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Found 3 results

  1. I just got back from the 2022 #revzilla Get On ADV Fest hosted by #rawhydeadventures in the Mojave. It was my first time ever at a Rawhyde event, and they put in a ton of work and put on a great event. There is rides, classes, clinics, food, vendors, showers, live music, booze, raffles, professional massages, and heaps of industry swag. I'll be looking to go to this one again next year, it's worth the entry fee for sure - but enough of me yacking, here is some pics so you can see what it was all about...
  2. Just got back from the GS Trophy 2020 US qualifier at Rawhyde Adventures in Castaic, CA and had a really amazing time! It's similar to going to watch a golf tournament only about a million times more exciting. I got to lead a shop ride from Irv Seaver BMW Sat morning and of course they loaned me a sweet GS to ride instead of my workhorse 990 lol. Sat was the final day for the finalists and all contestants rode the new BMW 850 GS. I did the trophy in 2012 and got 17th and the day of the finals I figured I was unlikely to do better than 17th on a bike I'd never ridden so kudos to the riders who adapted quickly to this different bike. There was a guy on Friday who went over the bars on this downhill but luckily he's okay This is how it normally looked I was extremely impressed with the talent this year. Like I was saying about finishing 17th in 2012... I doubt I'd have done as well this time even though I'm a much better rider. The scoring was quite interesting to follow this year! I was surprised that riders I thought did really well like Jason Houle and Tyler Godwin finished so far back but then digging deeper I discovered why! Apparently the challenge began with a slow uphill climb where you'd lose 25(!) points if you let the rear wheel break traction and only one rider, Dave Diaz (GM of Irv Seaver BMW), cleaned. Well 25 points is a LOT! That's like 25 dabs or 5 falls! So the smart thing to have done had each rider really though strategically about where points are gained/lost would have been to keep your ass far back on the seat going up that hill instead of being on the pegs vertically. I saw riders like Chris Johns (who took first), Jason, Tyler, etc... do REALLY well in the sand which is super tough but again a dab is just 1 point so as good as it looks it doesn't cost you much if you flub the sand even though fewer riders can do it well. More to come...
  3. 1 review

    So whats over in Arizona that would be interesting to see, do and explore? There is an amazing amount of kick ass stuff to do and see in the great state of Arizona. There's great riding, great scenery and all the fun of a RawHyde Rally combined with the amazing Overland Expo. For starters let me say that we are really pleased to be hosting our rally side by side with the Overland Expo and bringing you the opportunity to enjoy a three days of adventure riding as well as a chance to explore the expo! There you'll see gear and equipment from over a hundred adventure oriented vendors that will have come from all over the world to show you their wares. We have attended Overland Expo for the last three years and its an amazing event. Its sort of a combination between a trade show and an African Safari. Everything you could ever need to take a "round the world trip" is on display. Whether you are a four wheeler... or a two wheeler its all there to be seen and dreamed about. On our part - The Arizona Adventure Rally will take place at Mormon Lake, Arizona, just a few miles from the world renowned Mogollon Rim and the Grand Canyon. We'll be camped up high in the mountains above 7000 feet, nestled in the pine forests with hundreds of miles of dirt roads in the incredible settings of the Mogollon. Everyone who has read a Zane Grey novel or a Louis L'Amour book knows of the Mogollon. Its a rugged escarpment of stone that runs a couple of hundred miles through the back country of Arizona. In many places the shear drop along the face of the rim is a half mile or so in height and there are dirt roads galore. Its an awesome place for an adventure ride... please join us! If you're a little uncertain about the whole idea of backcountry travel on an adventure bike have no fear... we are running our "intro to adventure" rider traing program at the rally. This class will allow you to learn the basics of "off roading" and leave you plenty of time to explore the surrounding country and see the Expo too. Click here to learn more about our training program.
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