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Withlacoochi State Forest / Richloam - June 17, 2017

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It was a wonderful day of riding.   It was also my first time aboard a European dirt bike other than a Bultaco or Montessa (I am ancient!) :)     The morning wasn't too hot, and the dirt condition was perfect.  

Thanks Bryan & Steve for a terrific time.  You guys are first class gentlemen!



20170617_100802 (2).jpg

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mispelled my buddy's name :(
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XLADV'ers, XMXVET rides a KLR650 and the only reason he had to work to keep up was the HP advantage of the 690 and 701. This boy tosses around that KLR like a 450 mx bike! John, you were on it dude! And, a great day... right up to the point where the 701 decide to bite throttle jockey Steve. :huh:

"Respect the 701!" - this bike has some hit from the mid range on up.

Steve is the Kamikaze rider of the group. Had a perfect power slide at speed through a long, sandy sweeper, but just past the apex, he never let up! Tire managed to find traction, front tire lofted, yada, yada, yada, "Can't breath, ribs broken!":o

Fortunately x-rays only show deep, deep bruising... Heal up soon Steve.  Time to ride!!!! John's ready too!

Oh, and those Doubletake Mirrors took a hard hit, folded up, but no damage. Good stuff you make there Ned!

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Actually, what the picture does not convey is his good natured and humorous attitude about the crash!  

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