1090R Side Stand - yes or no

Would you?

I'm picking up a new 1090r shortly and have the option from the dealer to fit a centre stand.

My first thought is to keep it off. I have a paddock stand at home for lifting the rear and on my current 950 the only time I use it is for oiling the chain if I'm on a trip and obviously changing a rear flat. But with the 1090 being tubeless there should be less of a reason to change a rear as I can just plug if needed.

Benefits of not having one for me would be the weight/looks

I'm still 50/50 though.


Go without it.  You can always change your mind later

topic title reads SIDE STAND, content is about CENTER STAND.

but, answering the question. I have been with and without one in the desert and had to change a flat tire. Resources can be scrounged to get the bike up on the belly pan or you could just tip it over and work on it laying on its side.  I always carry a bit of gear and factor in the center stand as a "nice to have it when needed" item.

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Any time I'm loading/unloading during a trip, I use my center stand. The main reason, items I place on the seat or rear rack don't slide off quite as easy. Chain lubing and adjustments are easier. It also makes working on the left side easier if needed. It's extra weight but it's low weight.

If I had to choose I would get it. I have used mine trailed on 3 separate tire flats and couldn't imagine stacking rocks or trying to even lift the bike up onto those rocks to get the wheel upp the ground.

lying a bike on its side to get a tire off is ludicrous, buy the stand..

thanks for replies. I've gone without at the moment. The idea is that if I continue to run tubeless I can hopefully run sealant and plug if needed.

I will probably end up with one but atm holding out :) Bike still needs running in until 1st service then I'll see what it's really capable of on the dirt. 

Great so far though and it will never look this clean again :)





Damn that's a pretty bike!

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