Name Rob Hoffmann's R100 GS/HPN!

Let's have Rob describe the origin/meaning of each name before we vote...

Hi there,

thx @Eric Hall for creating this topic. I received a lot of potential names through instagram, facebook, here in the forum or via direct messages. Thank you all for that level of engagement! Great to be part of such a great commnity.

The three names above are my top3 choices of all entries, most of the names were male names, and one person wrote a bike should have the sex you personally favor, so in my case, the bikes a 'she'.

- Epona has something to to with the protector of horses or also protection of travellers in various religions and of course its the name of Link's horse in Legend of Zelda.
- Hope was a suggestion via instagram, i think its classic and short, what do you think?
- Mrs. Jones is up for debate, but also a funny and thoughful name. :)

I wont say my personal favorite, maybe the mass is voting for the same name as i think they will. :)

Edited by Rob Hoffmann

Considering I'm Mr. Jones this may be a bit awkward for me!!!!!! :lol:

Epona.  I can't escape the Legend of Zelda reference...


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