Continental Divide Ride 2017

SO I heard summer is the best time for this as it is about as tolerable for beginners as can be. I want to take a couple of new riders as well as do the ride myself.

Looking for any pointers, tips, or possible ways to stay on the dirt as much as possible.

Do you have the GPX files for the route?  Or are you tracking the sun? ;)

Honestly either way would be great haha, GPX or getting lost but heading in the correct direction, as long as the sun is setting on my right I think it would be good haha


I would however appreciate the files

We're doing this from North to South the last 2 weeks in July.  We'll be running pretty light, 3x990's, 1x1190, & 1xHonda AT.  We'll be carrying our camping stuff, camping most of the way, grabbing a room when we get too rank etc.

I have a few sets of gpx files from various spots around the interwebs and other forums.  

I'm generally a Klim Badlands setup, but given the heat and majority of this is offroad I'm thinking my Leatt Airfit and a jersey will be the plan.  The Badlands does not pack down at all, so I'm thinking of a packable rain jacket like the Scott Ergonomic DP Rain Jacket.  My only concern is the 3000km blast back home will be mainly on pavement and I would prefer more abrasion resistance.

Given that the CDR will be a decent paced affair, I could just stick with the Klim and it does move enough air as long as I stay moving.

Or find a member at the other end, mail street gear and swap when you get there

How long do you think this will take you?

We're planning on 9 days down and 4-5 days back.  Total distance is around 7,000km give or take a few hundred.  Back will all be secondary highways.  Down will be the CDR>

This sounds like a interesting trip,  It will be cool to se the updates when you go.  Good luck..

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