One thing I'd do in my mind as I was going through the issues of getting myself out of that ditch as well as the tire problems is imagine if everyone else was riding same bike as I was that I'd be much higher in the finishing order lol

10 hours ago, Eric Hall said:

My objective in racing Baja Rally was to get others interested in doing the same thing.  Baja Rally is known as a more tough and technical rally raid event and I honestly felt the terrain, while indeed tough and technical, was not beyond the capabilities of big bikes.  That being said, it was certainly not always a cake walk.

I put this video together in a longer and more honest format because I want people to see what the real challenges were I faced and how I got past them.  These are important things in big bike riding as in life in general.

I apologize for the salty language but I didn't want to filter that out.  I wanted the real and honest experience to come through and I hope you can appreciate that.


Legendary extracting yourself from that ditch. Without the tire issues you did very well my friend

updated results but they got my time wrong; they have my stage 4 finish time the same as Wes's which is obviously not possible



9 hours ago, Eric Hall said:

updated results but they got my time wrong; they have my stage 4 finish time the same as Wes's which is obviously not possible



Anything is possible. Great job. What makes it super good is your commitment to provide updates , photos and videos to the rest of us in the adventure community. i owe my passion for big bike adventure riding to you(a few others of course) based on meeting you on my first ride in Idaho. Thanks,Bud.

Thanks!  We've certainly had some great rides together.  Hope we get to do it again soon.

A few other photos. Sorry for the delay but still working in Northern Nevada and wife wasn't happy with my 18 hour stop at home before leaving again for work.

I had a great time and definitely met some awesome people. Changed more bib mooses than I imagined and hope Eric has a better go with tires/inflation next time out. The skill/stamina to muscle the big pigs is very impressive. 20171014_081959.jpg20171014_081950.jpg20171014_081939.jpg20171014_072409.jpg20171013_174034.jpg20171012_145352.jpg

Nishant Verma just posted this one from the stage four beach start. That's when I was praying my rear tire would hold.


Another one from Hing Yeung of HKStudios

Finally home from work and get to unpack/clean up from the adventure. 20171021_134751.jpg

We are still trying to get the times updated.   They got a few of my stage times wrong.

They show me doing SS1 in 4:51:10 but that's about a minute ahead of Wes and I know for a fact he beat me.  Plus, I dnf'd due to running out of gas so my real time should be one hour more than Wes's or 5:52:35.  That's a difference of about 61 minutes.

They show me at 9:12:28 for SS2 and that's accurate because it's one hour longer than Wes.  I had a dnf due to running out of gas and the rule is they give you the slowest finishing rider's time plus one hour.  Wes is the only other rider in my class so it was 1 hour behind him.

They show me at 4:11:10 for SS3 and that's likely also correct.

But SS4 they have me at Wes's time and it should obviously be 1 hour longer (dnf due to mousse), so 4:57:07.

That's about an extra two hours which slides me down to about 24th overall.

I was looking at my ss3 finish and am proud to say I did finish in front of six small bikes.  Proud of that at least.

Makes me feel kind of like Uncle Rico though talking about how he "could have taken State if coach put me in."  :lol:


Kyra from WestX1000 wrote this piece for ADVPulse.


Couple small corrections:

  • She says "his team consisted of himself" but I of course had help from @NavyNuke
  • "pinch flat" was just the melted mousse and subsequent tube failure but not a pinch flat

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