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Found 1 result

  1. Hey All, So since I've been in Winter mode contemplating since the big double crash day in late December while trying to peg drag in the de-icer I've had time to think. And well I might after going over the bars of my Tiger twice in one day, not only was it personally demeaning in front of my newfriends but it cost me a bit more in Hinckley plastic. So with bruised ego (and Amex) I seriously started to take stock in all the damned motorcycles laying about and look at which ones were getting the hours. It rapidly became apparent that Bob "Hurricane" Hannah was not going to come ride the '13 YZ250 smoker I have in the corner made up for him especially let alone the 125 of my Son's right next to it. So a quick check of KBB gives me an idea......gank the plastics, custom kit and tank off the Whyzed and use it for a trade. Now a bit of backstory if I may. Back in October when my Business really began to get busy my WIfe came up with the idea of getting my Son a Sportbike for Christmas. I was the cautious one here (go figure!) and was originally against it as I have had a longtime fear of them due to losing a few friends back in the eighties when I basically quit riding. But that being said the ART course at Pat's Acre's had put the hook in for Track days. So last Fall I sold my XR (for what I wanted!)on CL, gave the Wife 1600.00 and bought an '01 Firebade as a Track day pig. Problem with that was after I fixed it all up I didn't want to trash it. Plus it is a handful on short, tight tracks like Pat's which means the only time it'll be able to run is at Portland International, the Ridge or Oregon Raceway Park. While I was running my CL ad there was another one running of what to my mind is one of the sexiest bikes ever, a 2006 Triumph Daytona 675 in Scorched Yellow. Ad catches my eye because fellow who is selling it is 67 and is selling it to get a more powerful bike. I congratulate him on his age, taste and abilities but since he probably does not desire an XR I am unable to come up with the 5 grand necessary to purchase his Daytona and wish him good luck with his sale. Now fast forward to early February and the unthinkable has happened; my Son got my CBR for Christmas due to an advanced case of lust and I STILL have a busted Tiger. He's fully kitted with leathers, armor and a nice shiny IOM helmet and I'm rideless. So this being the state of affairs we go to the OMRRA meeting at Beaverton Motorcycle to get the word on motorcycle racing and after I figure out that the CBR will NEVER I repeat, NEVER be suitable I take myself a think and a look on the internet. And sure enough, almost like Fate itself had a hand I discover an advertisement on Cycletrader that will answer ALL my prayers. A 2007 Triumph Daytona in Scorched Yellow with 921 original miles for the princely sum of 5200.00. The rub in this ointment however is that the bike is 200 miles away and I only have one day to drive up after working a 12 and have to leave in the early AM to be there at 10 while contending with Seattle traffic and a 20+ foot trailer. But since I lust as heavily after this bike as my Son did the CBR (+this one IS a Track Day weapon!) I'm on my way last Friday. Bike proves to be exactly as advertised: a bike that some kid bought in '07 that has sat in a garage for 11 years. Absolutely breathtaking and they have freshly serviced it to the best of their abilities including a new set of Dunlops and a fresh battery. So now that is how things are, a fresh Daytona awaiting recall service at the local dealer and me on the 'Net looking for Cheabay plastics to go with the rashy dented tank I bought it so we can go racing. But for this year the plan is instruction, instruction and more instruction culminating in licensure for next year's amateur Season. Plus a LOT of Tiger time to keep up the proficiency, I still shred in gravel with it. Obligatory glam shot obtained the other day while there was a break in the clouds: