Symmetrical R1150GS luggage rack

Hi all,

I recently bought some old aluminium flightcases from Dutch airline KLM, which I would like to mount as panniers on my R1150GSA for longer trips. However, I would need a symmetrical rack and since most are wider on the left side because of the exhaust I haven't found any yet (that or it's just unclear based on limit info and photo's online).

So the question, does anyone know of a symmetrical pannierrack, preferable as simple as possible (e.g. no monokey systems and the likes)?

I found the Kappa KL189 but can't make out if they are symmetrical or not. Any thoughts?




You should check out Happy-Trails. Do you have low pipe, or the high exhaust pipe? 

I'm running a set of there racks, and panniers on my KTM 990. The racks have held up really well, and the attachment system is really simple. 

Good Luck.

Thanks 556baller. I have the normal exhaust position (so high I guess?) and really don't want to change that. I had a look at the Happy Trails website, but it seems they also have a different rack on the left than on the right. I would like a flat mountingpoint on the left and an equally spaced rack on the right. I'll fill up this space with a rotopax or similar.

By the way, these are the mentioned flight cases.



you have these by my favorite brand :D

same ones i have on my 1150 gsa (in black - not available anymore apparently). the exhaust stays in its original position. but on the right side, you do not have the extra space you have on the left side for the pipe.

pre-order only apparently in the netherlands. so you will definitely want to check with them before purchasing them. or else you may end up waiting and waiting and waiting. for nothing. i talk from experience ^^

or you have these from touracket germany - 3 months delay before delivery.

otherwise it's always worth checking out eBay, and for 2nd hand parts.

and you have these sets you could fix on your flight cases to mount them on the pannier racks. not sure if the pannier rack for the 1150 is 15mm or 18mm though.


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