R1150GSA Revamp repair/rebuild

I'm a bit annoyed today as I dropped the GS while taking it off the centerstand. It was parked on a sidewalk, toppled over streetside and I couldn't save it because of the heigthened curb. The beak hit a parked car, breaking the beak and bending the front subframe. Well crap...

So now the bike with it's already droopy expression looks like a sad labrador with its head tilted.

595c099878eb2_2017-07-0420_02_35.thumb.jpg.72691e808c262133017b326b9b751e8d.jpg 595c0987815f4_2017-07-0420_02_42.thumb.jpg.5ff21c63f36a76c532ab0b2810cecd32.jpg

Some other damage as well, cylinderhead and cylinderguard scratched and bent. These are all replaceable though. The beak and other ReVamp specific parts may not be, so I'll need to repair those. Have some experience with these kind of things, so we'll see how things go. Might take the opportunity to give the bike a respray while I'm at it. But first priority is straightening the subframe as the headlight is probably aimed right at upcoming traffic right now.

I'll keep this topic up-to-date with any work done to the bike.

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