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I've always enjoyed riding, interesting over the last couple of years I've started taking more of an interest in training and practicing. 

For me, I got back into riding on a ADV bike, so nearly all my riding over the last 5 years has been done on a KTM990. I'm at a point now where I'm actively hunting for a small trail type bike to essentially practice on. Although, I'll make use of it by hitting trails and rides that I wouldn't do on a bigger bike. 

Has anyone, or is anyone considering getting a trainer bike of sorts to hone their riding skills? 

It would seem that learning on a smaller bike would be easier, hence I'm looking at 300cc two strokes. Probably a Beta 300rr of a Beta Xtrainer. I've even considered a few trials bikes that look like the coolest thing ever. 

I live up in the high desert, having a plate isn't necessary, and red stickers aren't an issue in this neck of the woods. 


Been racing a 350 for the last year n a half and it's been great for transferring skills from the smaller bike to the big bike.

I recently picked up a 2003 CR250R for the cross training.  I did a Chris Birch course on the 990 last year and am fairly capable on the big bike, but want to use the smaller to fine tune things.

Ok, some will say a CR250 is not a great training bike, but this 2-stroke is actually bored to 265cc and ported/piped for mid-range.  It is running a 200W e-line stator (heated grips, yes please, this is Canada after all) and a Rekcluse clutch (Verdict is still out, this is almost like cheating, but I think could develop bad habits on clutch control).  Suspension has been redone and is plush.  3 gal Clarke tank ensures I have the range to play at least for 100km. I would have gotten into a 300XC-W, but the price was right on this as an entry to light bike cross training.  In the group I ride in there is a range of 200/300xc-w and they are all capable.  The 200 is so friendly and will go anywhere.  

Bottom line, this thing is so easy to ride.  I'm sure I am going to get myself into more trouble on the 990 now as I think it will go like the CR.

I do have a truck and I do have to haul this thing to OHV riding areas.  I'm in luck that I have many options for that close by.

Now a small group of us has a 2 day private Chris Birch course setup for this year on the small bikes!

Where is this course at TSS?  I'm originally from High River. :)

12 hours ago, HeavyHustler said:

Where is this course at TSS?  I'm originally from High River. :)

We did the big-bike course with him west of Rocky Mountain House/Caroline near Ram River.

This year we are doing the 2-day course out near Revelstoke.

Chris has a summer tour through Canada now where KTM Canada gives him a couple bikes and he moves across the country putting on classes.  He will finish up this year at the KTM-Canada Rally in Vernon at the Silverstar Mtn area at the end of September.

I think any bike that is easier to ride can work well as a trainer. Where I live, there is still a lot of CR250s on the trail. There kind of iconic, so people make them into conversation pieces. They're like classic cars around my area, that and CR500s.

Anyone ever looked at one newer Trials bikes gear towards trail riding. This looks like a blast to ride!


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