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Found 8 results

  1. Now that I have a plated skinny to compliment the daily driver adv bike, I don't have to juggle as much on tire selection. Over the 60,000 miles I had on my first two ADV bikes, I was constantly trying combos between 90/10 and 60/40 tires... Trying to balance the right choice for my daily driver and weekend off-road bike. Just to catch you up on the results of that 60,000 mile search for perfect tire test.... The Dunlop Trailmax Mission tire is my absolute favorite tire for an ADV bike that is also your everything else daily driver. You can read that: Here When it came time for new tires on my.. let's call it a sport-adv bike, I was trying to decide between just staying with the Trailmax Mission, or going 90/10 to fully street tire. I decided that I know how much I like the Missions, but why not try something new - enter the MUTANTS. The Dunlop Sportmax Mutants fall more in the 90/xx range with obvious street bias. One of the big bullet points is these tires are supposed to perform very well in wet-road conditions, but what peaked my interest was the YouTube videos of dudes doing track days on them, and saying they were very impressed. This is immediately after they were mounted, only a few miles on the clock: I took the pictures above as soon as I got home from the dealer, only a few miles on the clock so that we can watch the tread depth as I pack on miles. The immediate reaction to the tires on the way home is I really like the profile, it's a gradual and precise, also the tread looks weird so that's cool too 🙂 Shortly after mounting them, my wife and I took off on the bikes for seven days, and did a big tour through southern Arizona, which was amazing, highly recommended. Here is a couple pics from that trip, I am running the Sportmax Mutant tires, my wife has the Trailmax Missions. In total I think the ride distance for that trip was north of 1,300 miles. We rode to Prescott, Jerome, and some of the in-betweens before getting to Tucson, then hit Tombstone and Bisbee area for a couple days, overnight in Yuma and back home to SoCal. Great places to visit, great roads to ride - but also a pretty well rounded test for these tires, in what I would consider the exact conditions I would want to expose them to... Road touring, daily driving, and light dirt roads are just fine. Honestly I never worried about my tires the entire trip, we just really had an amazing time. To that point, we had some dirt conditions just to see sights, and a couple patches of highway that had surprise pea gravel etc... These tires just did all that just fine, while providing really great road performance. My wife is very new to off-road riding on her big bike, so the Trailmax Mission tires have been really confidence inspiring for her when little ventures off-road do happen. Since the Arizona trip, all added up, I have had the Mutants on for 2,100 miles. Here is the tread at 2,100 miles - and 1,300 of that was while fully loaded on road tour. The tread depth is still pretty good, the tires are light here because of a dirt road on the way home today, but I'm not worrying about these being done any time soon, they are wearing pretty well. Sportmax Mutants at 2,100 Miles - Ducati Multistrada 950 So I mean these tires may not be the pick for off-roady ADV riders for a lot of reasons, but they also could be for some... Depending on what you are doing off-road. They are not off-road tires, but I bet they would be a hoot for that commute, and you can still ride down that dirt road to go see that whatever-it-is no problem, your just not going to race the guy with the Desert HT's while you do it. For me they are pretty nice for the larger bike - but being honest, I think I will go back to the Trailmax Mission after this set, I like the range of trails I would be willing to expose this spicy italian bike to better with the Missions, but I can really see how the Mutants could be perfect adventure tires for folks that do road tours with light off road - I will just also hold that thought until I see how long they last. I will update again in comments, or main story here when I think they are about ready to go, hoping for descent mileage out of these tires - and maybe these would be up your alley if you adventure mostly on-road. - Nick
  2. I got wind of a new 60/40 knobby adventure tire being developed by Dunlop. I was told it will actually be manufactured in the US and they're going to try to shoot for the 6,000 mile range of tread life. I get about 5500 from the Motoz Tractionator Adventure. I was told the reason the D908's are so expensive is because they're made in France.
  3. You may have seen me post these at our IG feed and/or the AIMExpo thread in ride reports but I thought I'd also put it here. Bridgestone is out with a brand-new adventure bike tire called the Battlax Adventurecross AX41. A mouthful huh? I don't really know much about them but the response seems mostly positive with some comments indicating a negative history with their old tires, the Battlewings or "death wings" as they've been called. They look pretty good to me as far as a 40/60 (street/dirt) tire and resemble both the Karoo 3 and Anakee Wild. From their brochure: Designed specifically with the Adventure enthusiast in mind. This 40/60 Adventure tire is the perfect compliment to your modern Adventure motorcycle, and delivers uncompromising performance both on and off road. The BATTLAX ADVENTURECROSS AX41 offers improved off-road traction from a new pattern design, compound and high cross sectional area. The new compound, pattern design, and block wall angle optimization have improved the durability of the AX41. The new Anti-Irregular Wear Block has improved the performance on road by reducing block deformation due to step wear. New Durable Compound. New Pattern Design. Larger Diameter Design. New Block Profile Design. Front sizes: 100/90-19, 110/80-19, 120/70-19, 90/90-21 Rear sizes: 140/80-17, 150/70/17, 170/60-17, 150/70-18, 130/80/17. All sizes Q speed rated. Front load ratings are 54-60 and rear are 65-72. No indication whether tubeless or tube type but I'm guessing both. Edit: They're saying tubeless and can also run tubes so I guessed correctly. No word on pricing (yet) but they're saying "competitive" so hopefully not more than $300 for a set. They're saying shipping in January '19 to dealers so to the rider in Feb.
  4. New tire from Michelin out to fit as an 80/20 street/dirt tire in between their 90/10 street/dirt Anakee 3 (which I rode down in Colombia) and their Anakee Wild, a 60/40 dirt/street (they claim "50/50"; see more here). @Manybikes says it's kind of like the Metzeler Tourance and I'd have to agree. For the sometimes fire road but mostly pavement they seem like they'd be a great tire. Apparently this is the tire that comes on the new BMW 1250 GS.
  5. The video was made by a very skilled South African videographer in South Africa for Mitas.
  6. The METZELER brand unveils the new KAROO Street, enabling road tire performance from an off-road style ‘knobby’ tread pattern A new METZELER enduro tire extends the KAROO™ range towards a dedicated road use, combining excellent agility and grip, even in wet conditions, with reliable off-road traction MUNICH, GERMANY – January 10, 2018 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – METZELERnow extends its highly successful KAROO™ range towards pure road use with the new KAROO™ Street. Delivering excellent road performance, even in wet conditions, the new enduro tire remains aggressively styled, with its knobby tread pattern continuing to provide off-road capability. Owners of adventure, ‘enduro street’ and dual-purpose motorcycles are increasingly looking for sport touring performance when used on asphalt, but without sacrificing off-road capabilities. While responding to this market request, however, the METZELER KAROO™ Streetmaintains an off-road look, in character with these types of motorcycles, while delivering excellent road performance on both dry and wet asphalt. The METZELER KAROO™ Street tire has been developed for the latest generation of adventure, big enduro and dual-purpose motorcycles, capable of taking dirt roads in their stride. With the KAROO™ Streettire these motorcycles will now be further enhanced to tackle distant road journeys, where good mileage, stability and comfort are fundamental throughout the life cycle of the tire. Designed for all levels of cross-country riding, the METZELER brand’s KAROO™ product family now offers a range that spans from the desert all the way to street. The new KAROO™ Street will be available from March 2018 onwards. KAROO™ Street, a unique combination of off-road look with on-road agility KAROO™ 3, dedicated to off-road raids and adventure journeys KAROO™ Extreme, a product developed to compete in the professional Rally races Main features: On-road agility: KAROO™ Street tire provides excellent handling and grip in comparison to its knobby tire competition, due to the sport touring derived profiles that deliver a typical on-road dynamic behavior. Wet grip and wet handling: Enhanced safety with reliable grip in wet conditions, generated by the high silica compounds that promote chemical grip on wet asphalt. Off-road traction: The KAROO™ Street’s layout of blocks and variable spacing between the knobs provides excellent dirt road traction especially in long-distance clay and hard-packed trails. High-speed stability: Large sized blocks and their coupling to a stiff carcass, provides perfect stability at high speeds on road, even when fully loaded with luggage and passenger. High mileage: KAROO™ Street tire offers high effective mileage, the result of introducing abrasion-resistant compounds.
  7. Well after taking Eric's fine advice last year I purchased some Motoz Tractionator GPS tires for my 800 Tiger to replace my second set of Heidenau K60s. I'd learned to tolerate certain aspects of the Scout as they were far better than the Karoo 3s I'd run before in terms of milage, but I still hadn't found that perfect tire (for me). I was getting about 2.5-3k out of the Karoos and about 4-5 thousand a set out of the Heidenaus and had gone through two sets of each at my 12000 last year. So I was open to a change. I tend to ride long hours and distances when I do ride and I almost always load poor kitty down with at least a tail pack if not a 2 gallon Rotopax for extra fuel. I only run panniers for training or multi-day runs as they are a bit bulky for just day rides of 500 miles or less and sand up your tires something awful when on pavement not to mention giving you heart failure trailside with clearance issues. Enough of all that, suffice it to say I'm in love with these tires! Fitted them as I say at Tiger's 12k and although they took 50 grams of weight to balance on the front(!!??) they didn't make any more noise than the Heidies. Outside of being even slicker when new and wet than the Scouts they have been about on a par if not the superior in every environment I've thrown at them. My particular usage is about 75/25 for the last 6000 miles on these and I can't speak as to how they operate in any desert or sand as it hasn't been dry or warm enough to access the deserts here but mud and rocks and gravel we have in plenty and these tire do just fine there. Here's the pics....new and after about 6400 US miles of 75/25....
  8. Hey all, The Holy Grail of my search for a durable 50/50 tire is over! As of my early May outing of the 10th my Tractionator GPS's have TEN THOUSAND US miles on them! I love these tires! Even with only 3mm on the center section they got good hook up in several sections of 1/4" pea gravel drifts which I found myself in. I will need to replace them soon but the only negative at this point is the step-off when crornering on pavement. Otherwise these things have been a rock and I will definitely be re-purchasing. Hopefully the contact info. I gave my dealer will bear fruit and I can order them directly but if not I will have them shipped 'round the horn if necessary, they are that good. Thanks again, Eric!
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