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Where should I, Who should I...

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I just got back from a local ride, nothing crazy but a little exploring, some learning, and an understanding of sorts. 

I have a pretty random background, fair amount of off road industry specific stuff, and I grew up in the desert. But it wasn't until today, on my ride that I realized how I should answer questions that are largely subjective in nature without making direct comparisons between professionals in the industry. 

For example, "who did your suspension, who makes the best..." 

When you look at some the resumes, and credentials for various industry professionals who can actually say that one is better than the next? At some point they crossed over to a whole other understanding of what their doing, well beyond what I, or any average rider understands. 

This morning, while I was making my way through the desert, It dawned on me that I was super happy with my suspension. My understanding became that, what ever Alex at Konflict Suspension did to my 990 it's nothing short bad ass. That's when it occurred to me that it's possible that, this is how he feels a bike should ride. If that's true, than the key is to find a guy that has a vision of what suspension is supposed to be, and use his services because that's what you want. 

To best answer the question, Super Plush vs. Konflict, vs. Suspension 101...

The desert is rough, long whooped out sections, baby heads all day, sand pits, and my bike rides like I did a LC8 motor swap on a magic carpet. My Konflict KM2 package eats that shit up.

Arguing and comparing the academics of one brand vs. the other now seems kind of silly. 

It really is all about finding that suspension guru that has what he believes is the formula for the ultimate flying carpet. 


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I guess the road is Power Line, I left the house around 10:00. I landed in Poison Canyon right outside Trona. The wind was rocking me on the way home, I was actually having a hard time standing! Felt like I was riding at a 45 degree angle!

Looking forward to seeing your bike back on the trail!

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47 minutes ago, Mike Neagle said:

Road looks very familiar. There is another "way"... Eric if you head out I better get an invite.

So at the end of that road where it dumps into the Poison Canyon, it turns right and goes up a wash. Have you ever been through there? Looks like all kinds of traffic, super sandy.

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