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Eric Hall

Go for the Gold: Beyond Starbucks Gold Certified

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Sure you might have a big adventure bike and you may have even bought yourself a Beyond Starbucks sticker to establish your dirt cred. But are you "Beyond Starbucks Gold Certified?"

You might be saying to yourself "Whatever do you mean, Eric?  Where I can I become Beyond Starbucks Gold Certified?"

Easy there, Turbo.  Imma bout to tell you...

So for a long time I've been all about encouraging people to get out on their big adventure bikes and explore; to live their lives to the fullest; to use their bikes as they were intended.  And I've talked before about some exciting events that might one day encourage that.

So let's say you're a relatively new rider.  You've bought your big adv bike and maybe you've even taken a training class (very good idea).  You'd like to do a BDR one day but you may not have the time to devote to that or maybe you just want a good training run for that.

Beyond Starbucks Gold is a big bike friendly desert loop of about 150-180 miles that a beginner rider (~6 months) could accomplish in a day.  You start and finish at Starbucks in Adelanto, CA.  The course is designed to be noob-friendly but conditions are known to change in the desert and it can be easier (wet from recent rain) or harder (dry and fluffy) depending on the season.  There's enough of a challenge that more advanced riders will still find it enjoyable.

You post your completed track displaying your overall time, average speed and/or average moving speed.  You can do a screenshot from the REVER app if you like or even something from your own GPS.  It's not a contest of speed.  Safety is the #1 concern.  The purpose of displaying average speed is to simply see what others' are doing it in to give you an idea of how long it might take you or a benchmark for your riding ability to later show progress when you do it again.

Track is 171 miles and about 16 of that is paved.  Here's a look:

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 3.34.57 PM.png

GPX file (tracks, waypoints): Beyond Starbucks GoldV1.GPX

Full tracks from REVER

500 point tracks from REVER

It's also quite scenic and I look forward to riders displaying their photos here and in social media with the hashtag #beyondstarbucksgold.

Title sponsorship is also open and available.

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On 6/11/2017 at 9:25 AM, Eric Hall said:

You start and finish at Starbucks in Adelanto, CA.

Now, THIS is Gold! Thanks Eric, looking forward to seeing more initiatives like this. Great job!

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What a cool route, just uploaded the file. I might be able to ride this coming Friday the 16th, anyone interested? 

Starbucks Gold Party on Friday? 

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@Spencer Hill and @robmaxjohn just came out with a new ADV ride-sharing site (similar to ADVTracks?) called ADVWeekend you should check out.


They've featured this Beyond Starbucks Gold route and there are quite a few others you can peruse.

If you have a favorite route you'd like to share or would like to find one, give their website a look!

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