLCkh4G5.dpuf
  6. Eric Hall

    ICON Raiden Arakis Pant

    2 reviews

    The Arakis Pant was initially developed for the rigors of Baja rally competition. High speeds, scorching heat, and physically-demanding terrain were the challenges laid before the Arakis collection. We answered with a fully-vented Fighter Mesh™ chassis, tailored for over-the-boot fit. Nylon crash zone overlays, D3O® knee impact protectors, and leather inner leg paneling provide necessary reinforcement. The Arakis is the preferred warm weather kit of TEAM RAIDEN. SM-4XL
  7. Official ride report thread for this year's TOD event
  8. Eric Hall

    ICON Variant Construct Helmet

    3 reviews

    Icon Variant Construct Helmet Stripped of graphics and devoid of undue flair - the Construct wanders the earth in opaque minimalism. It is purity of form amongst the flamenco masses. It is truth of materials amid the technicolor hordes. In a world where no two helmets are created equal, the Variant Construct and its raw shell stand alone. Features: All world standard, meets or exceeds the following: DOT FMVSS 218 (US), ECE 22-05 (Europe), SAI AS1698 (Australia) and SG (Japan) safety and testing standards - does not ship with SAI or SG certification stickers Fiberglass / Dyneema / Carbon Fiber Shell Industry leading multi-inlet ventilation system Wind tunnel tested and refined anti-lift visor Integrated chin EPS air channels reduce shield fogging Optically correct anti-fog shield Removable and washable HydraDry moisture wicking liner Removable chin curtain NOTE: Helmet ships with both Clear and Dark Smoke faceshields.
  9. 0 reviews

    The Arakis Jersey brings the competition base layer of Team RAIDEN to the ADV market. Proven from the barren wasteland of Baja, Mexico, to the endless expanse of the ALCAN, the Arakis Jersey’s sublimated mesh chassis is up to whatever ADV mission one can imagine. S-3XL - See more at: http://www.iconraiden.com/collection/icon-raiden-arakis-jersey-slate/#sthash.iyw0paf8.dpuf
  10. Eric Hall

    ICON Arakis Gloves

    1 review

    The RAIDEN Arakis Glove was built for a split directive with one solution – trail wearability with street toughness. Traditional MotoX gloves provide feel at the limit, but their palms and materials are not suited for the speeds and conditions of the street. The RAIDEN Arakis is the solution. Featuring our proprietary one-piece leather palm for this reason, the Arakis Glove has no seams or stitches to get in the way at the limit while still providing the necessary reinforcement. A mesh backhand delivers breathability, and a D3O® knuckle insert is integrated for both fit and reinforcement. SM-4XL $35
  11. Eric Hall

    Adventure Socks? That's a Thing Now?

    I have always loved learning about new things (auto-didactic) and for a long time I was trying to think of one of the most neglected pieces of riding gear that we think is completely undifferentiated and then find something new about that topic. I think I have found a new topic with socks for adventure riding. The only thing I know about socks is that when I did the IDBDR last year probably the one thing that smelled the worst was my socks! I figured maybe the best way was just to buy a pack of them at a Wal-Mart or something, wear them for a day and then throw them away. I also have noticed that I tend to get leg cramps in my tent at night as well as find that sometimes my lower legs itch like crazy after a ride. So maybe there could be something to a sock made specifically for motorcycle riders? I did reach out to KLiM ($10-$96) for this article but got no response. I did, however, get the chance to speak with Moto-Skiveez' Shawn Lupcho and he gave me the 411 on their Compression Riding Sock with Aloe ($24.95; sizes S, L, XL). I have not tried these socks myself yet and Moto-Skiveez is not paying for this article in any way but I am motivated to go buy a pair myself now. I had also heard of Ugly Socks but found they support groups who shut down riding areas. Compression Riding Sock from Moto-Skiveez (image from ADVPulse's Rob Dabney) Rev'It's Socks Tour Summer The first pair of motorcycle-specific socks I got was RevIt's Socks Tour Summer ($39.99). They are positioned as helping deal better with heat and moisture but since they don't address odor and cost so much, I was reluctant to go back down that road. I found they lose their soft feel pretty quickly too and are really hard to pull onto your feet unless your skin is bone-dry. Icon Raiden's sock I've also worn these from Icon Raiden ($30) as well as SOKz ($20). Sokz These Compression Riding Socks from Moto-Skiveez have three main points of differentiation: compression, feel & odor control Compression Shawn (Moto-Skiveez) found a particular study from the UK while researching problems motorcyclists have with their legs that indicates a higher incidence of venous lower leg issues among motorcyclists than the general population. Their sock provides a low amount compression to help deal with that swelling (edema). The itching and cramps I experience are also related to lower limb venous issues associated with riding that compression can address. Feel Many compression socks out there work to reduce swelling but are poorly tolerated by the wearer because they are too tight and made from synthetic materials that don't feel very good on the skin. These socks are made with 40% natural Aloe Vera fiber that has a very good feel (better feel & wicking than cotton) that will address chafing. Odor Control This Aloe Vera fiber also serves an anti-microbial and anti-odor function. Aloe Vera fiber is also found in gauzes and bandages for this reason. Rider Testimonials I first heard of these socks from Dennis Godwin (GS Trophy '16) and he raves about them. He even let me sniff his socks after wearing them all day (yes, I went there) and to my surprise they did not stink. Rob Dabney of ADVPulse was challenged to wear one of these socks on one leg and another sock on the other leg and judge for himself... he decided the one from Moto-Skiveez was much better. Dusty Wessels reported he wore these socks while on a ride with RawHyde for three days straight and even though they got soaking wet, they didn't stink. Conclusion So I hope we've all learned something here? There are solutions out there for various lower leg issues like swelling, cramps, itching as well as odor. I thought a sock was just a sock but figured out there are a number of reasons you may want to pass on that 8-pack of tube socks the next time you're in the Wal-Marts. I will be sure to report back once I get myself a pair of these and can do a more complete product review. If you do have experience with these socks or any other gear, feel free to leave us your review so other riders can learn from your experience.
  12. Eric Hall

    ICON Raiden DKR Jacket

    5 reviews

    The RAIDEN DKR Jacket has been purposely designed for the rigors of hardcore dual sport riding with both pattern design and material evolutions. The HYCOR waterproof/breathable chassis is Dupont Teflon® coated with all seams sealed – a touch many neglect. After a series of trail testing, ventilation zippers have been relocated to avoid moisture buildup, but still provide maximum ventilation. The main zipper features a gusset and a magnetic storm flap, and the Hydrolock front zipper is a premium touch only found on RAIDEN Jackets. Use in the Alcan 5000 saw us revise the Thermolite liner to be thicker, but with TechMesh panels built in for more efficient core regulation and more athletic fit. Half as heavy as its predecessor, the RAIDEN DKR Jacket’s HYCOR chassis provides all the waterproofness, and crashability but with less fatigue during extended rides. Removal of excess snaps, zippers and pulls further decreases the weight of the garment and enables a much improved fit. Competition use in the Baja 1000 led us to slim the profile of the body and arms to not bunch when standing up. The DKR Jacket works with you, instead of against you. Modularity is key to the RAIDEN DKR Jacket so that you may modify as the ride and conditions change. Twelve pockets, and even a seat pocket, add trail carrying capability. D3O® impact protector suite, water pack routing, and three exhaust vents create a chassis that is of the utmost preparedness for whatever your ride may hold. - See more at: http://www.iconraiden.com/collection/icon-raiden-dkr-jacket-glory/#sthash.YUpA3CU4.dpuf