Where have you been on your bike?

Hola ladies!

Nice to find a space for us here! I thought it would be great to swap some stories. So where have you been on your bike!? 

To make a start, feel free to check my conquest of the Lagunas Route out.


Looking forward to some more stories!

Ride safe! ?




Hey, I'm following you on Instagram and I was just wondering - what's your plan? Are you riding to North America eventually?



To continue your thread of where we have been on our bikes, I'll add mine:

since I have my blue bike, I rode it around Europe a bit, touched a tiny piece of Africa by making a loop in Morocco and then a tiny bit of Asia by getting to Baku in Azerbaijan. Now we're on a quick RTW tour together with my beloved partner-in-crime Linas :) The map and blog is here: www.2wheeledAdventures.com



Hi Asta,

I love your threat on instagram too. ;)

Well this time I was only cruising through the south of South America. I am a snail in comparison. I also have been in some parts of Europe, Australia, North India and Mongolia.

Next year I want to return to the Americas get a new bike and discover Central America. First I need to earn some money, fingers crossed!

Thanks for sharing your ride history and good luck for further adventures!

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